Wear These Five Outfits Instead of Jeans

I styled five outfits so you don’t have to


I’ve been crying a river about how much I hate jeans since last February but have never, not once, provided respite or reprieve from this newly minted aversion, which is precisely why I bring you this self-explanatory style post: What to Wear When You’re Sick of Jeans.

I’d say more, but what’s the use? When compiling the outfits, I thought about the scenarios in which I most commonly wear jeans — to run errands, for work, sometimes when an event warrants a dress but I “literally can’t even,” so consider this a guide of sorts. One you can pull from if you’d like, but can totally discard if none of it is your bag.

Option 1, For When You’re Hanging Out on a Saturday and Don’t Feel Like Wearing Leggings


Walk of Shame trench coat — another here, Adam Lippes henley, Tibi skirt, Falke socks, Mansur Gavriel shoes

Simple enough, don’t you think? Wear a slip skirt with everything else you’d pair with jeans, only have more fun because you’re in a skirt, not pants. Add white socks and patent leather slides that somewhat resemble the “Princess” slippers your mom bought for you when she was perpetuating the binary definition of your gender while you were still a youth! We’ve come so far.

Option 2, For When You Want to Wear a Blazer and Would Usually Pair it With Jeans


Rosie Assoulin blazer and bandeau, Monogram t-shirt, Isabel Marant trousers, Balenciaga boots

Don’t do that! Add trousers instead. Develop a makeshift suit. Wear a bustier over your T-shirt if you damn well please and feel free to include any shoe of your liking — patent leather toe pointers are great, but sneakers work perfectly well. This outfit is a total chameleon, or Gemini, or slice of toast! Because with the introduction of any number of different shoes it gets to be a totally different lewk. (Sneakers for weekend, heels for dinner, boots for work, etc.)

Option 3, For When You Could Wear a Dress, But Opted for Jeans


AG sweater — similar here, Delpozo dress, Miu Miu mary janes, By Tatoufa beach bag

Why did you opt for jeans? Comfort over anything else? I get it, I’ve been there, but consider how comfortable dresses that let your hoo-ha breathe can be. I was going to address the abundant color but feel like it’s more appropriate if I don’t. Is this the kind of outfit that gets you fired from a corporate job? Asking for a friend.

Option 4, For When It’s Casual Friday at Work, But You’re an Overachiever


J.Crew sweater, Walk of Shame tank top, We11 Done skirt, Prada sandals, Illesteva sunglasses

You’re an overachiever and trying to approximate the Prada FW16 runway and this is such a neat place to start! The skirt is from a small Korean brand, but I see no reason why you can’t recreate this look on your own with either a slip dress you already own, or the previously-shown Tibi skirt. The great thing about this argyle sweater is that it is so inherently J.Crew, it can’t be mistaken for “trying” to do Prada. Sure, Prada showed argyle, but you know who runs the g-dang argyle mill as far as I’m concerned? I think you do.

And finally: Option 5, For When You’re Really Just Done With Pants


Monogram t-shirt, & Other Stories socks, I Love Mr. Mittens shorts, Newbark loafers, Ellery head scarf, Le Specs x Adam Selman sunglasses, Rosie Assoulin trench in hand

Cold, shmold.

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  • Thanks for this amazing inspirational post. I wear my jeans a lot, because I simply think it’s stylish when I style it the right way. But you rock the non-jeans looks! Love it..


  • Pandora Sykes

    You in a woolly diaper <3

  • Suzan

    I looove the styling in this post! The first look, with those Mansur Gavriel shoes + socks is just too good (are they walkable though I wonder? Sorry, pragmatic Dutch person here). And the casual Friday look… swooon!! I was just looking at a dress that is similar to that skirt (colour, fabric and length) for a gala-ish thing I have coming up next month, but opted out because I refuse to buy an item for only one event and I felt I couldn’t wear it casually. Boom, proven wrong right there in this article!

    That gala-ish thing leads me to hope for an article on MR soon about Christmas cocktail party dressing. I’m in dire need for inspiration on that front. I’m really more a cigarette pants kinda person, so I’m trying to figure out a way to make that appropriate for such events (without heels preferably, which of course is the perfect way to dress shit up, so I’m not making it myself any easier). Otherwise I might have to cave in for the red dress and come back again to this article if I wanna wear it afterwards on casual Friday 🙂

  • Autumn

    I would like to live and die in look #2.
    Also, #delpozo4lyfe

  • #2 is my fave and Leandra, let me say it, you look so beautiful in these pics!


  • brrrr

    “Cold, shmold.”

    Yes! Once the temps dip below 70F, I’m always cold! Hence the jeans.

    But, point well taken: I’ll think about wearing trousers w/blazer instead of jeans next time.

    p.s. these were fab looks for the warm-blooded folk … i’m so jealous : )

  • Jillian K

    my heart needs the Jane Eyre clutch, where is it from?

    • me

      I think it’s Olympia Le-tan. (Isnt it amazing ? : )

      • Leandra Medine

        It is! Thanks “me”

  • diane

    Thank you so much for this primer on jean alternatives. I pretty much hate pants of any kind, so I appreciate your styling suggestions on how to pair skirts and dresses with other, less dressy items in my closet. That said, I also love the notion of being an unapologetic “overachiever” in scarlet satin and argyle.

  • the last outfit <3

  • Savannah

    Can we just stop and talk about Picture #15/20? I mean your outfit was so amazing that the girl in the car had to do a double take.

  • Natali

    First outfit is my favourite one! Your style goes beyond anything and anybody, I’m simply always in awe!


  • Louise

    Man, as much as I love the multifarious talents and quirks that the bigger MR team brings, nothing will quite come close to your immeasurable style and taste. Like hot damn, these are some juicy outfits.

  • kellymcd

    I’ve decided the term “denim fatigue” needs to be added into my fashion related life since I’m suffering from it right now. This post has inspired me to drag this GORGEOUS dusty pink long Reformation skirt I had set aside in my closet as a “summer or dressy” item and pair it with a sweater because screw jeans

  • Zoe

    I donated all of my jeans at the end of last season and began to regret that choice since the weather change. Leandra to the rescue!

  • g dang even the pearls on your glasses in option 4 are turned in an upward smile cuz these are so good

  • The Delpozo dress. I die.

  • Katy

    The casual Friday one is what dreams are made of.

  • I love how unique dressing up can be!



  • Christel Michelle

    Outfit number 3 is exactly what dreams are made of.

  • Such a great way to call my attention, I wear jeans as an uniform, I love jeans but sometimes I get bored and I never know what to wear so thank you for this options they are pretty cool.

    • This happens to me too! 🙈

      • I work in the Fashion Industry and has been a hard path for me to find the way to leave my rut style. I have read books, follow magazines, but I didn’t know how to do it. The other day I was googling “How to improve your style?” and I found a couple of websites but the one which stick was https://into-mind.com/blog/ because this girl has a different approach of how to do it and a whole process to achive it! I love her book and know I have it in my ipad! I’m still learning to improve my style <3

        Wish you the best!


        • Sometimes I think style is like art. You can’t overthinking very much..and then your personal style slowly will manifest. BTW – Loving your hair!

          • I think that Fashion is art too. I wait for it to develop as art in me but it never came. I discovered that art and design aren’t an Eureka is a process, where you have to research, match it with your own style or likes and then start developing from there, playing, trying,etc. Sometimes we think that everything grows naturally but in some way all we have reached has been from learning and applying sometimes we notice it, sometimes we don’t.

            Thank for your compliment! I love pink! hahaha

            Hugs and my best wishes in your path to discover your style <3


          • Same to you, double the best wishes and have very happy holidays my friend <3

          • I’ll follow your blog <3 the same for you

          • I just subscribe by email <3

  • Edita Ogresta

    A picture with Leandra wearing that yellow dress just popped out on my Facebook and my first thought was: why would they start a collaboration with McDonalds? 🙂

  • Camilla Kim

    Who makes the belt you’re wearing in option 4? I love it!

  • vosec6

    With Option 5 you make a real statement

  • Over achiever outfit makes my heart smile 🤗

  • Roseanne LLoyd

    Da fuck?