How to Wear Weird Colors Together

Navy is cool, particularly when paired with white and gray. Brown is neat too — Prada makes sure of it. Black is conclusively the easiest, perhaps most convenient, color to wear and this is particularly true in New York, where the color is essentially our unspoken national anthem. But unique color pairings are much more interesting. Perhaps not as easy, but good things rarely are! If recent runway seasons (see: last Fall, the more recent Spring, what to expect from the imminent Pre-Fall) are an indication of anything valuable, it is that we’re being encouraged to not rely on the basics that comprise the foundation of our wardrobes. On the contrary, there’s no time like the present to seize the fruit loops! Celine is all up on tonal blue and pink pairings, Balenciaga is painting the g-dang town floral and here at Man Repeller, we’re considering what it means to imagine a closet devoid of basics all together. One replete with only “special pieces.” So far, here’s what I’ve come up with.

Idea 1: Fuschia pantsuit coalesced with multiple shades of orange and green sandals


Racil suit, J.Crew cardigan, The Row polo sweater — another here, Gucci sandals

If you’re going the pantsuit route, might I recommend forgoing black, navy or houndstooth and instead suggest a departure from your comfort zone? One that will, no doubt, remind you of Barney (the dino, not the store). This semblance can be quickly squashed depending on the colors you pair with it. A red-and-light blue T-shirt would be cool. Ditto that a couple shades of yellow. Or! Layer a neon orange cardigan under a carrot-color polo and then do a victory lap. What are you celebrating? Whatever you want.

Idea 2: The Pigment Trifecta

Staud red blouse, Miu Miu sweater vest, Hillier Bartley pants, Marco de Vincenzo shoes

Instead of combining just two colors, add a third to the mix because you’re spicy and consistently think about that one thing Andy Warhol once said about three being a party. Also, red and yellow are awesome together but places like McDonald’s and Burger King may have fucked that up for you, so offsetting the fast food implications by way of sky blue is one cool way to show your solution-orientedness.

Idea 3: Defying the Stereotypical Odds


J.Crew sweater (on person and waist), Ashish sequined skirt, Loyd/Ford pleated skirt, Malone Souliers shoes, Saks Potts coat, Karen Walker sunglasses

Forget what I said about McDonald’s and forge your own path by taking two colors that have become so representative of another entity and make them your own because you are a unique-ass butterfly with superpowers. Pink and green may have once belonged to watermelon but today, they’re mine. Mine, I tell ya.

If you want more, slightly less saturated outfit ideas, check out our most recent installment of fall office apropos. And make sure your ensemble is 100% complete before walking out the door…because there’s nothing worse than realizing what could have made it better when it’s too late to change. 

Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

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  • KK

    Leandra. That magnificent fuchsia pantsuit makes me feel like we need a post on how to get more wears out of a statement piece. Statement piece (in my life) basically means “can only wear 2x per year because it’s so bold/amazing/foxy that everyone notices when I wear it”. Halp.

    • Leandra Medine

      Good story idea!!@!@!@

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