Three Women On How They Learned to Dress for Pregnancy

When it comes to your body, abrupt changes are startling no matter what. Wardrobes exist as a tight ecosystem of sorts, where pieces must work together to make outfits happen over and over again. When something is off, the whole team feels it.

Now imagine that the change is a human growing inside of you, which means that your hormones are setting off weird and cool reactions you weren’t even prepared for. Your boobs get big and your stomach grows and your appendages expand. And that’s just the start. (I have no idea what I am talking about by the way. I am but a messenger of what my friends who have had or are having babies told me.) How do you dress for this? Ah, well, funny you should ask because I asked three pregnant women who work in fashion that exact same question.

Photos by Krista Anna Lewis and Shelby Duncan.

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  • Jasmin

    Yes!! This couldn’t come at a better time, thank you. I’m three months pregnant and due to the lovely side effect that is bloating, I feel like I look 5 months most days and am trying to rearrange my wardrobe for what’s coming. I mostly dress like a tent so I’m hoping I won’t have to buy too much new stuff but I guess as you get bigger, tight clothes actually look much more flattering. I love the inspiration from these three fabulous and stylish girls (!), hitting ebay now to look for pretty vintage robes…

    PS: Amelia, I’m afraid my hormones haven’t done anything cool yet (I always liked my smaller boobs), I hope that might come after the sickness and tiredness. Fingers crossed, I have very high hopes for the second trimester.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Ugh feel better :((

    • Hannah

      Jasmin, I’m in exactly the same place, 3 months, bloated and nauseous. Just getting dressed feels like an accomplishment. My I-feel-too-shitty-to-think uniform has been jeans with some stretch, some kind of loose-ish silk shirt, a blazer with good fitted shoulders, and big jewelry. It’s lazy, but it’s working for the moment.

    • veronica

      Same here ladies currently going on 9 weeks and I am so bloated my jeans are fitting me extra tight in the waist area. Was thinking of purchasing maternity jeans simply for the waist, but not sure how much bigger I will get in hips and legs, so I opted to wait. Was also wondering at what point do you start shopping for maternity clothes, but I guess starting with what you already have in your closet is a great suggestion. In the meantime, I’ll just use items already in my wardrobe that fit more comfortably around the waist. Thanks, MR, for this post – so timely for me and great advice from the ladies featured.

      • Meaghan Lert

        Get a bellaband – it will carry your pants through until you’re ready for maternity pants. It’s a lifesaver!

  • Rachel

    Cute story. I actually pitched this idea to you last year when I was pregnant. Wish I could have worked on it with you!

  • Yvonne Dunlevie

    I just spent 20 minutes on nine in the mirror and I am far, far from pregnant.

    • Amelia Diamond

      same actually

  • Molly

    Thank you for doing this post. I’m almost 8 months pregnant, so it’s a little late for me to take some of their advice, but it’s been hard to go from being a stylish (at least I think I am) woman to not really knowing what the hell to put on in the morning. I’ve surprised myself by wearing some non-maternity clothes throughout my pregnancy. H&M tube dresses for the win in my opinion!! Just have to buy up a size or two!!

  • Lyndsey Harper

    Such lovely pregnancy outfits! I’d love a dress and lose clothing to wear when I get pregnant, I like most of them to just be as casual looking. Oh, I wish soon I’ll see a positive result on my free ceonveieasy PT already! Can’t wait!

  • YNMD

    OMG, I need details on everything Alissa is wearing. I’m not even pregnant anymore, but who cares – floral prints can show off my meatball-sub-bump

  • Basil

    It’s a bit late for me (as theoretically I’m weaning) but please please please do an article on what to wear when breastfeeding. I have NEVER dressed better than when I was pregnant and I could find tons and tons of stuff (especially via Pinterest) on how to dress when pregnant. I felt like a glowing and ever expanding goddess. Straight after birth is easy – PJs – but once you are willing to go in public, getting dressed is really hard as you’re dressing a body that (for a while) barely resembles what it did before, and if you’re breastfeeding you need to be able to get the girls out quickly and discretely. You also have a small person permanently attached to you, which can make things like putting shoes on and doing hair very challenging. But I think I cracked it. Maybe

    • doublecurl

      I feel like you could make it through every day of pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding with a solid arsenal of wrap dresses.

      • Basil

        My original plan was shirt dresses and wrap dresses, but then I didn’t feel comfortable flashing that much boob when feeding in public. What I found worked was wearing a camisole underneath (so you don’t show off that awesome post partum tummy) and then a top on top that I could lift up. T shirts worked great, as did a line / trapeze shapes, things that tied at the side or anything where the back was open (or even tops that fastened at the back and were just left undone). The whole thing of covering with a scarf – complete pain as the baby grabs at it

    • Oh man, yes. I won’t be having any more babies but I would have loved an article on this when I was. Postpartum dressing was the worst. My boobs were gigantic (34H) and it felt like my only two options were overexposure or looking matronly.

  • Mariana

    I love all the outfits. I’m not pregnant, but I have a little belly :p

  • These pictures look beautiful, but I guess that it has to be difficult when you are the one pregnant and big! Also, I don’t think that you want to spend a lot on money on clothes, as it’s going to be once! They should invent a “sharing economy” app or company that puts in contact all pregnant women from the same city to exchange their pregnancy clothes…

    Here my latest leather jackets shooting on the blog!

  • alexa11221

    omg I am having ptsd flashbacks to when I was pregnant with my son, worked for a stuffy consulting firm and had to wear “business attire.” There is nothing more sadder and more expensive than polyester suits and white blouses for pregnant ladies. Fortunately I was able to sell it all on ebay for close to original price once I delivered!

  • libs

    I don’t intend on having a baby any time soon but, oh my gosh, I love the Megan is wearing and I can’t stop looking through the Doen website.

  • Jenny

    Yay! Thanks guys. This article is perfect! I’m 14 weeks pregnant with twins (!) so I already have a little bump (although it currently looks like a fat belly) I love seeing it grow as I had 2 miscarriages before now, but so far googling ‘maternity style’ has been depressing, so has looking at high street maternity wear. Why can’t you get chic maternity clothes? I know you need to be comfortable but I hate the thought of a complete style lobotomy once your bump appears! I’m slightly terrified about how big I’ll get (I’m sure I’ll be told I’m huuuuge) but I’ll take Alissa’s tip of lovely accessories and dresses and try to keep my personal style intact.

  • Mun

    So lovely to see that being pregnant isn’t a limiting factor to looking stylish