Office Apropos: Fall 2016 (Part 2!)

5 girls, 5 days, 5 outfits




Oh please, Louise, this isn’t a competition! I just needed an excuse to send out a bunch of exclamation points and get you in the mood for a sartorial click-fest. What we have here is Round 2 of Man Repeller’s Fall 2016 Office Apropos featuring Emily Zirimis and Krista Anna Lewis of Team Visuals, Elizabeth Tamkin who handles a shit ton of the site’s market work, Harling Ross whose face you may or may not recognize from Snapchat and Yvonne Dunlevie who schools me daily on SEO and analytics.

These creative women were shot during Election Week — a particularly interesting time to get dressed when considering the before, the during and the after. Click through for outfit inspiration, yes, but also their thought processes. They look great, for sure, but what a reminder of how we communicate (sometimes subconsciously!) through our clothes.

Want more looks? Click here.

Photos by Krista Anna Lewis and Elizabeth Tamkin.

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  • Natalalaa

    I want to change closets with Krista!!!

  • Yvonne’s day 3 caption is life. 🙂

    • Olivia!

      I love this comment. Liking it wasn’t enough

  • Mariana

    Yvonne, I totally identify with your scandinavian style vibe!

    • Yvonne Dunlevie

      Hey thanks!!

  • Elizabeth, hope to see you doing suits quite often 🙂

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      I’m now accepting suit donations!

  • Laura

    The & Other Stories website is You can find Emily’s top there!

  • Julia Park

    Haring – I LOVE the track pants and turtleneck sweater. Would you mind telling me how tall you are and how they fit for you? I’m a bit short and not sure what size to get!

    • Harling Ross

      Thank yoU!! I am 5′ 4″ and they were definitely too long. I got them hemmed 🙂

      • Julia Park

        Ah, hemming what magic it is! 😀

  • all look gr8!

  • Hilary

    ALL OF THESE LOOKS ARE SO FABULOUS. I think Krista’s very first look takes the cake (Marie Antoinette pun intended). Elizabeth’s Day 2 outfit is also magnificent!

  • Caro A

    Emily im obsessed w your friday outfit and every other day. I love u all

  • ChiefCC

    Love Elizabeth’s suit and the LV Kusama headscarf!

  • Gwyn

    UGH so much candy for my eyes

  • Mercedes Ayala

    yvonne!!!! i want to wear what you wear every day. you gave my neutral-obsessed heart inspiration

    • Yvonne Dunlevie

      Mercedes!!!!! Color is cool and all but you really can’t beat gray, am I right?

  • You all look so g-dang rootin tootin’ awesome!

  • Grace B

    I’m so curious…do y’all buy these clothes yourselves? Guess I ain’t quite at YOOX level yet.

  • T.

    This is everything I didn’t know I needed.

  • your outfits from election day just broke my heart all over again. but i never want to forget how fucked up last week was, so thank you. you guys look great.

  • Liz Warners

    Can I request to see Yvonne’s outfits every day of the year please?

    • Yvonne Dunlevie

      HI LIZ!!!!! Can I see yours every day of the year?!

  • Haley Nahman

    What the fuck I work with the cutest peeps I want posters

  • kay

    krista heart forever! soooo good

  • Imaiya Ravichandran

    i am so into this sweater+sweater over the shoulders aesthetic!! i feel like every man I crossed paths with would be so confused/perturbed by my doubly sweatered self. v thrilling!!

  • Elizabeth’s Day 2 outfit screams “hello, I manage a powerhouse all-female rock n’ roll band that’s gonna be the next Blondie.” BAD. ASS.

  • Jolie

    Yes!!!!! You all look so good! Krista, you are an ethereal 70s goddess.

  • Natasha

    I just spent the last 10 minutes trying to come up with a better way of saying I LOVE ALL OF THESE OUTFITS SO MUCH YOU GIRLS ARE ON FIYAHHH but I failed so it’ll have to do

  • Love all these outfits, love two office apropos in one season. Emily’s day four is what I aspire to for my fall aesthetic.

  • Rebecca Lake

    Krista day, you look like a gosh darn Japanese goddess 😻

    or or orrrr Ariel when she wraps that blanket around her and somehow it’s extremely cute

  • Charlotte Dallin

    Yvonne is just my one true fave babe. So much love for the ponster. Ps. I want your entire wardrobe.

    • Yvonne Dunlevie

      I’m wearing it again today. I started to overheat and I realized that the ponster is not very breathable. Just an FYI

  • Franzi

    Krista is killing it EVERY SINGLE DAY! <3 And I also love Yvonne's style – so classic yet exhilarating!

  • chouette

    I frigging love this series. I volunteer as tribute if you want an actual corporate girl!

  • Emily Michaelis

    harling day 3… so inspired to wear every variation of this look thanks for the gym teacher-fresh inspiration

    • Harling Ross


  • rachel

    I work at a county clerks office so on election day I wore a black long sleeve crew neck knee length dress because 18 hour day… and also because looking at clothes at 345 am is just impossible. You guys look way better!

  • Alessia

    Yvonne days 2 and 4 YASSS

  • Esty Turner

    I know I’m late to the game but Harling’s Day 5 outfit is what dreams are effing made of.

  • Zoë Greene

    Harling Day 3 is my spirit animal

  • Aggie

    You girls are all so coool <3 special shout out to Krista for her open-minded (?) inspiration!