Office Apropos: Fall 2016 (Part 1!)

A photographic study on whether we’ve willingly embraced fall. Results inconclusive.



Office Apropos is back! Because it’s fall and it’s brisk and we’ve done the honorable work of revisiting the forgotten corners of our sweaters shelves. This time we’re doing a two-parter because our team has reached ungainly proportions and we don’t want to tire out your index fingers. First up are the freaks behind most of the words on Man Repeller, the writers and editors. Above for your viewing pleasure: four women, 20 looks and some of our favorite walls in Nolita.

Click through then meet us in the comments section below because we’re bored and want you to judge us!

And then click here for part 2!

Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

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  • Lebanese Blonde

    THANK GOD FOR OFFICE APROPOS. I really needed something good to happen today.

    • Lebanese Blonde

      Oh my goodness, and we have (I assume) Part 2 coming?

      • Elizabeth Tamkin

        For every part 1, there must be a part 2!!!!

      • Krista Anna Lewis

        YES! In progress as I type.

  • Jackie

    Yay!! Was waiting for this post!

  • Aya

    ” this is how i pose when i’m trying to seduce my fellow lumberjacks ” hahaha helarious but nice pose actually !! i loved the outfits everything so different and modern, great ideas !!

  • Max

    Amelia what does the C stand for!

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Mika Deshmukh

    Thank you for giving me the outfit inspiration I so desperately need! Bc my college campus is frankly lacking in ppl who express individuality with their style and I feel like it’s suffocating me! I’m a huge fan of the Japanese fisherman-inspired pants!

  • This was amazing. I love fall looks. Everyone is so comfy and creative. I have been thinking a lot about ways to wear a blanket out in public without looking homeless; Amelia, I think you are onto something.
    Leandra, my computer autocorrects your name to Leonard and those pink shoes are POPPIN’.

  • Grace B


  • Quinn Halman

    Thanks to Ms. ACD I fully expect to see Booby Baubles or Jug Jewelry or Chesticle Charms or Party Pillow Pins or Knocker Knickknacks or Titty Trinkets on the runway next season!
    (I’m so sorry)

    • Amelia Diamond

      hahaha you just wait until thursday

  • Sabah Malik

    I’ve been waiting and waiting! Finally! And with two parts! Exclamation points!!!

  • Ashley

    I liiive for Haley’s outfits.

    • Yvonne Dunlevie

      I also live for Haley

      • Michela Galante

        same 😀

  • I dream about that Rosie 3pc suit

  • Monica

    Gonna replicate all of these looks now.

  • Gwyn

    ugh! this was like candy for my eyes!!

  • Monica

    Also, who is the girl in picture 11? Did you guys do a feature on her when you were introducing each of you individually? LOVE HER OUTFITS. Hence, need to stalk.

  • Maria

    I’m obsessed with all of these looks! Leandra’s Miu Miu sweater is everything

    • Leandra Medine

      borrow it!

  • Iva Quint

    Frikkinnnnnn love those blue Tibi boots Amelia

  • Emelia

    I don’t think the link is correct on the Chloe coat on slide #10…

  • Alice

    Obsessed with this feature! I just want all of Leandras clothes, the Chanel boots with the suit.. perfection 😍

  • Kelly

    Love it all! And it’s just what I need, coz even though it’s Spring in Melbourne the weather is still saying Autumn/Winter.

  • me

    Sadly, these outfits wouldnt fit in at any office I’ve ever worked in.

    But: I’m totally going to plagiarize/abscond with/steal Amelia’s slide #26 look (pls dont sue me, sis) during my next fun evening out !

  • Michela Galante

    obsessed w the pink loafers 😛

  • This was the best. I can’t wait for Part 2. Even though it’s summer in Australia so I’ll be wearing about 5 less layers. I also love to be covered Hayley!!

    I want to be best friends with all of you. Xo

  • Can we get a tutorial on properly cleaning perpetually fucked up white jeans?!?!

    • Amelia Diamond


    • Beatrice

      I stretch the area with staining over a bowl, rubber band it, then pour boiling water over the stain. Follow this with generous sprays of diluted bleach. It works like a charm – I REMOVED RED WINE STAINS.

  • Hilary

    #5 Haley!! Your look is v Ferris Bueller/Sloane Peterson and I LOVE it (esp. the lil white boots). Also it looks comfy as heck
    #6 Leandra!! Those oxblood Chanel boots with the gray Rosie suit = my new aspirational outfit
    #8 Amelia!! So classic, so chic, that t-shirt/sweater is magic
    #12 Leandra!! The soft textures, the cream + pink combo, everything is so lovely and possibly just right for a pajama party wedding if such a thing exists
    #22 Leslie!! The white-on-white is delightful and especially great punctuated with the brown boots

    Can’t wait for more!! Office Apropos always make my week <3

  • Imaiya Ravichandran

    ummm those Tory Burch mules tho….be still my heart

  • Ambrey Rice

    I just really love the J.Crew turtleneck incorporated into so many outfits. My favorite thing to wear as soon as it’s remotely cold out!

  • Jennifer

    have a nice beige! spit take!

  • Andrea Urdaneta

    Finally!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • oliviafortune

    Is “making” Office Apropos like graduating to a VS Angel? Asking for a friend

  • Hannah

    Leandra that pantsuit makes me proud to be a woman. PANTSUIT NATION.

  • elpug


    • elpug

      best yet honestly, fall/winter brings so many outfit options

  • ella

    Office Apropos is my fav!
    On a sliiightly unrelated note calling on this marvellous lil community for some help.
    I’m coming to NY next week (first time!) from Australia. I’m trying to work out what to pack because based on my pitiful iPhone weather app it doesn’t look that cold? Do I go full puffer coat just to be safe, long wool overcoat, short coat… ?Ill be there until after thanksgiving.
    Also any recommendations of where to see/eat/shop are certainly welcome! Particularly on thanksgiving

    • Leslie Price

      One long wool coat should cover you – puffers are so big and ungainly, you know? Also walkable shoes, a big scarf, sunglasses.

  • Pandora Sykes

    Phenomenal outfits. Leandra YES to matching socks with loafers but NO to sandals in October, I am being a shoe fascist for the first time in my entire life sorry not sorry ok sorry

  • Leslie Hitchcock

    This Apropos was particularly uplifting. So many good ideas to try! x

  • First outfit is my absolute favorite. Love the hunter green mini and the shoes together! Bring on Part 2!

    Anika Yael Natori

  • ashley

    loving you freaks so hard

  • Mercedes Ayala

    haley more beige so your roommate can do more punchlines

  • Marina Doshkevich

    Really nice. And I say cowboy crotch is the sign of nonchalant glamor.

  • Annie

    Haley, the coordination of socks&turtleneck in #18 is so good!!

  • Amelia is seriously one of my fashion icons, when I don’t know what to wear I always click through MR to get some Diamond inspired ideas, I’m like WWAW? (What would Amelia wear?)
    As soon as work stops kicking my butt im gonna do a series of illustrations called “Amelia diamond’s illustrated lookbook” for reals. y/y?

  • Chloe Bruderer


  • Donna

    Some of these outfits are ugggly! Some are fun! Either way, $400+ for shoes?….that is something I would consider for an ottoman or a great sale on a chair! I like Man Repeller but I must be a minority reader because I just don’t make the kind of money to afford these outfits. Would like to see a few suggestions for the stylish poor!

  • I’ll definitely be using Haley’s looks for colder-weather outfit inspo, I feel like a fashion motto in fall/winter months should be “If a turtleneck fits under it, go for it.”

  • Maria Emilia Rey Pimenta

    Hi,, Leandra. What is the brand of the sunglasses on King Giorgio suit 6? Theyu are gorgeous!