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Monocycle: Episode 42, Consumption

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In this week’s episode of Monocycle, Malcolm Gladwell tackles the notion of consumption in 2016 — how we eat, how we engage with our Internet tendencies and whether or not, in spite of statistics that suggest millennials are acquiring less, we are addicted to material gain. I’m just kidding, Malcolm Gladwell is not in the building. It’s just me, Leandra, talking into her tiny booth about consumption.

I do break up the topic into the three aforementioned categories: food, shopping and Internet, but probably also go on to diminish any credibility tagged to my points given the sweeping statements that are subsequently posited about our generation, and how we’re different (for better or worse) because. Of. How. Much. We. Consume. All. The. Time. For a while, it sounds kind of cynical, but then I reel it back in with a dose of Diet Cherry Coke and optimism because frankly, if you only learn one thing from Man Repeller/Monocycle/me, I hope that it is this: cynicism is much easier than optimism, so do the right thing, which is always the hard thing, and force yourself to see the world through rose-colored glasses.

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In partnership with TheRealReal; shop today and get a 20% discount with code: ManRepeller. Monocycle is edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander. Logo illustration by Kelly Shami; photo via iStock.


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  • Mariana

    I don’t know about you, but sometimes I suffer from choice fatigue, to many options. It’s better to have multiple choices, but sure, before the decision happens, it drives us cray cray.

  • Grace B

    I was addicted to Favor when I still had a smartphone…woof. That’s all I can say at the moment as my brain has many more things to think on!

  • It’s really interesting thinking about this topic as a moment in history. It’s going to be so strange looking back to now, and this recording will be a part of that.

  • Lizlemon

    This podcast resonated with me. I’m unemployed and my life has gotten better. I’ve started seeing my friends ,volunteering and saving money. But ashamedly I’ve felt awful because I don’t have anything terribly exciting to put on instagram or facebook. Being frugal is better for my life and health but it makes me feel old because it seems like I should be doing something hashtag worthy instead of living within my means.

  • Herd Nicholas

    They don’t even know Malcolm Gladwell been there the whole time

  • Alice

    I think that my favourite thing about this weeks episode was about how inescapable it all is. I love how you related consumption into everything that we do, every action and reaction is consumption.I think that the current climate for so called “millennials” is captured so beautifully.

    Oh also, i really liked the sound editing in this one 😘

  • Therese Lindberg

    I just graduated with an mfa in design and now I’m supposed to start my career, but instead I carry a strange conflict within. Many new designers join large companies to gain experience and to create a network but from a long term sustainable point of view it feels wrong. What are your thoughts on linear vs circular fashion? I feel it’s an important issue since it’s closely connected to our way of consuming and identifying ourselves, is fast fashion more creative and allowing? Am I making any sense?

    • Grace B

      Not sure if this is what you were looking for but regards to your first question — I have job hopped since I graduated and I really wish I had worked for a year, two years, three years in one field right out of school. I did not and while it may not mean that it’s what you do FOREVER, I think the stability is invaluable — build a savings, learn your industry (let’s face it, 4 years of college doesn’t cut it anymore), make connections, etc. I was too busy throwing my jobs out like used tissues.

  • Ellie

    I adore the podcast but I’m really not digging the addition of sound effects! One of the things I love about monocycle is that it feels like having a chat with Leandra and I think the sound effects kinda break that up!

  • marisa

    Love this month’s topic. So incredibly relevant in so many ways. I’d love to read your take on how fast fashion consumption is negatively impacting factory workers and the environment, a la The True Cost. It’s such a terribly important discussion that we as members of the fashion industry need shine light on.

    I wrote an article last week exploring how determining your personal style can “save the planet” by cutting back on clothing consumption and just investing in those great pieces you can wear time and again. You can read it here:

    What do you think we as consumers can do to help turn this mess around? How can we encourage the fashion industry at large to change their labor practices? Huge questions, yes, but I’m sure you guys have some thoughts on the subject. Would love to know!

    Your reader since the beginning of Man Repeller time,

  • Grace

    This may be a question for Apple, but why aren’t the last two podcasts in the podcast app? I’ve deleted and re-downloaded Monocycle to no avail. Is this a MR thing or is it me (my phone)?