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Not to brag but it’s like adding sugar, cream, chocolate syrup and sunshine to your coffee


Reasons to sign up for our #MRPicks newsletter with a real, working email address that you actually check (instead of the fake and sketchy ones you may/may not use each time an ice cream store tells you that you get a discount on your scoop if you submit your virtual digits, no judgement, I have been at least 100 times in this life):

1) Increased GIF supply. Every Wednesday morning when this newsletter arrives, we promise the inclusion of at least one new GIF, like this looped clip of a young Mary Katherine Gallagher. DM me in the comments below if you don’t know how to save a GIF to your phone and I will help, but I’d rather not get into a fight rn about how to pronounce it. However you want, let’s just say.


2. Foooood. It will either help you figure out what you want to eat OR, if you happen to be in NYC, it will offer up places to try.

In last week’s newsletter we were all about Japanese curry. The subject line of said newsletter was “Hey, It’s Jason from Bumble!” so I understand if you already are signed up but didn’t open it.

3. Outfit ideas. Wake up, read newsletter, have instant outfit for the day in mind. Last week we suggested you try rave pants like Rajni.


4. These newsletters might make you smarterWe share some of our favorite reads from around the internet — some old, some new, like this essay about style and age by Stacy London, and this article about why Ava DuVernay hired only female directors for Queen Sugar.

5. Jokes that you may not yet be awake for, nor ever want to be awake for. Like this one about at a restaurant that opened in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

“Pearl’s Bake & Shark is proving that there’s more to Williamsburg than this colonial man drinking a gold Frappuccino.”


We also share stuff that the office thinks is funny, too, like Tom Hank’s recent SNL monologue .

6. Miscellaneous! My favorite category. It’s here that we suggest podcasts, like BuzzFeed’s “The Tell Show,” offer up life hacks, share playlists and more.

7. It’s not overwhelming. So far there have only been four #MRPicks newsletters, which means that these are so much easier to catch up on than Westworld episodes. In fact, you technically don’t have to catch up on these at all since there are very few robotic surprises. But if you want to…





That’s it. The subject lines that come with these babies set up the first headline of each letter, so you just have to use your imagination and imagine what I might have said. OR! You can sign up here and never in your whole life miss a headline ever again.

Please say you’re convinced because the next one’s coming tomorrow.

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