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Socks Are the Only Styling Trick You Need This Winter

Observe as they turn clothes into !OUTFITS!


In partnership with Stance.

Rumor has it that Enrique Iglesias wrote “Hero” from the point of view of a pair of excellent socks.

To quote the star of my eyelash inspiration Pinterest board: “I can be your hero baby. I can kiss away the pain. I will stand by you forever.”

A truly great pair of socks will make an outfit so cool the whole ensemble will take your breath away. Falling in love is scary because it means being vulnerable; being vulnerable is exactly what wearing exposed-on-purpose socks with sandals feels like. But socks are the secret hero of your wintry wardrobe, I promise. Trust me. Stay with me.

“I can be your hero baby” Exhibit A:


Stance “Stripe Up” socks (styled with Alessandra Rich dress, MR by Man Repeller loafers, Adam Selman x Le Specs sunglasses)

^ Great dress, great shoes, great pose, great model. But the champion pulling everything together are the socks. (They’re Stance.)

Here’s “I can be your hero baby” Exhibit B:


Stance “Lattice Wall” socks (styled with Creatures of Comfort trousers, Maryam Nassir Zadeh bra top, J.Crew turtleneck, Robert Clergerie platforms, Gucci sunglasses, Sonia Boyajian earring)

She’s all, “Have a seat, have a chat, have a stare through these sweet glasses, but would you just look at my socks?” (Also Stance.)

Something tells me that you no longer need me, but for the sake of consistency, here’s “I can be your hero baby” Exhibit C:

Stance "Blossom Wall" socks Styled with Racil blazer, J.Crew white shirt and blue shirt around waist, cotton men's boxers, MR by Man Repeller platforms, Annelise Michelson earrings, Magnetic Midnight headpiece

Stance “Blossom Wall” socks (styled with Racil blazer, J.Crew white shirt and blue shirt around waist, cotton men’s boxers, MR by Man Repeller platforms, Annelise Michelson earrings, Magnetic Midnight headpiece)

Just like Enrique promised, they can kiss away the pain (of your well-meaning shoes). They will stand by you forever. And they always seem to clash in the right way. Socks add visual height to your ankle when you want that look of a boot but not the boot, which somehow manages to work with every hem length.

They can be the afterthought that turns a bunch of clothes into an OUTFIT, or they can be the starting point that inspires the rest of your look. There is no wrong way to wear socks. They ameliorate nearly every sartorial situation. Few pieces have the universal capability to do that.


Enrique-as-socks asked, “Would you dance if I asked you to dance?”

Obviously you’d dance. Socked feet are full of spark and blister-free, ready to tap dance and tango at all times with an outfit to celebrate. Together, you just might take the world’s breath away.

In partnership with Stance.

LocationMetrograph; follow them on Instagram @metrographnyc.

Model: Olivia Roper-Caldbeck

Stylist: Leandra Medine

Shot by Krista Anna Lewis.

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