The Surprising Delight of Australian Street Style

Let’s employ the sartorial scientific method…


Hypothesis: Sydney style is underrated.

Control: You recognize good style when you see it. You feel it. You know it.

Variable: The above slideshow of Sydney street style as captured by photographer Chloe Nour.

Experiment: Click through and note the following: a yellow windbreaker worn only on the wrists paired with massive amber-tinted sunglass-goggles; pink gingham with pink trousers and a pink shearling bag; a necklace made of baby figurines; wide-legged navy track pants rendered in VELVET; overalls tucked into cowboy boots and a fur coat.

Measurement: Your heart palpitations.

Conclusion: Sydney style is severely underrated.

This concludes the first and likely only installment of the sartorial scientific method.

Photos by Chloe Nour.

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