Coats! On Boats! To Keep You Warm This Winter

Because why not, really?


A great coat should weather the weather, keep you warm and make you feel good. But it should also tell a story, since for much for the winter it covers your usual mode of communication. Sometimes you buy the coat because the story is built in. Sometimes you buy the coat out of necessity and a story develops. Sometimes someone else tells you a story that sends you in search of you and your coat’s tale, so here, try this one on for size:


It was way too warm for mid-October. There was definitely something unnatural about the heat, but we soaked it up in preparation of the imminent East Coast winter. We were two models (Sydney Walsh and Ella Hilaire), one photographer (Krista Anna Lewis), one styling assistant who was also tasked with calling in 800 accessories (Elizabeth Tamkin) for the neurotic writer and stylist (me, Amelia), plus captain Jacob who endured way too many poorly accented renditions of “I am de captain now,” eight coats and Lucy. Lucy the Tugboat.

Lucy isn’t just any old tugboat. She was found dry-docked in Maine for over three years by a couple named Lyndsay Caleo and Fitzhugh Karol. They fell in love with the boat, rehabilitated her from bow to stern, named her Lucy after a Lyndsay’s beloved chocolate lab and got married on Lucy’s deck in September.

MR’s Editorial Director, Leslie Price, told us about Lucy the Tugboat about two weeks after Leandra brought up a coats shoot. Then Amelia said, “let’s shoot coats on boats” — wait for it — “because it rhymes.”

Which is how the aforementioned six found ourselves rocking back and forth in the Brooklyn Marina, with poor Elizabeth and Krista turning green at the gills (scurvy still exists! eat your citrus!), and the sun on our face and the wind in our hair, the two tallest women aboard posing despite sweating in their winter outerwear. It was like being part of an America’s Next Top Model challenge with the water as Tyra and me as Mrs. Jay because I was living my best life and having the best day ever.

So that’s the story behind these coats. Now it’s your turn to share.

Special thanks to Fitzhugh Karol and Lyndsay Caleo, lead designers and co-creative directors at Brooklyn Home Company for letting us use their boat. Follow them on Instagram @brooklynhomecompany.

Models: Sydney Walsh @sydwilkenwalsh and Ella Hilaire @ellatheorchid.

Stylist: Amelia Diamond

Photos by Krista Anna Lewis with market assistance by Elizabeth Tamkin.

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  • Hilary

    This is the best way to start the week. I love EVERYTHING. Photo #5, the earrings, the pajama sets, the boat, the Jacquemus coat, Photo #17, the blue skies, the striped berets, the Acne Studios coat, the rhyming…everything. Brilliant.

  • Maren

    these coats make me wish I didn’t live in Miami !

  • chouette

    OMG totes mood board worthy thank you!! I know that tiny plaid half coat is part of the Jacquemus coat at large but I feel like it on its own is the styling piece I need rn.

  • From the story to the execution, this shoot is a win in my book. Will approximate this look (pajamas or matching work out gear, coat, big earrings, fun hat, and ballet flats) ASAP.

  • wulangderrida

    best shoot in MR to date. everything looks amazing…and Krista killed it, obviously.

    • Krista Anna Lewis

      <3 <3 <3

  • dk

    Friendly reminder to Amelia to buy that Jacquemus coat (it hunts me too).

    • Amelia Diamond

      thank you so much I put it on my to-do list so that I don’t forget

  • Leandra Medine

    Why are you talking about yourself in the third person

    • Amelia Diamond

      Because I have always wanted to feel a little bit like a contestant on the Bachelorette, that’s why

  • Iva Quint

    This photoshoot is exactly as rad as the snapchat sneak peek promised it would be

  • Rebecca Lake

    once I tried to wear a beret.

    • Rebecca Lake

      it went pretty well until I found a mirror. fringe + beret + wishes she were french = me looking like the sassy gal in year 10 who always puts up her hand and waits for the teacher to point to her before she answers correctly with poise only a beret could match.

  • katemcpsf

    I’m not normally a commenter but DAMN this is soooo good. The styling is insane!

  • Jhon112

    Those photo shoot is really very beautiful. And the style also Great. Keep up good work.
    trench coat for men

  • Alison

    If you described #17 in words, I would probably pass. But the photo brings it to life — beautifully shot, love the variety of colors and styles.

  • Pandora Sykes

    Amelia! Your best styling work yet x

  • Fran

    Love this! Coats are everything in winter… well, almost. Hats and scarves (and giant earrings) count for something. Boots, too. That Jacquemus coat is killer. So is the black and white striped Gucci beret. Both a bit beyond my budget.

    Last winter was my first at my new, 35-pounds-less weight, so I bought coats in grey (Soia & Kyo, Cole Haan) and black (Soia & Kyo) at Nordstrom Rack. And when the thick, fluffy silk scarves in the men’s department at Nordstrom went on sale I bought two, in different patterns of grey on grey, to wear with my black and grey coats and keep my neck warm without my makeup getting on my coat collars (easier and cheaper to have the scarves at the dry cleaners). Because both grey and black would go with all the different colors that I wear. Plus I love grey. Cool silver and charcoal greys look great on me.

    Then I decided I wanted to be a makeup artist and learned that makeup artists dress in all black. So in the process of things I bought black pants, black skirts, black shirts, black sweaters, black dresses, black compression tights, black shoes. A veritable sea of black. But really, all black is not only boring, it does not look as good on me at sixty as it did at thirty.

    So when I saw wild-colored coats at J.Crew this fall, coats in colors that I love and that I look good in, colors that you almost never see good wool coats made in, the fact that I already have coats did not hold me back. I bought the cocoon coat in a periwinkle color they’re calling “heather french purple” and the lady day coat in fuchsia. Now I want the double-cloth belted trench coat in tropical blue. Will I buy it? Three new coats when I already have coats feels really extravagant, even if all acquired at 30% off. But I know I could wait twenty years and not see a wool coat in my price range in fuchsia or periwinkle or even bright turquoise. And by then I’ll be eighty. So maybe I should spring for it. So I can wear different colorful coats to work over all that black. Because I don’t plan to stop working. That’s my coat story. I will knit my own hats.

    • Gene

      I love this story. There’s no such thing as too many coats in my opinion, not where the weather makes them necessary. Closet space however…

      • Fran

        Yes, closet space, that’s the real trouble, Gene! Glad you liked the story 🙂

  • Meghan Loftus

    the styling on this post is everytthiinggg

  • Christina

    colorfull fashion wonderfull view such a pretty set

  • the styling on this post is everything.!!!
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