Katie Sturino Gets the Man Repeller Makeover

Three outfits to try for the chilly weather


Katie Sturino is most comfortable in a string bikini. This is well and fine until just about now, when the wind chill picks up and the temperatures drop lower than you thought you did back in high school any time Lil John & the East Side Boyz came on at a dance. As Katie was beginning to store away her rhinestone thongs and what not for the winter, she emailed me: “I want to get the Man Repeller treatment.”

"It was hard to release my own preconceived notions about what I should and should not wear. I really had to let go. But I think I came out of this with three new go-to styles that I am totally comfortable with. *I love Man Repelling!" -- Katie Sturino *Ed note: We did not pay her to say that.

The MR POV is that you should dress in whatever way makes you kick your heels up. Naked with a gem in your belly button, footie pajamas that zip to the nip, khakis — it’s all MR if it tells your story. I asked Katie to clarify what this “treatment” would look like (“treatment” sounds like a facial to me?) and she said that when she thinks of Man Repeller, she pictures a shit ton of layers, bright colors and pattern mixing.

“I have always assumed that most of these looks are not for my body type,” said Katie. “Not in a negative way, but I never thought that wearing three shirts at the same time was something that would be my truth.”



Monogram T-shirt, Eloquii jacket and pants, Superga shoes, Of Rare Origin earrings 

That we can do. So here is Katie in MR Treatment #1, above: The Pore Opener. Nothing’s better for your skin than feminist undertones like a tee that says “Nudes” and a floral jacquard power suit. Add sneakers for your commute and then never change out of them because the world is your Oval Office (only it’s technically round).


J.Crew men’s shirts layered, NYDJ jeans, Tory Sport coat, Karen Walker glasses, Long Tall Sally sneakers

MR Treatment #2: The Exfoliator. Katie had to slough off her fears that she “couldn’t wear more than one shirt at once,” and I was like, Katie, if the entire Fraternity Organization of America could wear more than one shirt at once in 2007, so can you. We wrapped her twice (does not apply to condom safety!) in button downs and tucked those into flared jeans. Super School House Rock meets Rock My Socks Off.

But then we rocked those socks right back on!


Coach sweater, Marina Rinaldi coat, Eloquii skirtGrenson shoes, Falke socks, Man Repeller cap, Christie Nicolaides earrings

MR Treatment #3: Hyper Hydration. By this point, Katie was prepped and ready to be slathered in metaphorical lotion, which is so gross to write. And I’m sorry. Please stop reading and instead just look at her, clashing like a pro, working that MR hat, wearing red ankle socks with platform brogues.

“It was hard to release my own preconceived notions about what I should and should not wear,” she emailed later when I asked her to please just write this story for me. “I really had to let go. But I think I came out of this with three new go-to styles that I am totally comfortable with. I LOVE MAN REPELLING!”

We didn’t even pay her to say that last sentence!

Check out the12ishstyle and follow Katie on Instagram @the12ishstyle. Photos by Krista Anna Lewis. Accessories market by Elizabeth Tamkin.

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