Thanks Instagram: 5 Fall Outfit Ideas from My Mobile Device

I don’t know what to wear, so it’s a good thing the people of Instagram do!


Honk, or retweet, or co-sign if the beginning of a new season (and particularly of fall) makes you feel like…like…like…a human trash receptacle. Partially because you can’t stop eating bagels and have recently jumped back on the dairy bandwagon, but also because getting dressed feels really hard (sung to the tune of Vocal Fry).

What are you supposed to do when you’re sick of jeans but recognize that wide-leg trousers make you look shorter than you are when paired with flat shoes and long coats? You’re too cold for skirts or dresses and — you know what? I’m not going to continue on this tirade. Instead, I invite you to recall a warmer, better day. A day known as Instagram, where weather is a concept, not a reality, and the freestanding closet of multifarious fashion accounts divulge outfit upon outfit that flow like sand in a desert, bubbles in a Diet Coke can, blonde women at an exercise apparel shop.

So, let’s get dressed, ya?

For Monday:

(via @modaoperandi by @l3minel)

Take: The funky monochrome!

Leave: The actual pink (if you want to), though bubblegum, bubblegum in a dish is kind of the only color on my radar right now.

Add your own: Footwear (color is at your discretion, even though I recommended two separate pairs of patent leather red shoes above).

For Tuesday:

(via @whotwhatwear by @styledumonde)

I know, I know another nod to monochrome and there are a pair of jeans! How to escape, how to escape, how. to. escape?

Take: The robe! It is very important that all grown women maintain at least one robe.

Leave: The jeans

Addendum: Fine, don’t, they look great with slides and a thick belt, don’t they? Can you muster a couple of those on your own?

Add your own: Sunglasses! The unsung accessory of fall dressing.

For Wednesday:

(via @tamumcpherson)

Yes, these are a pair of shoes. No I am not insinuating that you go out in only shoes although if you want to do that, I will totally do it with you. But what I’m saying is that this color combination rules, so —

Take: The blue, the burgundy

Leave: The shoes

Add your own: Everything.

On Thursday:

(via @pandorasykes)

Look at that, look at that, the very same slides from Tuesday popping up again on Thursday. For my next trick, I recommend that you:

Take: The suit

Leave: Pandora’s head! It’s hers!

Add your own: graphic T-shirt — they are so coming back, by the way.

For Friday:

(via @chloe_sevigny)

Take: The beret, the knee-high socks, the loafers, the miniskirt, the red lips (and, uh, the shirt and sweater too)

Leave: I don’t know, I guess her rings?

Add your own: Face.

Feature photos via @whotwhatwear by @styledumonde and @modaoperandi by @l3minel.

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  • Alice

    I have Tuesday saved on my phone too! Not all heroes wear capes but this hero needs that one…

    • Leandra Medine

      It is the world’s way of telling you to get back in bed, you know?

  • Natasha

    I just bought a burgundy velvet t-shirt and I want it to be tomorrow NOW so I can wear it <3

  • I’ll be starring into infinity dreaming about that robe for approximately forever.

  • Alison

    This is such a good idea!!! Would love to see more articles like this.


    Lea can you please give more economical versions when you mention ‘similar’ products.

    P.S I love you!

  • Hannah

    You just fulfilled my wildest robe dreams and more. Thank you. Now the question is, “Which one?”.

  • Imaiya Ravichandran

    Monochrome looks are my go-to when I don’t know what to wear or when I wake up 20 minutes before work. People assume you put tons of thought into coordinating your outfit when really all you did was harness the skills of your 3 year old self to sort through the heap of laundry that is your pseudo-closet and pull out things that are of a similar hue. Love it!

  • Christine

    “What are you supposed to do when you’re sick of jeans but recognize that wide-leg trousers make you look shorter than you are when paired with flat shoes and long coats?”
    THIS. I find myself drawn to wide-legged pants but, standing at 5’4″ (although my doctor says 5’3″), I cannot get myself to buy a pair. Halp.

    • Leandra Medine

      I am on it! Running a story in two weeks about whqat to wear when youre sick of jeans

      • I wore an old olive linen skirt from zara this week for exactly this reason. Cape Town’s much too casual and I’m becoming lazy… looking forward to that piece!

  • I have a handful of matching tailored pieces that never get out anymore party because i gave up fr a bit there and party because I’ve put on some weight since they were made (to fit). This has me all inspired to get a new set this season, starting with the black motif-ed KENZO H&M sweater + pant combo.