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Monocycle: Episode 40, Am I Comfortable or Complacent?

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In case you have missed tuning into the monologues that occur inside the (membrane) walls that define my head, welcome back! Here we are! With a fresh new episode of Monocycle that outlines a recent question mark I’ve been shopping around — how different are comfort and complacency? Can they be regarded as one and the same? I ask because the details of my job description have changed with the introduction of a few key hires and for the first time since I launched Man Repeller, I feel like I have time. It is such a unique and profound luxury, but more and more I have been wondering whether I am adjusting appropriately to this newfangled time. Have I become more comfortable? Absolutely. But is that comfort bringing on this curious sense that I might be complacent — that is, uncritically satisfied with myself? Am I being too judgmental? Not judgmental enough?

Or is this just, like any other adjustment would require, a time of transition?


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Monocycle is edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander; Logo illustration by Kelly Shami; Photo by Dr. Paul Wolff & Tritschler/Corbis via Getty Images.


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  • after rewinding 3x, I’m so happy that you did in fact say ‘angel foreskin’

  • Melissa

    Yes, this is so real for me. It’s super hard when you’re so used to being in negative situations because negativity begins to be comfortable. Then anything that would make you happy / comfortable feels so weird and either like SO much more work or like you’re cheating at life, because being miserable’s easy since that’s you’re used to. I definitely think feeling unworthy or undeserving of true comfort plays into it, wherever we get that from. I do think you’ll always be safe from being complacent, just because you’ll always be worried about being complacent. 😉 I don’t think complacent people will ever think they’re complacent. (complacent, complacent, complacent) Giving you a huge co-sign to all of this.

  • To me, the difference between comfort and complacency is the act of turning it back on oneself. To be complacent is to internalize a sense of satisfaction, which thus allows you to evade pushing yourself further. Comfort may mean more a comfort with a situation, and your role is a greater environment/world/schedule/whatever it might be.

    Either way, sounds like you’re just in an adjustment period. This isn’t to the same scale as major company changes, but I know when I don’t have homework it makes me nervous. I don’t know what to do with my time.

  • Kara Zawacki

    This resonated with me so much as I was having the exact same feelings last week, too. Especially when you said you were a bit nostalgic for the stressed out and hectic life you once found yourself leading. All the feels. Thanks, Leandra.