MR Community Event: We Hosted a “Feel & Tell”

You can watch the whole thing here!


One convenient truth about the recent cold front in New York is how conducive it has been for cuddling. Or huddling, as was the case this past Wednesday night for team Man Repeller and 10 of our community members at a cozy little place called The Wing.

It was our third community event (maybe you remember our first and second) and we were there to meet, greet, drink (Ramona wine coolers, specifically) and eat (vegan pesto kelp noodles from By Chloe and cookies from Milk Bar — duality!). But we were also there to share and hear personal stories. An open mic night of feelings, if you will. We dubbed it a Feel & Tell, in part because we’re nostalgic for kindergarten, but mostly because we are bleeding emotional vessels and aren’t afraid to admit it.

The founders of our venue, The Wing, describe it as “a home base for women on their way,” which is enough to give you the warm and fuzzies before you even step foot in the pink, cocoon-like space. There was a bookshelf of only female authors, Glossier stocked in the bathrooms and library-like tables for doing work things. If this space wasn’t conducive to feeling and telling, nothing would ever be. The question we asked each woman to ponder before arrival was simple: Tell us about a time you realized you were proud to be who you are.

What followed was more raw emotion and honesty than a human heart can handle without crumpling under the pressure of just freaking loving every last cell in the room. Woman after woman stood up and opened up about shame, love, struggles, forgiveness, loss. The stuff that binds us all together but so often goes unsaid. It’s hard to explain without getting overly platitudinal, so let’s just say it was special.

You can watch it all go down below, try not to cry (just kidding you totally should) and, in the meantime, sign up here if you’d like to join us for future Man Repeller community events. Because we really want to meet you and maybe cry with you, too.

Many thanks to The Wing for hosting the event, By Chloe for catering the event, RAMONA for the drinks and Milk Bar for the treats! Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.


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  • Such a great idea!!!! I love how frequently these are happening, you guys!!!!

    • Jasmin Aujla

      Your pink silk pants would have been perfect for this one, Josie!

  • Andrea Raymer

    I want to live there!

    • Jasmin Aujla

      Me too!!

  • Jolie

    I have a question! This looks amazing, but who is invited to these Community Events? Is it certain commenters or is there a list I’m not aware of? Because I’ve signed up for all the email lists you guys put out, including one I thought was to notify us of community events.

    • Jasmin Aujla

      Hi Jolie! For every community event we invite 10-12 people from the sign up list here, we’re making our way through it so if you’ve added your name you’ll be invited to an upcoming MR Event 🙂