Actually, No, Kim Kardashian Did Not “Deserve to Get Robbed”

The reaction to the news online has been disturbing.


When my brother texted me last night that Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room, I was drifting off to sleep. A couple hours earlier, I’d left The Meadows music festival in Queens just before Kanye West was set to perform. I’d split off from my friends to head home, feeling equal parts elderly and #freetobeme, knowing I’d probably miss some drama. An hour later Kanye would mysteriously and suddenly bail on his set, citing a family emergency through his auto-tuned microphone.

My first thought, I’ll admit, was that I was glad to have missed what were surely teen boycotts at Citi Field, where The Meadows took place. But my second thought, I promise, was how Kim must have felt while being robbed. My third, how Kanye must have felt when he found out. Both made my stomach drop. How terrifying, I thought. I think this cognitive domino effect, although certainly a little troubling, is probably typical. First came me, then came empathy.

But a quick scroll through the news this morning tells a slightly different story. While outlets like The New York Times, CNN and The Wall Street Journal reported the details of the crime (like that the robbers were dressed as police, that Kim is okay, that millions of dollars worth of her jewelry were stolen, for instance), other sites like TimeBuzzfeed and Yahoo News reported the public’s reception of the news.

An excerpt from Yahoo News that sums it up nicely (or terribly, depending):

“‘It’s a horrible and scary thing to happen to anyone,’ said Booth Moore, the senior fashion editor of the Hollywood Reporter. ‘And I don’t think the incident is going to do Paris tourism any favors … but what’s surprising to me is the amount of vitriol she seems to be getting, just by nature of being a very public person.’ Example: at the Sacai show, one editor remarked, ‘That’s what happens when you invite cameras around every time you go shopping for more designer stuff.’ (Twitter trolls have been less diplomatic, with comments like ‘Kim Kardashian robbed at gunpoint … finally some good news.’)”

If social media has taught us anything, it’s that public perception of an event is often just as powerful as the event itself. The reality of the public’s perception today? That Kim Kardashian is in many ways thought of as a commodity. Reactions seem to fall into three camps: empathetic concern, misguided blame and plain old trolling. The latter is, in a word, terrifying. To tweet that you wish Kim had been shot, as one person tweeted, is just proof that some people are incapable of separating a person from their brand. I’d call such a complete disregard for someone’s humanness shocking if the current divides in America weren’t reminding me every day.

The misguided blame also points to a more nuanced symptom of the cult of celebrity, particularly where it intersects with misogyny. It almost feels more dangerous (almost) than blind vitriol because it hides behind a false logic that might convince the less critically-minded. The best example is that Kim Kardashian asked to be robbed. By being rich. By being famous. By Snapchatting. By having a reality show. By “not showing any class,” as one person tweeted. Victim-blaming feels about as new as sliced bread. We watch it play out in the media almost every day when it comes to crimes committed against women. When that victim is a celebrity woman, the pitchforks become particularly pointy.

I’m willing to acknowledge the blurred lines. The air that separates the famous from the rest of us is thick. I’m just as likely as the next person to forget that Kim Kardashian thinks and feels, gets bored, is insecure, poops. Her brand — of which one facet is an almost alien-like beauty — is orchestrated to deify her. In no way does that mean she’s exempt from the same inalienable rights that rest of us ought to be granted. The internet has made it dangerously easy to let person-as-brand invert: brand before person. Fame before human.

Feature photograph by Antoine Gyori /Corbis via Getty Images.


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  • Michela Galante

    Everyone poops.

  • Jenna

    People are pathetic when they have the anonymity of the internet. I’m certainly not an avid follower but my goodness, how scary is this? The first thing I thought, “Are her children with her?”
    And people who say, “Oh she doesn’t need that much jewelry,” people need to just shut it off. How scary must this have been for her? Whether you’re a fan or not, this is just terrible.

  • Jamie Leland

    I want to respond thoughtfully to this piece but before I can, I have to bring attention to this:

    “I’m willing to acknowledge the blurred lines. The air that separates the famous from the rest of us is thick.”

    • Haley Nahman

      The air is thick. Robin Thicke.

      • Serene Touma

        Haley are you explaining the pun? 🙂

  • Shannon

    I think the thing I’m still trying to grapple with is my feeling of indifference or cynicism re: this situation. I do not believe in the victim-blaming sentiment. I don’t believe she “deserved” to be robbed. But I do feel jaded in the sense that now I’m wondering how her, her brand, and her show are going to somehow “monetize” the event. How “the aftermath” and her personal trauma will be made into (potentially) one of the most-watched episodes of KUWTK. The thing that gets me is in a way, her brand, her celebrity, and her public accountability protects her from experiencing the full effects of the situation by allowing her to make money off of this event that has clearly grabbed the attention of the public at large. Many people do not have that kind of recourse after something so emotionally traumatizing, and by virtue of the fact she has a show/is a celebrity, she does.

    • The Fluffy Owl

      my thoughts exactly

    • Anonymous

      Therapist here. This implies that wealthy people who are traumatized are not “as traumatized” by an experience as those who do not have the financial ability to buy back what was lost. In reality, what is lost from those who endure a traumatic experience, such as this, is much deeper, darker, profound, and long-reaching than anything that money can help, touch, or make better. Trauma and it’s effects knows no bounds; including race, religion, creed, ethnicity, or wealth.

      • marie a

        I agree, partly. Her immediate trauma was just as real as anyones, and she will still experience post-trauma to an extent. However, she is ultimately very privileged and what she lost (jewellery), will not impact her the way that others who are robbed of money/valuables/rights that are their livelihood would be impacted. She was robbed of ‘excess’, of which she will still have plenty. Her privilege also awards her easier access to therapy, resources and support to help ease the emotional trauma. So again, she did not ‘deserve’ to be robbed and her trauma is real. I just think everyone’s time is better spent worrying about those who are worse off.

  • A friend’s coworker made the point that being “tied up and gagged” (which, is that true!? if so, holy shit.) is “nothing new for her. I’ve seen her do that in her home videos.” Truly shocking that this would be even considered an okay thing to say.

  • Ashley

    The way people talk about the Kardashians has always bothered me. People are so quick to talk about how much they HATE them and its like what is your life that you can feel hate for someone that you don’t even know just because of how you perceive their public persona.

    • The Fluffy Owl

      if their public persona is all they give us, how else should we view them? She did not deserve to be robbed, but I’m honestly having a hard time feeling sorry for her.

      • Ashley

        I read your post below as well about how she should present herself as a better human being and I don’t really see what you mean. Yes she has a public persona that is based in flaunting beauty and wealth but that’s what people respond to. I think that calling her a “bad” person is projecting your own values onto her because what does she do that is specifically bad? What do you consider a bad person and how could you not feel sympathy for anyone in this situation?

        • The Fluffy Owl

          please show me where I called her a “bad” person. I never used that word.

      • ValiantlyVarnished

        The fact that you can’t feel sorry for her only further illustrates the point of this article. It also further illustrates the death of empathy in our culture. It’s rather sickening.

        • The Fluffy Owl

          No, it’s like looking at the school bully who finally got their @$$ handed to them, I wouldn’t say they deserved it, but I’m not shedding a tear for them either. This woman has done nothing to better the society she profits from, and has remained willfully ignorant and out of touch on real issues that she claims to advocate for. Again, no, she did not deserve to be held at gun point and robbed, but I’m not going to sit and clutch my pearls over it.

          • Holly Laine Mascaro

            I just don’t understand why those two sentiments have to exist outside of each other – I don’t have to love her or their brand or anything they stand for, but that has absolutely nothing to do with my ability to empathize and feel that that’s a terrible, traumatizing, upsetting experience for ANYONE to go through, I don’t care who you are.

          • GetRealBitches

            People get robbed everyday who dont have 10 million worth of anything to steal. Do you feel the same empathy for them? How about the people ( a lot of them elderly and barely have enough to live on now) who Bernie Maddoff robbed…feel the same for them? She wasn’t hurt, she wasn’t stuck in her big ass, and Kanye didn’t have to stand on a stool to beat someone up for her. It’s ok. Now you can get some sleep.

          • The Fluffy Owl

            Thank you, my thoughts exactly.

          • Holly Laine Mascaro

            Yes!! Of COURSE I feel the same if not much MORE empathy for other people, the two do not have to exist outside of each other! Next question?? Please stop personally attacking other people for their ability to feel empathy towards any other individuals. It doesn’t help make your point.

          • CDC

            Comparison is the death of joy… Feeling empathetic towards Kim does not take away from feeling the same way about Madoff’s victims. This is not a contest about who had it worse, but rather about the injustice they have all faced. Having $10M worth of anything is not an open invitation to robbery, and invasion of personal property is the same whether it’s expensive jewellery or your wallet while walking through a crowded place.

            Don’t make concessions for the criminals in Paris, because it seems like you wouldn’t for Madoff.

          • The Fluffy Owl

            you guys seem to really be misunderstanding me. I have continually said that she did not deserve this to happen to her (as no one does) but that I understand the lack of public empathy given to her, because to many she is a vapid and unlikable person. I’m not negating that this must have been an upsetting and traumatizing experience for her, however traumatizing things happen to unknown people every minute of the day, where’s the outcry and empathy for them? Bad things happen to everyone, you aren’t required to feel sorry for everyone it happens to though. I’m sure there are people in your life who, while you may not wish ill on them, you’d wouldn’t shed a tear if something came their way either. Again, I agree this is an upsetting thing to have happened, but I also understand why so many DGAF.

          • allie

            I’m sorry, I have to disagree. Just last week, Kim Kardashian bought a full page ad in the New York Times to rightfully call attention to the Armenian genocide, and issue that is woefully neglected in our society. This is not the first time she has spoken out on the issue.

            I understand having a different set of values than the ones promoted by the Kardashians at-large, but the benefits of writing that ad are undeniable.


          • The Fluffy Owl

            Do you really think she wrote that? Or did she simply sign her name to that ad. I highly doubt she put any of those sentences together, then again, I’m a cynic…

          • ValiantlyVarnished

            Even if she signed her name to the ad who do you think PAID for it? Do you think all celebs write personal essay? Not everyone is a writer. So maybe she did have someone help her with it. So what? It’s telling that someone gives you an example of something good she’s done (since you feel she should be a “better person”) and you try to diminish it. Smh…

          • Ashley

            YESSSS calling her vapid ignorant, etc. is only because we project those qualities onto her but she does try to use her platform to spread the word about causes that are important to her

          • If you look at the footer of that ad, it notes that it was “paid for by supporters of the Armenian Educational Foundation,” not by Kardashian. She donated her name and image, yes, but unless the final copy has a typo, she didn’t actually *pay* anything for a full page ad in the NYT.

        • Elise Maiberger

          Do not try to reason with this person.

          • The Fluffy Owl

            yes god forbid we discuss differing opinions…

          • Elise Maiberger

            differing opinions are “who is fit to run this country?”and “how to stop the repeal of abortion rights” not celebrity news. while I empathize and sympathize with Kim’s situation, the sh*t going on in my life and the world are far more pressing and i have devoted as much time to this situation as i intend.
            yeah celebrities are human, too. yes, they feel pain. but they also have millions and minions to deal with their issues, while i have nothing but my bare hands, a strong back and good mind to help me. so my interest begins and ends with a simple post.
            i agree that differing opinions should be discussed, but find someone else on this site to do it, because these last few words are more than i care to spend on the topic other than––spend more on security and a little less on jewelry.
            plz don’t bother replying to me cuz i’m done

          • The Fluffy Owl

            oh good, cause i have no idea what you’re rambling about…

        • Jon Hayes

          I am an extremely empathetic person. Believe me. But I feel no empathy whatsoever for this talentless diva who thinks the world revolves around her. F u ** her I say. It is a gift from god to let her know she is not bigger or better than everyone. To let her know she is a mere mortal like the rest of us.

      • Eve Moore

        She’s a human being.

        • The Fluffy Owl

          yeah she is, and sometimes bad things happen to human beings. she’s not immune.

          • ValiantlyVarnished

            Exactly. And just because bad things happen to us all doesn’t mean we can’t have compassion for one another.

    • ValiantlyVarnished


    • snakehissken

      I don’t hate the Kardashians, I’m just not interested in their brand. But as far as I know, they didn’t make money by refusing to pay small businesses they worked with. That makes them better than someone who is considered by many Americans to be a viable candidate for president. How many of those same people are picking on Kim right now?

    • DLori27

      I don’t hate the Khardasians and I certainly am not jealous of any of them. All the women have destroyed the lives of the men they were involved with or were married to. They gossip about others continuously and they think they are above it all. Yet none of them would have a career if not for mom, who is very bright and created careers for her stupid children with no education. To have a mother actually create & release a sex tape purposely of her daughter, Kim, following the path of Kims BFF at the time, Paris, is plain sick and so was the publics introduction to this idiotic family. What mother does that? The family came from privilege because of their father and they were rich already not to mention the amount of money Bruce Jenner is worth. As for the rest of the family, none of them have any real education, certainly no talent, no personality with the exception of Klloee. They’ve been sued by G-D knows how many companies from what I read and they are simply useless. That’s why the Hollywood community doesn’t seem to respect them. I’d prefer to have the respect of others than to have a lot of money but be the laughing stock of their peers and the world

      • TK

        If you are interested on talking about respect, you should first respect human life and appreciate it. Learn how empathy works and then learn how to spell kArdaSHIANS and Khloe. Good day.

        • DLori27

          You’re an idiot., too stupid to know when you’ve been snowed. Get an education and care about things that matter As for spelling their names. Who cares, they mean nothing to me. Sad that you’re so involved in their lives. I have an idea. Describe the Bill of Rights and explain what each Amendment means?

          • Mary

            Don’t be petty.

          • DLori27

            You’re right Mary. I shouldn’t be mean to people who don;t know any better than to care about things that simply don’t matter

    • michael arazan

      Well her charity is used as a tax shelter, articles written about that. She doesn’t use her fame and fortune for philanthropy and to bring goodness to all mankind

      • ValiantlyVarnished

        Most major charities are used as tax shelters so what’s your point? I don’t think Kim has to prove anything to anyone about how she is or isn’t. That’s beside the point of this article anyway. Why does someone have to be a certain type of person that fits what others deem as respectable or “good” to be given empathy when something bad happens?

        • I think people who are lamenting a lack of humanity in this situation are referring to a lack of *empathy* while people who are like “IDGAF about this” are just finding it tough to muster *sympathy* for Kardashian.

          A lot of commenters who are able to put themselves in Kim’s (insanely expensive unattainable for 99.9% of the world) shoes are looking at it from an empathetic perspective — she’s a mom, wife, person, just like me, so I feel empathy!

          The other commenters are maybe just having trouble relating to Kim in ANY way (empathy) and so they’re defaulting to the “Do I feel bad for this person? Do I pity them?” set of questions (sympathy).

          Whether this was a publicity stunt or a terrifying and unacceptable crime, hanging out with $10M of jewelry, alone and unguarded, in a hotel room, in a foreign country is kind of insane. Even if I could imagine the luxury of being in that situation WITHOUT being one of the most famous women on the planet, I can’t help but think I would be like… Well. This is probably a really dangerous thing to do and I am unnecessarily putting myself in a super vulnerable position. Why am I doing this?

          • ValiantlyVarnished

            Your comment assumes that she was just sitting around and “hanging out” with millions of dollars of jewelry. She wasn’t. She was at a hotel that she had stayed in MANY times before and the jewelry was in a SAFE. It was the middle of the night when this happened. She was asleep and was literally woken up by men in ski masks holding her at gunpoint. Her security was working with her sisters who were not at the hotel at the time. I know we like to victim blame because it makes us somehow feel like this could never happen to us, but it could. Loads of people have things of value that they keep in a safe somewhere. What is to stop someone from coming into your home and holding you at gunpoint and making you unlock your safe and give them your valuables?

          • I don’t have a safe, a collection of expensive jewelry, or a social media presence where millions of followers can constantly track my location and my conspicuously displayed symbols of uber extravagant wealth.

            This is what I was offering in my original comment — an idea that your reality is different from mine is different from Kim Kardashian’s is different from the other person on this thread who you’d called “sickening” for a perceived lack of empathy.

            FWIW, my home was broken into when I was in middle school — suddenly all of the trinkets I’d made and costume jewelry I’d saved up for to give to my mom were gone. I arrived home on the school bus, alone, maybe an hour after a group of men had kicked in our patio door. This was on a farm, in the middle of the day, and we had a home alarm system.

            And really, that was a point where I began to realize many objects we tend to obsess over can ultimately become more of a liability than an asset, and that you sometimes never know why people do terrible things (but that, more often than not, it has more to do with them than with you).

            Love and light, lady!

          • ValiantlyVarnished

            We had a safe growing up. My Dad got it for a little over $100. And it sat in his bedroom. What was in it? Change. Literally it’s where he kept all his change.

            My Mom was held up at gunpoint while walking home from work one night. She had no money on her and the guy forced her to take her to our house (where me and my little brother were home alone) and give him money.

            A lot of us have had these types of scary encounters that forever change who we are and how we look at things. It also forever changes your behavior. That night certainly changed things for my Mom who went through a serious bout of PTSD. It will probably changes things for Kim as well. And maybe she will do things differently. Or maybe not. I will not judge her either way. Because regardless of her social media presence (which is her job, btw), none of what happened to her was her fault.

          • Mary

            She’s probably asking to be raped, too, because of the way she dresses, right? That’s how your reasoning behind traveling with her jewelry sounds. She has every right to travel however she wants. She has the right to be safe.

          • Mary, To liken an extremely wealthy starlet choosing to travel alone and unguarded (sharing her exact locations and collection of extremely expensive baubles along the way) being robbed of $10M of insured jewelry (left out on a bedside table) and returning home on a private jet to a 15-car motorcade (where her husband consoled that he’d buy her another ginormous ring with the insurance money) to a situation of a woman being raped is… pretty insulting.

            All women absolutely have a right to travel and a right to be safe. That doesn’t mean you’ll find me flaunting my way down a dark alley in a foreign country yelling to 84.6M followers LOOK AT MY EXPENSIVE JEWELRY WORLD ALSO I’M ALONE AS VERIFIED BY MY SNAPS WITH ROB AND BLAC CHYNA 20 MINUTES AGO in the near future.

  • Ugh…people can be so disgusting sometimes. The fact that I see this kind of behavior happen toward women is even more disgusting.

    My husband watches a lot of NFL, and I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard commentators excuse away horrific things players do. The way they all quickly jumped to Ray Rice’s defense after he was caught on film beating and dragging his wife through an elevator was…scary. But when a female athlete does something just as wrong (Hope Solo comes to mind here) she’s a monster who deserves to rot in jail and never play again because she’s a terrible role model for women. They both deserve to be punished for physically abusing another person – but you wouldn’t know that if you watch ESPN. 😉

    I don’t care for the whole Kardashian “thing,” but I would NEVER EVER say any of them deserves to be robbed at gunpoint. That’s just disgusting and gross.

  • Stephanie

    Thank you! My husband and I were talking about it this morning, and our consensus is no matter your feelings about her or how annoying you find her, what happened to her is terrifying and she doesn’t deserve that. Underneath it all she is a person.

    • Svenja

      And she is a mother, her kids could have been in the room. One does not have to like her to acknowledge that she does not deserve to be held at gunpoint. It’s just human decency.

      • GetRealBitches

        But isn’t it funny they weren’t? Isn’t it strange that it was done when Kanye wasn’t with her? Where were her usual security measures? Screams insurance money for Kanye to me.

        • Svenja

          Wow, are you cynical. I don’t think they need to commit insurance fraud to get trough the month. Also, it was known that Kanye was on stage at the time. From what I’ve read Kim had turned in for the night and the security team was out with two of her sisters. Why would she have a security detail in a closed hotel room where she was about to be going to bed?

          • ValiantlyVarnished

            This person is a troll. Ignore them.

  • I was thinking this today. I can’t believe some of the things people have said. Being robbed at gunpoint is something so traumatic, I can’t imagine what she’s going through 🙁

    • GetRealBitches

      She’s married to a punk thug with a little man complex. Do you think this is the first time she’s seen a gun?

      • BK

        Move along, troll

        • Isn’t it sad that trolls have made their way even to the sacred corners of MR?

          • BK

            I thought there was a forcefield or something keeping them out 🙁 🙁

  • Nicole Pinhas

    THIS!!!!! the responses range from disgusting, to cruel & petty. drawing comparisons doesn’t always help justify an argument, but is anyone going to talk about how ryan lochte lied about being robbed at gun point, and collectively received sympathy after it was confirmed that he lied? when will it end. it’s really hard to go about your day as a woman when you see so many men & women on the internet celebrating or blaming another woman involved in a crime so horrible, we can only create context in our minds from horror films 🙁

    • The Fluffy Owl

      i’m pretty sure the world ripped him a new one when it was found out he made the whole thing up, stop trying to make this a sexism thing.

  • starryhye

    There’s a frightening lack of empathy in the world, it seems.

  • The Fluffy Owl

    Is it possible these responses could serve as a source of self reflection for Kim? Perhaps if she presented herself as a better human being, there would be a sense of sympathy and empathy for her? This woman has no humility, and has made a career out of flaunting herself and her excessive wealth. I don’t think she deserved what happened to her, but I feel indifferent that it did. I was more concerned about where the kids were actually…I kinda feel like it’s the same reaction Trump would have gotten if he had been robbed.

    • Alison

      I get what you’re saying, but Trump is different. He says openly racist, hateful things that genuinely hurt people, and he makes flippant remarks about inciting violence or immunity to shoot people on 5th Avenue.

      Kim has built a social media-savvy brand that is about the perception of intimacy and the perceived closeness of celebrity. I say “perception” because who really knows what someone else thinks. (Also, I only learned about this on MR, which I am reading to avoid grading.)

      I agree with you on one point — no one deserves to be robbed at gunpoint. It is crazy that we have to remind ourselves of this.

      • snakehissken

        I already mentioned in another comment that some of his money should have been paid out to small businesses that did services for him. He’s the thief.

      • GetRealBitches

        And her husband hasn’t ever done that very thing has he Allison? His openly racist rants get praised by the likes of you and all the other Coexist freaks.

    • ValiantlyVarnished

      So by your standard only if someone is a “better” human being do they deserve empathy? And what exactly is the litmus test for that?? What exactly makes Kim “bad”? This whole idea of her being a “bad” person is utterly ridiculous in the first place. So no I don’t think the lack of empathy is a reflection of Kim. But it most certainly is a reflection of those who don’t have any.

      • The Fluffy Owl

        I didn’t say she was bad, I said if she presented herself better, then perhaps she’d have more sympathy from the public. I also said she did not deserve to be robbed, but good job reading what you wanted to instead of what was actually there.

        • ValiantlyVarnished

          No but that’s was what you inferred. That if she portrayed herself in a way (or as “better human being” – your words btw) that you or others found acceptable then you would be able to feel empathy for her. I read what you wrote – and I’m sure I’m not the only who understood it perfectly.

          • The Fluffy Owl

            Being a better person does not imply that you’re “bad”, frankly, every one should be working on bettering themselves, does that mean we’re all bad? So no, you did not understand perfectly. But again, you keep reading what you want to instead of what’s actually there.

      • GetRealBitches

        She’s not bad, she’s just a black cock sucking attention seeking no talent lard ass where her only true talent is in her pants and her on her back.

        • ValiantlyVarnished

          Your comment is not only disgusting but racist.

        • ValiantlyVarnished

          And your comment is racist and disgusting. Go troll somewhere else.

        • Kate Barnett

          Hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated. Removing comments is not something we like to do, or do often, however we will not hesitate to do so if the situation warrants it. Man Repeller is a place to share different perspectives and thoughtful dialogue.

          For the large majority respectful of that, thank you.

          • Mike

            Nice to see you fighting the good fight against free speech Kate. Keep it up, it’s not like anyone here is interested in reading differing opinions.

  • And here I was thinking I was the only one who thought this. Everyone’s saying “why did she have 10k worth of jewelry on?” and whatnot. People suck, and jealousy is nasty. Bad karma goes all around.

    • GetRealBitches

      It was 10 million genius. And it does beg to wonder, when people with a lot more money than her and Kanye have wear a lot of fake look alike things on vacation and trips for this very reason. And if she does take 10 million worth of real jewelry can you really say she not “asking” to be robbed? Especially without proper security. Where was that? That’s not saying she deserves it but is kinda inviting it? Would you recommend to a rich friend “oh yeah, sure honey go ahead and wear 10 million worth of real jewelry to Jamaica”??? I don’t think so. There’s smart and then there’s the Kardashsians. Who worry more about public opinion than being smart and safety conscious.

      • Kim was robbed in a private room, so first of all one can wear whatever they want in their private property. So if I’m sitting in my house wearing fancy jewelry and someone robs me all people can say is “why were you wearing fancy jewelry?” Well, because I gave a damn and because it’s my property.

        Also, thanks for the genius compliment, I wholeheartedly agree 🙂

  • Alyssa

    Love this!! Sometimes its easy to blame some one famous when horrible things happen, but this definitely isn’t the time! The media really need a reminder that celebrities are people too.

  • Vickee

    As someone who has been robbed at gunpoint before, this is not a light matter. Whether you’re famous, or just a normal person, a situation like this will scar you. People must have forgotten that Kim is a mother of two, a wife, a daughter, a sister. How dare anyone have the right to say she deserved to get robbed, even shot?? I am disgusted every single day at the kinds of humans left on this earth. Humans with no empathy, no compassion, no realistic views of the world except what they see on social media. Just because Kim may not be who YOU want her to be, does not mean you have the right to judge this woman. Get a grip on life people.

  • soniadelvalle

    “She deserved to be robbed” is a nasty, zero class, trashy thing to say and believe… and is probably exactly what the people that robbed her think!

    • BK

      YES THIS ^^^^

  • I love this post Leandra… it bothers me how people talk about Kim too. I have always supported her and yes, famous or not famous, she’s human too.
    Check out my blog! A HINT OF LIFE

    • snakehissken

      This is Haley! I know, I was fooled by the mention of a brother too

  • DaisyLowe

    I think if she were actually robbed at gunpoint, that would be awful. No one, no matter how insufferable as a “celeb” they might be deserves to be terrorized. I just cant be convinced it actually happened, and really, Im just a nobody bored at my desk who means nothing to them anyway unless Im buying a Kardashian product. *hello lumee light* I dont believe a single thing that woman or her family says. Shes being living on script for nearly 10 years. Her mother is running the empire based on a show where the message is, now matter how crazy, vapid or dysfunctional, we’re all going to do it as a family…and film it! Remember Kris Humphries? Kim doesnt want you to remember. There is nothing they wont do or try to sell us to stay in the game and that is why no tears will be shed.

  • Meg

    Totally with you, Haley, and I think you’re giving even mainstream media too much credit. The NY Times wrote, “Crucial details remained unclear on Monday, including why Ms. Kardashian West was alone and why she was carrying such valuable jewelry.”

    Uhhhh….maybe she was alone because people like to be alone sometimes and maybe she was carrying such valuable jewelry because she wanted to? Just a wild guess.

    Regardless, questioning a woman’s choice to be physically alone and have *stuff* around her is victim blaming.

    • Haley Nahman

      Whoa. Agree!!

    • Harling Ross

      Right….”crucial details”…..

    • Yue

      Also Kim was at fashion week. I imagine this was the one time in the year where she might be carrying more jewelry than usual.

    • Mary

      Exactly! Everyone is like “well, it’s her fault for having it with her!” but the same logic as “she deserved to be raped because of the way she was dressed!”

  • Elise Maiberger

    I am glad she is OK and sad people are so hateful toward her. It is not Kim who is classless, it is those who subject her to their hatred and small minded vitriol.

  • Greer Clarke

    It’s quite simply a shiny and much agreed-upon episode of severe victim blaming on behalf of the public.

  • Greer Clarke

    “Example: at the Sacai show, one editor remarked, ‘That’s what happens when you invite cameras around every time you go shopping for more designer stuff.’”

    Replace “that” with rape and “when you invite camera around” with “drink and wear skimpy clothing” and what have you got, dearest unnamed editor at Sacai show!?!?!

    • Haley Nahman


  • nancy

    I think no empathic person should think (let alone say) that Kim “deserved” to be robbed. On the other hand, depending how an individual perceives Kim lives her life, some may feel less sympathy than others for the robbery. The grandiose display of riches from a family with no talent except publicity and recording and publicizing the minutia of their lives is offensive to many. If you constantly flaunt millions of dollars of jewelry via every Internet channel, you are at major risk for a robbery. As for separating her public persona from her personal one, that would be hard for most of the public. We do not know her except for the very public way she presents extremely personal aspects of her life 24/7.

    • Jen

      Well said! Personally, I find it offensive that her getting robbed (not killed, injured or even mildly hurt) warrants this kind of debate at all on the “morality” of internet comments. Seriously? It’s really too bad that someone who became famous for a sex video once again dominates the headlines when thousands of mothers and children who have perished in Syria are rendered nameless.

  • Sandra

    when I read this I think about the parallel between Kim Kardashian and Marie Antoinette. Do we/ should we have sympathy for marie? Was the french revolution warranted? are we headed towards another revolution?

  • Mallory Harmon

    I am so glad you wrote about this, Haley. No matter how anyone feels about the Kardashians, it is still very disturbing that a person, celebrity or not, had to experience what she did. I couldn’t agree more with you in regards to how media condones victim-blaming, especially when it comes to women. It is sickening and frustrating

    • nancy

      Wait a minute, I don’t think this should be compared to victim blaming as to women, such as a rape victim. Some are feeling less sympathetic to her plight based on her very public presentation of her life 24/7. This is not the same as how we treat rape victims. Also, I’m not sure I want to even call Kim a “victim” here. She somewhat encouraged the robbery by her continual grandiose display of wealth and inadequate security protection. That is a far cry from blaming the rape victim.

      • Mallory Harmon

        I agree that her situation and rape are VERY different! All I am saying is that the situation is unfortunate, and it is important to remember that no matter her status, she is still human.

      • Haley Nahman

        She’s 100% a victim here, to be clear.

        • GetRealBitches

          Really? So you know the facts of the case already then? Please share them with the detectives in Paris. And enlighten the public here to more than your speculation and love for the narcissist.

          • Haley Nahman

            You said she wasn’t a victim because she shows her wealth — not because you thought the crime didn’t happen. You can’t switch the premise of your point on me! :O
            All good, all good.

  • Jolie

    Totally off-topic (although I agree with you completely) — I saw you at The Meadows yesterday; I was standing near you during Borns! You were wearing a black denim jacket I think. Wanted to be like “hey love your writing!” but then my bf dragged me away to eat taquitos. Anyway, hey love your writing!

    • Haley Nahman

      HA, no way!! You 100% should have said hi!! Next time!

  • pamb

    I’m not a Kardashian fan, but I have been robbed at gunpoint. It was a horrible, frightening experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Add to that that she was alone, that she was tied up… I sure she was afraid for her life.

    It’s terrible that people have no empathy. I don’t know if social media/faux reality shows are to blame, or what, but we are losing our humanity, little by little.

  • marie a

    She definitely did not ‘deserve’ to have this happen to her, and it would be a truly terrible experience that I wish upon no one. However, because she has survived and is better equipped than most to deal with the financial loss and emotional trauma, I just think there are more important conversations to have. Perhaps that’s why people feel they need to lash out in the opposite direction – disdain instead of sympathy. The fact is, there are women and people all over the world dealing with traumatic experiences like this constantly, and they do not get the airtime or attention they deserve. People are having basic needs taken from them, not useless diamonds worth more than most people’s net belongings. I think the point should be – if you are feeling so sympathetic towards Kim, try to take that energy and help/support someone near you experiencing trauma, who does not have the resources Kim has. Kim really doesn’t need your sympathy but I guarantee someone around you does.

    • Haley Nahman

      Definitely good points (although I’m not sure fame or money is as linear a solution to emotional trauma as stated, although it certainly helps). I always think it’s interesting to analyze how society interacts emotionally with pop culture because typically it’s a more acute and easier-to-unpack reflection of how we interact with so many other things. It’s a fascinating (and sometimes troubling) social indicator! You’ve hit on something important, that I was trying to get at without saying it: this was about more than Kim K. Maybe it always is, which is why I think this conversation is a good one to have, alongside (not instead of) more dire ones.

  • BK

    Jesus Christ, some of these comments are just victim blaming with a fancy new hat on. All these comments of “if you buy and wear expensive shit, you should expect to be robbed” – they sound eerily similar to the comments people make about sexual assault victims (“short skirt = you asked for it”, et al). I am not a fan of the Kardashian archipelago by any stretch of the imagination, and I definitely don’t like the vapid consumerism they represent and propagate for a living, but they are not the lawbreakers here. The criminals who broke into her accommodation, restrained her against her will and stole her possessions are entirely to blame. If you write off their crime because it happened to a Kardashian, you’re saying it’s okay, in some instances, for somebody’s private space to be invaded, for them to be threatened with death, and you’re ratifying theft of personal property. Have fun with that. I’m going to live by a code.

    • Natasha

      “the Kardashian archipelago” << read this in Sir David Attenborough's voice.

      Also, agree with what you said!

  • Harling Ross

    So, so well put, Haley.

  • DLori27

    If I actually believed the story, then every victim deserves empathy and compassion. However, my feeling is their publicity team is running out of shocking stories to get the public to focus on them so they have resorted to the worst type of publicity. The type being told here.This family will go as low as possible for an ounce of publicity, for an ounce of legitimacy. They are irrelevant now, fear getting older but most important, losing their fame. They are Narcissists. With all their security, all the millions of dollars in jewels in the home,, there’s NO way, she, the breadwinner of the family would be left alone with no security for protection. My comment is opinion only as I don’t know what really happened. But this sort of scenario is a typical Kardashian panic mode, when they need to generate attention back to them because too many people have lost interest. The story just started yet the facts have changed too many times ………………………………………………………………………………………Kardashian machine. Rich

    • Kristin Bungart

      What about the 15 car motorcade that drove her home from the airport and blocked traffic for hours??

      • DLori27

        That’s insane. And who paid for this motorcade. Of course the American Citizens. I so wish the Khardasions would go away, far, far away. It’s pathetic that they have to stoop to this level because they have completely engaged in every type of scandal that any human can dream of. So now they are lying about such serious issues that will impact whether the public will believe true victims and as such, real victims, many of whom already fear reporting incidents of the type Kim is alleging will never report which will lead to more victims because these criminals will remain on the street. This stupid family has no idea the damage they have caused to American society. They’re a bunch of narcissist pigs.

  • DLori27

    Although I have a dislike for the family, I would never wish harm or unhappiness on anyone, including this family, But the stoop this low with what I believe is a false story makes it harder for true victims to come forward when attacked in addition to being believed. As if I disliked the K family enough, this just adds icing the cake

  • very well said.

  • Serene Touma

    People keep saying “remember that she’s a mother” but as a childless single person that feels tone deaf – as if her being a mother warrants our sympathy, but it’s actually just being a human! We shouldn’t have to qualify it with “mother, sister, wife, etc”.

  • Yes I was so shocked when I saw the reactions… I live in Paris and a rather famous French actor twitted “proud to be Parisian” (like “proud that Kim gets violently robbed in Paris”). Not funny and tragically stupid.
    That and the public reaction, and even that of the press (about a week ago?) about Gigi Hadid defending herself when she was assaulted in the street…
    Crazy misoginy going on. And what the hell, if you are not interested in celebs, you’d better pay no interest at all and not react. I really don’t understand the “haters” and trolls. They must have nothing to do with their lives

  • Charlotte Bax

    I don’t really care about Kim Kardashian or any other celebrities, but being robbed is something you shouldn’t wish for anyone. People forget that it is just as terrifying for her as it would be for themselves 🙁

  • I don’t know. I am just surprised, that so many people hold and share (strong) views about something like this…

  • Celeste

    In response to news of the robbery, my roommate remarked “Yea, and it sounds like she didn’t even do anything wrong.” Like no shit? She was home invaded and robbed, brutally. As if anyone is deserving of that, or can any way provoke that in a way that’s justifiable. I almost lost it. As horrifying as the robbing are these reactions, as you write. So indicative of issues that run so deeply. The first impulse is to cast blame on the victim. It’s maddening.

  • Patricia Pastor

    That shouldn’t happen to anyone, being assaulted or robbed. I do feel sorry for Kim Kardashian or any human being in that situation, rich or poor. But the actual hate she’s receiving on internet? Nah, that’s something they’ve helped creating. I feel sorry too for the way Taylor Swift’s privacy was violated two months ago by Kim Kardashian. And I do understand the difference about her brand and her persona, but her brand is condescending. Kim Kardashian is a troll herself. Remember what Khloe Kardashian did to Chloe Moritz when the latter tried awaking people consciousness about world wide issues? I’m sorry you cannot be Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

  • Cristina

    I see what you are saying, and I would no means wish ill will towards someone. I am not a Kardashian fan, but I do think everyone is rushing to a judgement when we don’t really know any details. I don’t actually believe this happened because I can’t imagine HOW it happened, given all the road blocks to even get close to Kim. Plus, how come they didn’t take her engagement ring? And if she’s so open, why isn’t she speaking about it? Or maybe she did, but you would have to pay for it exclusively on her app or site. I just can’t wrap my head around anything in their life NOT being a publicity stunt and unfortunately, I feel that is the image they have cultivated.

  • carolann

    People do not like her and her family because they are all selfish egomaniacs. There is nothing wrong with people enjoying their wealth but people would like them to show some compassion for others.

  • I have never had an opinion one way or other about the Kardashians as a whole, though i have usually rolled my eyes when reading anything Kim related. That being said I think Kanye is a giant ass and have NEVER understood his appeal. Pretty much every story involves me either getting angry at some insane thing he has said or me seriously feeling sorry for a man who so obviously needs psychiatric help.

    And I will say I was actually angry at the hate he was getting for leaving his concert early. Far be it from me to stand up for him (trust me, I HATE having to stick up for him) but it was refreshingly nice to see him actually do the RIGHT thing. Even if the incident was over, to rush out of a concert (and we know his love of an audience) to make sure his wife and the mother of his children was ok was 100% the right thing to do.

  • TK

    I think it boils down to humanity, as you said. You don’t need to like, hate or even care about someone’s brand to appreciate human life and understand that what Kim went through, if she was your own loved one, you would be devastated, even if unharmed, you would care and be scared shitless for their well-being. Apathy is something people give whole heartedly nowadays and behind anonymity through social media they just comment away and kill with words. Sad days for our society but I am thankful for Kim and her family that she is indeed okay.

  • kay

    GET A LIFE !

  • PCE

    IF this whole thing went down the way the media says it did, then it’s just horrible. Her kids could have been there. The problem I have right now, though, is it just seems odd that NO surveillance cameras captured ANY of this. If she was staying in such a discreet, high-end, exclusive place, I’d like to think they have an amazing security system.

  • Jon Hayes

    Why should or would I feel sympathy for her? First of all she is talentless. She has good looks. But like most these celebs, nothing special, just great makeup artists and hair stylists who travel everywhere with them. Any one of us can look like a model if we had that. Oh and she has big t*ts and a fat a**. She is famous because people have sad lives and obsess over these complete nobodies lives. She is a fucking diva.

    She is surrounded by security who move everyone out the way, push them, think she and they own the fucking streets. This is her payback. She is everything wrong with society embodied in one repulsive human devil. She is famous for being famous. She has never done a days work in her life.

    She thinks she is royalty. She has been brought down a peg or two by this robbery. Gods way of letting her know she is mortal. If you want to feel empathy, think fo those poor kids in Syria who face the barrell of a gun on a daily basis. She wasn’t hurt in the robbery (her pride, yes) she wasn’t affected financially. Not even sentimentally as that ring is just a damn ring that will be replaced by another damn expensive overpriced ring.

    Only an idiot would feel sorry for her. Feel sorry for the poort concierge who had to go through the same thing.

  • Antoinette

    I think people are mixing up the public’s reaction to the robbery and the media’s treatment of the robbery. No, it’s never funny for anyone to be forcefully held at gunpoint as their possessions are unwillingly taken. That’s clear. And it’s too bad this happened to Kim, regardless of who she is, her status, who she’s married to, etc. But coverage of this robbery has rivaled that of Hurricane Matthew…I think that’s what’s irking a lot of folks, or at least it’s irking me. The media is determined to play the violin for her in this instance over something that happens to countless people every day in order to get us to pour our hearts out for her. I’m glad she’s safe. Glad her kids and family weren’t harmed. I hope they catch the guy (a crime is still a crime) but we don’t need to shut down New York City to hold a “Poor Kim” parade with floats and flowers. Isn’t she anxious to move on from this? We should be too…

  • Gene Banik

    she didnt get robbed no proof at all ss but its a insurance scam 2 pay 4 kayne west debts he 53 million in debt

  • LM Jones

    Actually YES SHE DOES.