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Leslie Price: This is amazing:

From today’s #yeezyseason4 show…I have to say, as a first timer I was initially kind of giddy to have this quintessential, much talked about #nyfw experience, but after a hot hour-long bus ride over to ROOSEVELT Island, then another hour or two inching along the line literally melting as we waited for the darn thing to start, I felt like all my complaining and discomfort was total bullshit compared to the 100 or so girls standing stock still for what seemed like hours roasting in the sun…with no water. A few of them sat to rest, one collapsed backwards while a few of her fellow performers came to her aid and, eventually, bottles of water appeared…all the while I was wondering, should someone call the paramedics? Should I CALL the paramedics? Is this part of the performance? Was the joke on me? Eventually the show began, and it definitely had its moments, but I just couldn’t help sitting there feeling like a hypocrite watching a bunch of women suffer like that in the name of fashion. #r29fw @r29fashion

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Yvonne Dunlevie: So were Stella Bugbee’s tweets

Leslie: Do we feel like we can add something here? Everyone who went seems outraged.

Harling Ross: It was very interesting observing people’s reactions on Twitter. Going from “Cool! Yeezy!” to a collective breaking point

Yvonne: I agree with Stella’s point about maybe the responsible thing is to write nothing at all

Verena von Pfetten: Except ultimately The Cut *did* write it up. Twice, actually. Stella did her own recap as a follow up to her tweets.

Leslie: It’s worth covering if someone has the time/energy to think about it and write something

Verena: @leandramedine: @ameliadiamond @haley have you been following and/or do you have strong thoughts? Also, I was hoping for something more cutthroat from the Times than this.

Haley Nahman: Hmmm I saw the Stella tweets and have heard some of the same things being said. Don’t know if I have a different angle though and might be unnecessary for us to just reiterate the same points. It’s not so different from my essay on the Famous video though. Like…how far is too far to make a statement?

Leslie: If we can come up with the right angle on this i think it’s worth it. It’s evoking feelings for me and I wasn’t even there/don’t usually care much. And I think readers will have strong opinions. Questions:

Why is the fashion industry propping him up at all?

Why did editors even go?

Do we all have to care because of social media?

And how cynical is that?

When will it end?

Aside from accessories, what is even happening here?

Does it need to be a show, that people spend hours commuting to?

Why a bus?

Why not the tram?!?!

That is my biggest Q, honestly. Wouldn’t the tram have been more fun/more convenient? I don’t get the bus. Can we figure out how people got there? This is what Billboard says:

The fashion set is in for a wild ride with the Yeezy Season 4 show before it has even started. Guests headed to Kanye West’s latest runway offering and NYFW kickoff received an email on Wednesday morning directing them to pre-arranged shuttle buses in Midtown, which will drop them off and pick them up at Roosevelt Island.

Pickup is at 1:30 p.m., ahead of the 3 p.m. presentation, and anyone who misses the bus has been pre-warned of a 15-minute walk to the venue from the nearest taxi and driver drop-off location. Roosevelt Island is located in the East River, under the shadow of the Queensboro Bridge.

Haley: I think a cog makes the most sense, where we let the discussion happen mostly in the comments.

Leslie: Yeah. I do think readers will have thoughts on this.

Leandra Medine: Also!!! When models fainted, they did nothing

Leslie: Which is so so so so horrifying. He’s a showman, do they not have an event planner? Like, he goes on tours.

Leandra: WWD honed in on how poorly Kanye treats the press. And I maintain that he is making Spanx. And that holding a casting call wherein “biracial models only” are welcome is absurd.

Leslie: I think whether you/we like it or not it is the only thing people will be discussing today and to ignore it on MR would feel weird.

Leandra: Yeah. Would love to keep it as reflective of a complex and intelligent opinion as possible. Why don’t we publish this Slack chat?

Leslie: Good call

Leandra: You know what’s weird is last year I was invited, didn’t go and then slammed it. And Kanye’s response was “thanks for your honesty.” The part that’s confusing and kind of frustrating for me is that he succeeds in getting the press. All of it. When he very well knows the response will be outrage. And it still feels like he won. Because he did! They/we all went.

Haley: Right. That was what frustrated me about the Famous video! He gets people’s eyes because he shocks them and then he’s like “See? I’m provocative! I got people talking!”

Leslie: The clothes…are not shoppable? Or some are?

Leandra: Oh I don’t know about whether the clothes are shoppable. I’ve never seen them. But I do know his Pablo stuff BLEW out. And I’m borderline into the heels.

Leslie: Guy’s a genius. Sorry

Haley: The runway show actually had clothes. So what was the point of the girls in the leotards in the middle?

Leslie: “art”

Krista: That was all by Vanessa Beecroft. I still don’t really know how I feel about her art

Amelia Diamond: I think some of Vanessa Beecroft’s art is like, blind racism

Verena: Especially all of her stuff for Kanye. That’s also what’s so boring.

Leandra: THE CLOTHES WERE NOT ANY DIFFERENT FROM LAST FEBRUARY’S PRESENTATION. Is that the elephant were not addressing?

Verena: I dont know how much of an elephant that is. Like, I’m willing to give him credit that his clothes/collections are meant to be part of one uniform whole, but then CHILL with the theatrics or do it better. OR use the uniformity to do something compelling and different

Krista: He made an interesting statement that he wants to make anonymous clothes because he wants to be invisible.

Yvonne: Kanye is perhaps the least invisible person there is, largely by his own doing

Krista: I know, I chucked when I read that.

Leandra: K you know who already did that? And who has been applauded publicly for doing that? Phoebe Philo. That’s not a novel or interesting statement. Verbatim pulled from a T Magazine story from Feb 2014. Also, if you’re going to make invisible people clothes, don’t be so fucking literal.

Amelia: His show is not fashion. It’s press for his personal brand. I don’t know how much validity to this there is but when I first started in this industry I remember someone told me that Viktor & Rolf only even HAD a fashion show (which is like, unwearable couture) to sell their perfume, and their perfume is – financially – the business. That’s all this is to Kanye. A giant ass commercial for his Kanye West brand. And it works better than any Crest White Strips ad we’ve ever seen.

Verena: I am with Leslie that Kanye is a genius. And mostly my biggest issue with yesterday (having not been there) is the treatment of people in the show and attending the show

Leslie: Yes. It’s all so absurd.

Verena: Clothes, whatever. HUMAN DECENCY PLEASE. Like, people don’t exist purely to fuel your ego.

Leandra: That’s exactly right, Verena.

Krista: That just summed up why i feel uncomfortable about every presentation he’s done

Leandra: The thing that annoys me, following that comment, is that we are fostering this sense of, “it’s Kanye’s world, we just live in it” by attending, engaging, even just having this convo.

Haley: I wonder if more people will boycott next season.

Krista: I doubt it. People love a spectacle

Amelia: Kanye West is Instagram

Leslie: The reason I think it’s worth writing about/covering is not only because of how many actual fashion editors attended, but also because the general public does care about Kanye

Verena: Agreed! Which is why his behavior and treatment of people yesterday is so atrocious. He ALREADY has the platform. He doesn’t *need* to do the rest. The stunts.

Harling: Also remarkable to think that Kanye West will have one of the most talked about shows if not THE most talked about show this season — not in spite of what he put attendees/models through but BECAUSE of it. And that wasn’t even on purpose.

Verena: I have a real soft spot for the Kardashians, but watching them all walk in while models are literally passed out on the grass was infuriating.

Amelia: Eek

Haley: Such a scary metaphor

Leslie: So disconnected from reality. Or is it all performance, all the time?

Haley: Art imitating life imitating art?

Amelia: Wait wait I was going to ask that, did the models actually faint or was that part of the choreography (like at Opening Ceremony when they fell)?

Verena: They actually fainted. Bruce Pask literally got up from the audience to help one walk. Other models grabbed water. One guy from the audience ran out into the middle to give models water. I think the most compelling thing to do would be to write literally ONLY about that.

Leslie: That goes way beyond seeing someone crying on the train and ignoring them because they might need their space in the world of New Yorkers.

Verena: Fuck his clothes and his show.

Amelia: That’s horrifying.

Leandra: On the art imitating life, life imitating art piece…There’s no difference anymore. We’re our art and our art is us. Very literally because of social media

Leslie: Who planned this?

Verena: It was 80+ degrees outside and they’d been standing in direct sun for 2+ hours without moving. Waiting for Kanye and the Kardashians to show up. Or whatever it is that caused the hold up.

Leandra: Yup they were waiting the Kardashians for an hour and a half. Very Rihanna of them.

Bottom line, I think, is that we have a moral responsibility, as the public, to make and set our own rules. To determine whether something will be valued or not and to live the principles we espouse. We have so much power in the grand scheme of our world. Don’t you think? Media engines are commanded by the trends of humans. Those humans have to be cognizant of how they’re spending their time. What they’re searching, learning, engaging with…I always think about this! I mean we’re building MR with our users. That’s a lot of power and their opinions matter. Much the same way it should in the opposite direction, right? Rejecting what we find abusive or offensive.

Haley: I think your call for more cognizance around where we deposit our attention is an interesting one. It’s something that so many unseemly parts of modern life need. But I wonder what that looks like and I wonder whose responsibility that is? I guess thoughtful discourse over splashy headlines is a good start.

Leandra: Okay, #TeamMR. Now it’s your turn.


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  • Gwyn

    i was really upset with everything concerning this show. amelia you’re right, vanessa beecroft’s work is just plain racism. everything she does is VERY questionable. it was her idea to call for “multiracial” models, which was definitely meant to exclude darkskinned black women, regardless of what kanye said after the internet outrage. the fainting models? the uninspired clothing? ugh. it’s all very boring and i hate that it gets as much attention as it does

    • His show is full of dark skinned women though. Not defending Kanye and his treatment of the models, but it’s clear the models used on the field and those who walked ranged in racial composition and skin tone.

      • Gwyn

        yeah that’s true! it could’ve been an effort to cover himself after the outrage though. obviously this isn’t really my issue to speak on because i’m white, so this article from a black woman who went to the casting call is good:

        • Interesting! Sometimes I wonder if he’s just trolling us all for his own amusement…but he really believes he’s doing the right thing. I don’t know anymore.

  • KMSJ

    Do you guys really not see the hypocrisy in the questions Leslie posed?

    This is incredibly un-self-aware (if there can be such a thing) for this blog to pose such questions.

    And I quote,
    “Leslie: Do we feel like we can add something here? Everyone who went
    Why is the fashion industry propping him up at all?

    Why did editors even go?

    Do we all have to care because of social media?

    And how cynical is that?

    When will it end?”

    End quote.

    Come ON! Do you not realize that traditional journalists think this of you guys. Also, Kathy Horan said all of this about Kanye his first season and was raked over coals for it. But now that there’s a social media shit storm and bandwagon rolling by, you just jump right on.

    • Verena von Pfetten

      Hi KMSJ — I’d love to hear more about where you’re coming from. What would you have liked to see in this conversation? Also, I *loved* Cathy Horyn’s S1 takedown (though she walked it back last year, which was super interesting) and am curious / hopeful she writes something about this one, because no one is every as cutting or as DGAF as CH.

      • Daniel

        i think KMSJ meant to ask how different are you from the kanye brand.. well apart from not being as famous or having his platform. Like pose yourselves the same question you would like the ones above.

      • KMSJ

        Honestly, I didn’t mean to sounds as dismissive of you guys as I did. So I apologize for that.
        I guess what I mean is, this site is dedicated to trends and runs on social media. It would drive a huge percentage of your traffic. You are aware of this and therefore it drives your content and the angles of your stories. Most of your content is not critical, because you are not critics (and neither am I. It’s not a bad thing) so I am surprised that you take this stand now. It almost seems precisely because it’s a trending topic that you’ve taken such an interest and not because you actually care about the issues. These issues won’t be addressed in this forum in any meaningful way (nor should they be. that’s not what you do), so it’s more a question of “why this, why now”. It just seems really ironic and borderline hypocritical, to say that Kanye and his klan and the yeezy collab are a product of social media gone mad, when in a lot of ways, this site is too and the fact that you are running this very story is as well. I actually agree with 99% of what you’re saying. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a little tone-deaf too.

        Like Daniel said. What I mean is, you could just as easily be asking yourselves these same questions. And that seems to have whooshed completely over your heads.

  • Aydan

    This was SO NOT OKAY. By labor standards. By human standards. I don’t care about anything else. Those women were described as “extras” meaning they didn’t get paid? (this is my assumption) and that is INSANE to actually allow people to FAINT and PASS OUT and for people to still applaud the show. These are MEDICAL emergencies and in no way should that be glazed over. I always thought Kanye was a genius, but this is INTOLERABLE AND UNACCEPTABLE. Forget the clothes. Forget the fashion. Forget the Kardashians. Forget the editors. What are the repercussions for putting so many huans’ health at risk yesterday? I would like an answer to that. (Also, do models have unions? because if not, they maybe should get on that because this is NOT OKAY.)

    • heymadame


  • Gail Leoniak

    Aside from the fact of the heat and models (and spectators, perhaps )keeling over, the idea that the presentation was held up for the 1.5 hr late arrival of the wife and family of the designer is ridiculous. It isn’t as if she had to wait for a bus. It isn’t as if she had no idea when the event would start. It is inexcusable; he has not the prestige of a house such as Dior or Chanel. His line is vaguely interesting but, I fear, to me not worth the price and hoopla

    • CDC

      Even if he had that kind of prestige, neither Chanel nor Dior would make people wait that long for a show. Ridiculous.

  • Meagan

    Something that’s so frustrating for me to sort out is the “art” aspect of this. I won’t argue for whether or not it is art because that’s too broad. But if it is, then it would be some kind of performance art. And the only performance art I have seen that causes HARM to the performers is one that involves the artist themselves so that they can draw observation from that direct experience. So what I am curious/baffled about is the models. Did they know what they signed up for? Where they told they were performers in a piece, that hydrating or getting help would harm the “performance”? Was it in a contract? Was that even thought of? If this is art, there’s too much carelessness in the planning and in the thought behind it for me to see the point. And is Kanye showing up an hour late supposed to be part of a performance?? This whole thing is just baffling and frustrating to me, to the point of commenting on it which I normally never do! Too much, Kanye.

    • Aydan

      also wouldn’t it be revolutionary if Kanye started a show on time? that would be art.

    • Jackie @ Kleiden drew

      First let me state: I love Kanye’s music as much as Kanye does even though I have to slough off his megalomaniacal behavior. But wouldn’t it have been art if Ye and the Kendall/Kardashians were there sweating? That the artist suffers? I don’t know chile, I’m just tired of the unspired clothes on runways.

  • Belle Gearhart-LeRette

    We need to talk about his ridiculous casting call (and his poor excuse for ‘the wording’ — god, when will people stop blaming everything on the wording? you knew what you meant when you made the call, don’t blame words for your blatant misogynoir), the treatment of the models, the blatant rudeness of showing up late/starting late and the disrespect that convey’s to your audience… I’m sick of talking about the clothes because no one buys/wears/cares about the clothes, they care about Kanye, and we need to start talking about the things that Kanye doesn’t want us to talk about — his hatred of black women, his disdain for MOST women, his incompetence when it comes to ‘performance art’ (because I know that is what he is going to try to write this off as)… etc etc etc… And yes, the eerie symbolism of having the Kardashian’s walk by fainting and dehydrated models is horrid and stomach turning.

  • Mallory Harmon

    I totally agree with Leandra and that the clothes were no different than the last collection. We are intrigued by Kanye for his shock factor (agreed), but does that mean we support it? In my opinion, no. When is enough, enough? I think Haley posed an interesting question as far as who has the ultimate responsibility in ensuring our attention is being deposited in meaning rather than spectacle. I think that the media has a large responsibility in that and also consumers; consumers of media and of product.

  • Sara

    Yvonne: Kanye is perhaps the least invisible person there is, largely by his own doing

    YASSS YVONNE YASSS. one of the best statements in this thing. loving the slack chat style as well. I know its mentioned but I was so disgusted that none of the people working the show could provide any sort of water to the fainting models. honestly. what is wrong with them. And didn’t Kim just snap a pic of all of the shit thats at the Kanye show (i.e. drinks, food, etc?)

    his line is overpriced spanx. for real.

  • Stephanie Lloyd

    shouldn’t there be legal ramifications for blatantly disregarding labor laws?

  • Lacey Bergevin

    I would love to know more about how he choose the “biracial” models…..isn’t everyone at least biracial at this point? Did they have to pass DNA testing or bring their parents?

  • Jenna

    I’m sorry. This is not fashion. This is ego. Period. I never spend more than 5 seconds thinking about him. Personally, I’m tired of seeing anything in the media about him and the K family/him, the K family and Taylor Swift, etc. It’s all ego and controversy. I’m sick of it.

    There are people who toil away at design school, working their rear ends off to get a line together and shown. These people have nothing to offer and yet the media is constantly feeding into it. Good grief. Stop.

    When will talent be back in style?

    • AGREEE!!!!

    • maria

      I compleately agree! Also I agree with Leandra´s point. We have to decide for ourselves what it worth consuming as public, not just accept into our lives every person/product that comes up on social media, just because “it has millions of followers” or some non relevant crap like that. So many designers or great fashion magazines have adpted this people as references, WHY? what have they done in their lives? What is the amazing talent they showed us so that their presence in the fashion industry can be justified?
      This is the power of social media, its our responsability, to select whats worth consuming form what is not.

      • Maria

        sorry for the typos I wrote it really fast

    • Claire

      The media should just ignore him completely, he’s just craving the attention, and he really doesn’t deserve it.

    • Faux Sapient

      When you stop falling for the click bait.

      Ever heard of “emotional index”? It’s the new MBA buzzword bullshit marketing metric. In short, your hatred of them is just as profitable (if not more so) than anyone’s obsessive love of them.


      • Jenna

        You’re absolutely right. I was thinking about that today. About how people can get really BAD press…and then I’ll think “They really love this, don’t they?” I feel like I’ve come from another planet, sometimes, and just landed here…wondering if this is all a joke.

    • ajo

      i agree with you about giving untalented people fame but this can fade away if we as a society stop giving them laudability. Also I feel like most people who are all up on them are not even fans but followers on what there doing and those are the ones who make them famous. Sadly im one of them… and should stop lol

  • Nicole

    LOL definitely just press for his personal brand. i’m just ~over~ the idea of Kanye in general, but this was some weird/scary ego field trip and he treated these women like plastic mannequins and if i want beige pants I’ll go to the Gap

  • MaKenzie Godso

    Another thing that I read somewhere is that none of the models got paid? Like the ones standing in the grass, fainting and overheating, I’m pretty sure. Which is INSANE! He’s got all of these people fawning over him, his collection, his rap, art, etc. (which I think is insane, his ego is way to large for my liking) and yet he disregards them for literally nothing? I just think his “God” complex has gotten way too out of control, and for some reason, the public is insanely fascinated with it. I also think it’s a matter of social perception. People want to be liked, they want to like things that other people like, therefore when everyone is freaking out of Kanye, they simply must (the case for many of my friends).

    I simply don’t understand the appeal of overpriced thrift-store looking sweatshirts and spandex. I agree v much with what y’all said, about how the collection literally looks the exact same as his last few, and now it’s just all about the shock factor. Very disappointed that he gets all this publicity, yet there are so many emerging, talented designers who are actually good at creating clothing that resembles art, and they are kind of just shoved aside for his “look at me, I’m art!” spectacle.

  • Simba

    The answer to all of your questions is money. plain and simple a very OG way to think. #MONEYMOVESMOUNTAINS wether its morally good or not.

  • rcrooks92

    This is my favorite MR I’ve read all summer. Love the idea of doing your Slack convo, and completely agree with you guys as a whole.

  • Lacey Bergevin

    or maybe the casting call should have just asked for women with dark nipples?

  • Jamie

    Not enough emphasis has been placed on his racist casting call. It’s probably hard for a mostly white audience to understand why “multiracial” is problematic. It’s just a way of saying “not too black.” West and his ilk have a history of misogynoir, colorism, and sexism, and I’ve never understood why the fashion industry has even so much as tolerated him because even paying his the slightest bot of attention encourages his terrible behavior. But then I suppose fashion as a whole has been sexist and racist for a long time with hardly anyone in the industry giving any push back (Valentino’s cornrows, for example.) West’s treatment of women has never been good, and his blatant disregard for the well-being of his “employees” (were they even paid?) just goes to show how far he’ll go when for his “art” or, as I like to call it, “making money.”

    As far as his clothes go, uh… blah? He tries to be Vetements, but it doesn’t work because, guess what, Vetements does it better. I honestly don’t believe that he has the ability to evolve his brand since there’s no considerable difference between previous seasons.

    Last year West said, “When you’re the absolute best, you get hated on the most.” What he’s really showing us is how huge his ego really is. In his head to get “hated on” must mean that people are jealous of you because you’re just so great. It couldn’t possibly mean that people have actual real problems with you, your work, or the way you treat people. Anyone who thinks that he’s a genius can’t be taken seriously. Remember when he said that Tyga was “smart” for snatching up Kylie while she was still young? He is literally disgusting.

    I know that the fashion industry loves a spectacle so it’s difficult to believe that West will go away any time soon, but the industry needs to grow up and stop supporting problematic people like him, Terry Richardson, and others. Hold people accountable. Sure, people were happy when Galliano was fired for his anti-semitic rant but had no problem supporting him after he “atoned” for his behavior after being backed by Anna Wintour (she’s a whole other problem) and working for de la Renta and Margiela.

    We are all too quick to forgive men for their horrible behavior.

    • maria

      YASSSS to all your comment!

    • BK

      Great comment GREAT comment. That’s basically the same conclusion I came to with the “biracial” casting call – why would he not just say “people of color” and accept a broader demographic of models? Why are we even talking about this? It should just be a natural thing to happen. I like Kanye’s music but don’t understand for the life of me why we all carry on indulging his absurd self-appointed demigod status. Being good at something doesn’t give you a free pass for moral accountability and whatnot.

    • Lia Cromwell

      oooooh you nailed it.

    • meh


    • Jenna

      Excellent observations and comments.

    • Eve

      “Remember when he said that Tyga was “smart” for snatching up Kylie while she was still young? He is literally disgusting”

      Wow he really said that?? Hmm maybe someone should do a “who said it? Kanye vs Trump”

    • ajo


    • Sam


      I seriously thought he broke out all the weird SPANX pieces from his last show and sent the models out with those on.

    • Olivia AP

      AGREE! And I’m tired of hearing he is a genius.

  • The thing that upsets me most is the idea that he wants everyone to be his minions, robot—zombies and is literally trying to sell the idea that we are simply a bunch of bodies. I actually find this very psychology dangerous to the general public. So glad @Manrepeller is keeping it real.

    • kay

      omg i totally got the “bunch of bodies” thing from it too!! from all his collections, since they are all basically the same. the first collection i thought he was suggesting some equality/humanity through this, like the nakedness suggested we are all vulnerable, all human, more alike than different, but after his sleeping wax art thing, now i feel like maybe what he really meant by nakedness was sort of a nihilist we are all reducible to bodies, and anything other than our bodies is artifice, which is horrible- it denies reality to the soul, to morality, to community, etc. these are very different statements and i can see evidence for both, but no further context for presenting both so…why both? it’s not clear. maybe it’s because he’s working with beecroft (who i believe could be a nihilist) and they aren’t getting on the same page? or maybe its the influence of the kardashians and their worship of the body, and his ideas are getting filtered thru that? maybe the lack of clarity is the point, because we will keep asking wtf, which he knows will keep his brand relevant, and to him brand is worth a garbled possibly horrible message. i don’t know which it is, they all seem plausible. but the model fainting thing literally just happened at rosie assoulins show this time last year, so he should have known better right? and then because i know he loves a spectacle i had the dark thought that did he copy that model-torture aspect on purpose for the hype? or to further emphasize the vulnerability of their bodies? with that question i’ve lost my faith in kanye the artist. beecroft/kanye/kardashian whoever, doing harm is still doing harm even if you are a genius.

      • Cam

        It’s not the influence of the Kardashians – you have it backwards. It’s his influence on them that has been so jarring. Kim is just another one of his anonymous models.

  • Marcela

    I think that the problem is that we still giving him to much attention, he could be a genius, but doesn’t really do statements when it comes to his clothing line. He feels like God because people make him feel like it. But, let’s face it, the K gang is like a drug and we are like drug addicts, is only momentary excitement and it’s harmful but we keep taking it.There is so much more when it comes to fashion and lifestyle than them.I really believe we should stop paying attention to everything involve with it. Maybe they will slowly dissappear, like in ten years haha they don’t need people anyway, they have so much more love for themselves than all the love and attention than the fans can give them.
    P.S. Love Man Repeller ? fan #1 in here!!!

  • Cora

    Sorry for my english I am french:
    For me, all of this, is a lot of discussion for nothing…Mr West is better in music than in “design” and everybody know that.
    From his fist “collection”to this one, nothing changed. Same “clothes” who nobody will buy or even wear, same color (I am sick of this nude) and same buzz around it.
    The people who work in fashion industry are not FAN of Kanye, they don’t have to wait for him during hour, they are here because of their job and not for fun, so a minimum of respect will be good thing.
    I am not going to talk about the hard conditions of all the statics models and the other, otherwise is going to take me hours…The unique thing I have to say about it, is that Mr West was not with them, standing, during hours under the sun without water and he was not trying to walk on the runway with this horrible heels.
    Bref, I have seen a lot of things in this performance, but no one was fashion.

  • Gregory Apparel

    Great forum ladies. I pretty much feel all of those things.

  • CDC

    I want to comment on the clothes, or lack thereof. For someone who has repeatedly spoken of his love for fashion, of being a student of the industry, and his drive to “make it” despite doors being closed, his final product is not particularly innovative. A spectacle should be backed by something, so people remember you for more than just theatrics. “Making it” translates to sales, and while the Pablo merchandise has done extremely well, how many people are in the market for nude tank dresses like those American Apparel has been making since its inception? The second worst part of the show, after the awful treatment of everyone involved (guests and models alike), was presenting the same product season after season and expecting us to believe there is a difference.

    P.S.: Please look at Christine Centenera’s Instagram post of the models with the plastic over-the-knee boots unzipped; it is haunting.

  • Mellissa Coulter

    I might be the only one who feels this way but my ‘horror’ isn’t at Kayne and a society we feed into… It’s the rhetoric around the event and those who attended. I hear people moaning about being on a bus with no goodies bags or merch – the audacity of him! But what I find more concerning is the amount of people who appeared to be appalled yet stood by and did nothing.. Apologies stood by and wrote about it??! So Kanyes team put together an irresponsible event, where is the common decency from the crowd??! Why should it be Kanyes team to the rescue? Why did only one person give a model water??! A little less focus on blasting it on social media and a little more real compassion would have gone a long way. Ps…. Amelia, when can we expect repeloscopes? It’s a total highlight for my gfs and I. ☺️

    • I get what you’re saying. But when a production team puts on the show, they ARE the ones responsible for the people working for them. They are the organizers, the employers, and it’s their job to take into account all the risk factors and prepare appropriately for them. And actually, it seemed like a few audience members DID help out and give models water. One person even helped a model who was about to fall over apparently. But when you’re a spectator, you probably don’t know what’s a performance and what’s real (and with Kanye, sometimes that’s even more unclear). You expect when you’re going to a professional presentation by someone who has unlimited resources that someone will come out and help these poor models. Also I think all this “blasting it on social media” actually came out of a sense of compassion for the models who had to go through that and calling out the team publicly for putting them through it.

  • padutchchick

    I love the line about Spanx. Also, the way the Spanx-like clothes fit the models’ bodies — and Kim KW’s body, in some of the photos I’ve seen — make their bodies look like old Barbie doll bodies. It’s weird. Or I’m nuts.

  • Catherine Elizabeth

    1. Every year, there’s always talk about how all models are treated. Do we protect, respect, and pay them as laborers? How do we do so if it’s not happening? There’s the one article that highlights how Marc Jacobs treats his models (hint: not awesome) that is floating around from last year (or year before? I don’t remember specifically). From Indie designers to giant fashion houses, this problem persists and we all forget about it after fashion week. I think this show just amplified the discussion/issue because we were all witness to the actual physical harm these actions have on them. Hopefully, if there’s really anything good to take away from it, we do start actively fighting to have models seen as people and not just human clothes racks.

    2. I am so over just creating the same pieces again and again in different color schemes. I think Chanel is a great example of holding onto the original roots and aesthetics, but finding new ways to update and modernize and create something new. It’s lazy and shows an overall disrespect for the process of design and innovation. There are so many indie and small and burgeoning designers who will never have such a massive platform to really show off something new and exciting and that will actually contribute.

    3. Vanessa Beecroft is just…the worst. She deserves her own conversation.

  • Kaitlin

    first, LOVE MR and appreciate your content on a daily basis. This is my first time commenting!

    Second, Leandra I would be interested to hear why you think his casting call was so absurd?

    Im sure you’ve seen this but he explains his decision briefly here in this vogue interview:

    I’m paraphrasing but he says he was actively looking for all types of black women to represent his line. In light of the fact that the fashion industry is dominated predominantly by white models and white icons, is it such an “absurd” endeavor for him? For anyone in fashion to pursue?

    Putting aside the Kardashian nonsense and inflated ego of course…

    Also, he was working with Vanessa Beecroft an Italian artist who is known for targeting race or gender or other characteristics homogenous lay for the sake of an aesthetic.

    • Kaitlin

      So in light of those two points, I’m just interested to hear your reasoning on why you think the casting call is innapropriate

      • I completely agree with you on this point. I’m also wondering why it was considered to be absurd considering the industry as a whole generally ignores black and brown models.

      • Verena von Pfetten

        Not speaking for Leandra! Just think you raise an interesting point. I think, ultimately, his casting is notable and worth commending. I think the initial outcry was around the call for “Biracial Models Only”, which was problematic in the sense that it read as models who were black but not *TOO* black. I think Kanye clarified that what they meant by that was a spectrum, but I do think the onus is still on him to take more care with his language (or his team’s language), etc.

    • earlyholo_scene

      He is looking for “all types of black women to represent his line” by dressing black models in his clothing then making them stand at attention in the blazing sun for hours while waiting on his white wife and her white sisters (also bedecked in his clothing) to grace them with their presence. Nice.

  • Claire

    Thank you for publishing this, it was amazing to read!
    Sorry if this is not a popular opinion but I really hate the guy and I have no sympathy for the Kardashians either, who were only made famous by their vulgarity, which is really not what we need more of.

    Anyway, I really laughed at the “Kanye wants to be invisible” thing because, well… you know! He should try a bit harder.

    Shame on him for treating the models like that, it’s really horrifying, and shows real disrespect for the audience too.

    Thank you TeamMR for sharing your discussion with us, as always ManRepeller is such a refreshing voice in the world of fashion! Keep up the good work

    Lots of love from Brighton, UK x

  • I honestly feel like Kanye’s Yeezy collections are just an “Emperor’s New Clothes” situation where people have proclaimed Kanye’s genius in music (not necessarily something I’ll dispute or affirm) so they just go with this idea that he must be a genius in all art. And since he’s already won the favor of people like Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld, no one wants to come out and just say that he’s just making really expensive Spanx (except you– thank you Leandra). I feel like people just pretend they like it because no one wants to admit that they just don’t get it for fear of looking like a fashion outsider. This isn’t to say that he can’t be a designer because he’s a musician, but I just feel like people take him so seriously as a designer before he’s really proved that he’s doing anything innovative and with a real purpose. There have been some other celebrities, like Victoria Beckham, who have been successful with becoming designers and churning out minimalist collections, but it even took a little while for the fashion industry to take her seriously as a designer. They started taking her seriously when they realized that she makes clothes that women (not just her close celebrity friends) want to wear. Also every collection reminds me of the Derelicte collection from Zoolander.

    • Sam

      I think he’s won their favor because we live in the age of the “influencer”. Kanye helps their bottom line because he’s so good at getting attention. He’s pretty much the king of “look at me”. Sure his designs suck, but he got people talking and paying attention.

  • Kiki

    I do now understand the Kanye/Kardashian marriage of convenience better than ever though. They’ve both mastered a sneaky trick: to turn yourself into a brand, earn money through affiliation, then circumvent all journalistic codes by masking advertising for yourself as controversial ‘news’. And guess what – people happily, stupidly buy into it. The only thing we can do about it is look away consciously and purposefully (which i believe was Leandra’s point as well).

  • Lucille

    There are various levels here right? Distinctly:

    1) Should Kanye West’s fashion warrant the attention of the fashion community?
    2) Regardless of whether it SHOULD, it DOES, so was it any good?
    3) Was the show too inconvenient (for media) or too dangerous (for the models)?
    4) Who in the monolith that is “FASHION” decides?

    My opinions:
    1) Duh. He’s relevant, and regardless of whether the attention is a product of Kanye’s personal fame or his designs, people wear his designs and they are changing the fashion landscape. This is a repeat of the discussion Fashion was having when rappers like Kanye started wearing YSL (Thanks God for Shiona T, right?)
    2) I’m going with no. I don’t think Yeezy has to be ornate to be relevant, but it does have to be well-designed. Fashion Week is just as much about the craftsmanship of the pieces as it is about aesthetics.
    3) Fashion Week is supposed to be spectacle, no? I’ve never been, and Leandra and her team are the experts on this here, but this seems to be the natural progression of what’s been happening behind closed doors in at shows for a while. We’re concerned with the models because they fell right in front of us, and not behind a curtain somewhere. The media is outraged because of the delay and the inconvenience, not because of morality.
    4) This goes back to the first point in that “Fashion”, in its new courting of the internet with its live shows and its instant shopping, is presenting the mystique of becoming more egalitarian. When consumers of fashion have expressed interest, publications & blogs still wonder if they should be so open, as if they’re lowering a bar for admission. More and more it’s feeling like it’s Anna against the People, and the People are winning.

  • Katie Elizabeth Sansom

    So appreciate this honest post, stripped of all “trying to please the public & the designers” that many of the blogs I follow these days seem to be dictated by. My fashion class at UT spent almost an entire period last year debating whether his shows should be allowed in fashion week or not and what his purpose was for hosting them and why we, the fashion community, were even calling them fashion shows. I was so far on side arguing that it was purely publicity stunt, a compromise to fashion week, and honestly laughable (but not), that I was amazed how many others from the class swung the other way. They were Kanye fans and publicity stunt admirers and felt he was a genius for manipulating us all and getting us talking about him so much. There are strong feelings for both sides, but I remain more than ever at the position that if he goes for Season 5, the fashion community should regather its dignity and standards and not be there.

  • earlyholo_scene

    I think you are giving the Kardashian/Jenner women way (WAY) too much credit if you think they have generally any thoughts about most fashion (or life) related topics. Anyone who watched KUWTK saw the very deliberate, obvious change in Kim and her wardrobe when Kayne arrived on the scene. Ditto for “supermodel” Kendall and “it girl” Kylie. These people are playing parts, like Kanye, as best they know how and faking it all the way. The difference with Kanye is that he has the faux confidence level to believe his own hype, the Kardashian/Jenner women just faking it til they make it. The awkwardness and discomfort just oozes out of them. Every time I see Kim walk out of the house in thigh-high silver mirrored boots, bike shorts and a nude cut-out turtleneck she has this look on her face like, “I dont know whats happening here, Im just doing what Kanye’s stylist/artist-in-residence told me to do.”

    • Cam

      Yep. It’s honestly kind of frightening how much of a change he’s dictated in her.

      • Jackie @ Kleiden drew

        I don’t think he’s dictated a change in her. She might be wearing biker shorts to be supporting but I think they’ve greatly influenced each other. They’re a match made…somewhere. Kanye admitted after North was born and he and Kim would do just about anything for publicity. Stating the obvious.

  • Chetna Singh

    This is why I love MR. I am so glad you talked about this and did not feel the need to feed into Kanye’s world. I cannot get over the fact that these poor (biracial – seriously?) models stood in the heat and then waited for the arrival of the pseudo royal family to begin the show. That and the fact that no one from the team helped the models who were falling from heat exhaustion! Isn’t the whole point to be cruelty free? Kanye should just express his brand of narcissism in another way..that’s all.

  • Autumn

    What would happen next season if, because of this, models refused to be a part of Kanye’s theatrics? Not that that would even actually happen, but the show wouldn’t be able to go on.
    Maybe he should just move to using mannequins…

  • The LA Lady

    Amelia got it right: “His show is not fashion. It’s press for his personal brand.” I’m hoping the industry can see the spectacle for what it is, going forward. We can’t seem to stop talking about him and that’s why he’ll still have relevance in fashion.

    • Lindsey

      I agree that his show is not about fashion but about his personal brand. He didn’t even design the tees he sold as merch outside of the event. They are Gildan brand tees with Pablo silk screened on them. If he truly cared about the fashion and was the detail perfectionist he claims to be, then why doesn’t he design his own branded tees? Feels like one very basic piece of his giant facade.

  • glamazan

    i would love nothing more than to find out the joke’s on us. that his relationship with kim and everything that has happened since they got together, has been one big performance art piece. that his fashion line is mocking the ridiculousness of the industry. that his treatment of the models and attendees is highlighting the issue of entitlement in the industry…in the world! please, dear god, let this all be one. big. joke.

    • BK

      I do wonder that from time to time. I’m fairly certain his relationship with Taylor Swift is just a big stunt to get them both more media attention. Also his giant caricature of an ego is surely just to protect what is probably crippling self-esteem issues? Surely. He’s not a figure anyone has taken seriously for a long time – we pay attention to him, but that isn’t the same thing – he could be a performance art piece. Yes. I’m certain of it now. You’ve convinced me. Let’s spread the gospel.

  • BK

    I’ve said this about the Kardashians and Kanye before, and I’ll say it again: Just ignore him and he’ll go away quicker. Kanye is a very talented musician, but is a man deluded to the point of insanity about his cultural importance and we all go along with this hypothesis without question. There’s no rule etched in stone somewhere saying you have to pay attention to Yeezy or your skin will melt off. I’d be just as likely to click on an article titled “7 shows cooler than Yeezy Season 4” than an article about it. Also the casting call is weird. How does he confirm a model is “biracial”? Parents’ birth certificates or something? It’s all a bit too Third Reich for me.

  • Dani Mackey

    I couldn’t be more uncomfortable with Vanessa Beecroft’s blatant racism.

    It’s heartbreaking to hear how the models were treated-and then not treated when they started dropping like flies. So uncool it’s unbearable.

    Dragging everyone out to Roosevelt Island was ridiculous….and to make everyone wait. I don’t think art or fashion are mutually exclusive of consideration.

    He doesn’t even sell the clothes!!! Why is there a show?!?! Show them at a gallery. Don’t put people’s well beings at risk and waste everyone’s time.

  • Emily

    I just don’t understand how he’s working with Beecroft. I read the article linked on her and literally took a DNA test because she felt at home with black people? And then went on to say that she wants to deny the results (she’s not black, shocker). That’s one of the most racist things I’ve ever read! Those poor models were literally passing out. How can you have such a poorly planned show…

    • Greer Clarke

      Yeah it’s like well maaaaybe, just maybe, it’s possible to enjoy and connect with people regardless of skin colour? And it doesn’t mean your great-grandmother lied about her baby daddy? It belies an incredibly closed-minded, old-fashioned and racist mindset.

  • Isabel Bela Malcolmson

    Leandra!! You got it with the “it’s kanyes worlds and we’re all living in it” comment. While we’re all here socratizing about Kanye and what Kanye does, we’re giving him the power to continue to ride his high horse and keep up whatever God complex he’s got going. Kanye isn’t special. It’s our interpretations of his actions and behavior that create this character of Kanye that Kanye makes his millions off of. Regarding his show, I’m insanely curious to know about the models contracts when signing up. The things that happened with the models was tragically uncool. I’m looking forward to hearing some of the models responses. Has anyone seen any yet?

  • alexandra

    I agree with Leandra on the public having the responsibility to make and set their own rules. Kanye & the Kardashians evoke so much emotion, but why? Why do we cling on to everything they do?

  • Bernie

    Kanye’s treatment of these models, along with his treatment of Kim as a walking mannequin (which she joyously goes along with, disturbing in its own right) does not sit well with me. What role do women play in Kanye-World? Does he see us as individuals with valid thoughts, emotions, and things to say?

  • Dani M.

    ALSO wasn’t Beecroft selling a story earlier this summer that she was fired from Kanye’s team because Kim didn’t want her around anymore??

  • Emmanuelle

    I agree with the conversation above and the comments.

    I would just add it’ll be interesting interviewing some of the girls who participated to the show. To know WHY they decided to put themselves through this. It is not his first show and former participants already complained about how badly they were treated during them. I am just curious about WHO the heck answer to a ‘bi-racial’ or multiracial casting.
    I totally agree public should be cognizant but so are the models that decided to stand for hours like bunch of bodies. I would go home even for Kanye’s genius if I were to be disrepected in that way.

  • Tiffany W

    This seems to reinforce questions I had last year about whether or not fashion week is even relevant anymore? In a creative age where design is more than just for design’s sake but of a larger discussion celebrating either the ingenuity of the individual or THE cause (insert one’s ethos / cause here), how does the limited perspective of fashions elite reflect or embody the full creative circle that is our beautiful world? it makes me laugh just thinking about this latest stunt which no doubt has only highlighted the disconnect even further with the preferential treatment of those of affluence. thank goodness for the Internet and the grass roots movement of design /creative culture. ??

  • Kate

    I think the only interesting thing about Kanye’s shows are his casting. You have a mixture of body types and colours which are rarely celebrated on the runway. I think his casting call was grossly daft but I also think Kanye is daft. He thinks he’s a genius but he only does things halfway. This show is a perfect example of that. I can’t see many editors turning up to the next show. I think that the social media coverage and us talking about it is wonderful because we’re deconstructing this weird mythical status that Kanye has by discussing how flawed his brand and shows are.

  • Dondalyn Breaux

    “Bottom line, I think, is that we have a moral responsibility, as the
    public, to make and set our own rules. To determine whether something
    will be valued or not and to live the principles we espouse. We have so
    much power in the grand scheme of our world. Don’t you think? Media
    engines are commanded by the trends of humans. Those humans have to be cognizant of how they’re spending their time.” That is right on the money. This is always a topic in my pr/adv courses.

  • Esty Turner

    One of my favorite pieces on MR. Ever.

  • ModernGrace

    I ignored all the social media posts about this show yesterday. Kanye and the Kardashian’s repulse me.

  • Stephanie

    Totally agree with all of your post here! The way he treat his model, OH MY GOD! Seriously?! I’m totally shocked :”(

  • Amelia dropping BARS. Also, I really love us, us being #TeamMR. 🙂

    • Leandra Medine


    • Amelia Diamond


  • heymadame

    I really don’t think he’s a genius. I think he is a megalomaniac and people are just inflating his already enormous ego. He was disrespectful to everyone, especially with models.
    He’ll perpetrate these behaviors until people credit him. I think he already reached the line,what will happen when he crosses it ? Besides, who the hell gave him money ? didn’t he declare bankruptcy out of debt ?
    he’s a toxic person !

  • Monika

    Woow co za buty.

  • savannah

    This whole show has made me insane. His blatant disrespect for other artists by taking up HOURS of the editors’ day is ridiculous. The MFA students from Parsons had their show during the Yeezy show – this took away so much from them. What if that was going to be someone’s big break? He and his circus stole their moment and that breaks my heart. Especially since his show ended up being an experiment in human rights rather than a fashion show. Despicable.

  • Miss Harvey

    Vanessa Beecroft’s vision is being passed off as Kanye’s genius. She’s behind the ‘installation’ of human models in triangular formation suffering for no good reason or no wothy purpose. Pain + suffering related to identity and eating disorders are some of the primary themes in her work.

    Kanye’s favorite way of creating, no matter what the medium, is taking the ideas of others and remixing them to create his own voice which means that most of the time when you scratch the surface there isn’t that much depth or substance behind what he does – just the appearance of depth and substance – which I feel is what he’s really good at.

    Yeezy color palette is lifted from Helmut Lang and his silouettes and font of choice are lifted from Vetements. Just like the samples in his music that characterize the Kanye sound.

    In music he and his team have mastered this ability to create a coherent collage of references, more so in past work than current. He also works in all his projects with a huge team of people who together invent Yeezy and even that public persona that is Kanye West.

    There’s nothing wrong with any of it except he demands to perceived as a solely responsible genius for doing largely overwhelmingly derivative group projects.

    The bar for genius has shifted considerably and many people who are in awe of West are as unaware as he needs them to be of his many references so they have no clue how derivative his work really is, especially his wife. He takes the work of others and remixes his favorite parts and asserts that all the credit belongs to him. That is the delusional part.

    I hope he keeps working in earnest to find something fresh to say in his Yeezy Collections one day. He’s in it for the perception more than he is for the integrity of the work. I’m not sure he is even aware of this because he has no one around him who isn’t feeding into and feeding off his talent and cultural power.

    I wish he’d put his energy into more significant and better use than to aggrandize himself but he’s far from alone in that pursuit. The Kardashians and a few Jenners. Donald Trump. There are many just like them whose most important goal is celebrating their inflated version of themselves and getting as many people as possible to buy in.

    I have no problem with their hustle, to each his or her own but I can’t be blind to the reality before me.

    Some people are enthralled, inspired and entertained by Kanye’s body of work and all that he has achieved is a tremendous achievement that I applaud him for. Going for your dreams is not easy.

    I am rooting for him to keep growing and maturing. I would love to see his tremendous energy behind a cause that benefited as many people as he says it is his goal to benefit. So far his words and actions don’t sync up but as a work of art in progress like any other life he still has time. May he use it wisely!

  • Car

    I don’t have any knowledge about the ~~fashion world~~ or Yeezy, but what I find most absurd about this is that it was hosted at a presidential memorial. Four Freedoms Park is EXTREMELY prohibitive about what their regular visitors can and can’t do at the park (can’t: eat, use their bikes, walk their dog, etc.) so I can’t believe that this was even allowed there and I find it really disrespectful for a memorial site. Not to mention the fact that the public park was presumably closed to visitors/residents all day (or longer) to accommodate this nonsense.

  • Samar Nasraldin

    I agree with Amelia, its just the Kanye west brand! Clothes are boring, I really have mixed feelings about the show! But he got the attention! Everyone is talking about him and the show.. If it was like a staged marina style performance I would’ve love it and ppl too. But this is just too flat, very instagrammy/ one dimensional! Meh. No yeezy for me!

  • Kanye’s motive is confusing to me.
    I truly think he wants to be a part of an industry he feels so banished from. However, then again I think he secretly loves that everyone hates on his “shows.”

    It’s confusing because what person will walk into Central Saint Martins and try to take an MA fashion course when he damn well knows he doesn’t need to do that? My mind is constantly like this “????????”

    Everything about Yeezy stresses me out.

  • Miranda

    REAL TALK? Kanye needs to stick to music and promoting sneakers. There is no depth or value to his design. This collection, if I may invoke Shakespeare, is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. At least Mugatu made us laugh. Kanye-as-a-fashion-designer is just plain laughable and this whole fiasco is an affront to fashion as a whole. I know that’s hyperbolic but it’s also kinda true. Also, KIM: STOP PRETENDING TO BE HIGH FASHION. Style comes from within; is thoughtful, personal, a fake one can’t be purchased. I’m not saying personal style can’t evolve, but her outfits look like costumes. Her real style is Bebe dresses and a multicolore Louis Vuitton speedy. You know I’m right.

  • Maryam Ele

    Here’s the thing. I agree with Leslie, Kanye is a bit of a genius. His clothes this season aren’t that bad. He’s slowly developing from his Season 1/2/3 designs. Imagine how we’d all feel if Kanye just completely changed his design tributes every season. If you look at the pieces themselves – and not what the Vanessa Beecroft models were wearing (because literally, Spanx) – they’re actually OK.

    As for the clothes not being shoppable, that’s not entirely true. The dresses and a lot of the outerwear were incredibly shoppable. Albeit, it’s funny how we only have an issue when Kanye makes clothes that are purely for entertainment purposes. I would say about 50% of all of fashion month isn’t shoppable at all and is only there for social media and entertainment value. It’s no secret that most fashion houses see their entire profit margin being endorsed by their cosmetics and accessories department. Do we really care that we can’t wear Kanye’s clothes? Do we even WANT to wear Kanye’s clothes?

    However, the fainting models? That’s a massive fucking issue. It made my blood boil. Kanye’s own sister-in-law is a supermodel and to turn a blind eye in these circumstances goes beyond hypocrisy. It’s just plain cruelty. So yes, I agree, if we REALLY have to write about Season 4, let’s write about the lack of human decency that was injected into the whole process. Because the clothes weren’t all bad, but if those models were being treated in such a fashion IN the name of fashion, then Kanye needs to stop making clothes.

  • Sara

    Now what would everyone be saying if the show didn’t include Vanessa’s art? The bulk of articles written including this chat would have to find something else to say. Still unstable shoes.
    But also regardless of the casting call wording this may be the most color seen on the runway, no? That doesn’t seem to be a concern here. MR has one black intern right now maybe? How does she feel in very curious

  • Celina Buss

    I really like how you aggregated strong comments into a part of the end of this. I know you have thoughtful commenters, but your endorsement actually got those words in front of me as a part of your narrative. Smart.

  • Sophie Deans

    Wow, what a discussion. A few days late to the party, but there are still things to be said. Kanye and the Kardashians, for the most part, have an easily influenced and relatively uninformed fan base. Displaying that type of behavior (or lack of) is so dangerous and sets such a terrible precedent. I try to imagine what he thought (if he thought!) when the first model fell to the ground, is his ego so big and he is so disillusioned by what the thinks the fashion industry is and respects, that that he felt embarrassed to give them water? The messages he sent (perhaps unintentionally) are horrific.

    It irks me that in the beginning he talked about creating a fashion brand for everyone, as if it was going to be attainable and in-exclusive. It really seems the complete opposite. He is only feeding into the stereotyped narrative, it oozes judgement, exclusivity, criticism and is so full of ego.

    Totally agree about him reducing his models to bodies, great comment. It was a disappointing display in so many ways and as far as the clothing goes, it was nothing new and felt uninspired. It is a hard one for platforms like MR to speak about something like this, you don’t want to feed into the press cycle but here’s hoping at least one person who thought the show was ‘cool’ sees this maybe they will think differently. Thanks MR!

    PS, amen to the spanks call!

  • cyndy

    I guess my issue more than Kayne, the show coordinators, the kardashians is the models who are now being referred to as “poor models”. Sort of like they are handicapped members of the society. Just like in real life, if the conditions are not good enough, you do something about it except the experience is actually what you signed up for. I do not for the life of me understand why the models will sit there in that sweltering heat for hours if they have not previously agreed to do that either as art or for money.

  • Sindiso Tshuma

    Maybe Kanye has too much going on in life and doesn’t have the energy or time to go in 100% on his fashion endeavours. I’m choosing to go with this as a possible explanation to why the clothes and show were so messy. Not that it makes for a valid excuse, but hey, at least it would be an explanation none the less. But if he really lacks the time and energy for it, why does he still do it? Spanx or Vetement knock offs, we are to take our pick on how we describe the clothes shown. I’d also love to think that somewhere in Kanye lies a bonafide designer. I do believe he is capable, but I also believe he often tries too hard to make a statement that he misses the mark. I hope there will be a “next time” for him. And I hope the next time will redeem him from this terrible faux pas.