How to Get a Head Start on Next Season Before You Accidentally Buy Into the ’90s Again

I’m sorry to have to proclaim the ’90s dead. I don’t actually have that kind of power — time did it for me. It’s been a steady sizzle since the first pair of ripped jeans made its way back into the zeitgeist five years ago but, finally and definitively, it seems like we’re through. No more flannels. No more concert tees. No more shirts wrapped around your waist (unless, of course, you’re doing it the J.Crew way and over a pencil skirt). But forget that pencil skirt, too, because if spring wants you to know anything, it is that clothes that could be deemed as constricting are dead and tunics are not. One might even go so far as to deem Barbra Streisand’s character in Meet the Fockers icon of the season.

So here you have it: all the things you should consider buying for next season and consequently, too, what you should stop buying before you accidentally realize that your closet is full of trends in which you no longer want to participate.

Leave Your Neck Alone, It’s All About The Earlobe. Apologies for that, but really! I mean it!

Forget your turtlenecks, too. When I say leave your neck alone, I mean: let it breathe, too.

While We’re Still Above the Torso, How Are Your Shoulders? Kind of cold? Buy a heater, because they’re staying out tonight!

Sick of Tight Pants? Put a Dress On it. Seriously. You don’t need to throw out your pants or anything, that would be irrational, but have you considered wearing, say, a shin-length shirt dress over them? Can I recommend that you do?

As a Matter of Fact, Forget Separates Altogether. Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, there were skirts and there were tops and certainly plenty of exposed belly buttons, but if you’re thinking what I’m thinking (ice cream or bust), you might want to forget the separates all together and lean into the riveting tunic/caftan as workwear trend.

Fine, That Was Harsh. Bottoms Live On. But your thighs are concealed, nothing is short — shorts are actually pants and skirts fall below the knee.

While We’re Looking at Skirts, Hemlines Are All Over the Place. Have yours mirror the stock market, too!

Is Lacing Sandals Up Your Leg Getting Annoying? Same. The good news, though, is you can forget them for now. The short heel, skinny-band-around-foot slide will take you through next Spring — no question.

Come to Think of It, All Shoes Are Still Pretty Flat. But boots are annoying, so think about loafers.

How About Your Pockets? Are They Sick of Holding Your Keys? Cool, that’s good because the handbag is back. And it’s big.

Too much to digest? Consider the following outfit proposition: long-sleeve, ankle-length dress, rendered in a brightly colored, lightweight fabric, paired with patent leather loafers and a basket to store your big-ass earrings. So long denim cut-offs. See you when I see you.

Photographed by Christian Vierig via Getty Images.


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  • great tips Leandra!


  • Andrea Raymer

    You guys! Those girls in the photo are my roommate and one of my really good friends.

    • Leandra Medine


      • Andrea Raymer

        They are definitely freaking out! They couldn’t believe they found that photo to begin with and now its everywhere!

      • Farah Alimi

        You guys are so lovely! Thanks so much for the feature!! Xoxoxo


      • Ansley Marie Dawson

        Hi & thank you for the lovely feature!

        x Ansley

    • prairie_dogs

      They look so cooooool!

  • Svenja

    Everytime I think I can’t pull something off or it would feel like I’m dressing up as a grown-up in it (does anyone else feel like this??) you guys make it look playful and wearable. Now you’ve done it with shirt dresses, loafers and below-the-knee-skirts, those are fantastic looks!

  • Cinamaron

    I am ready for this! cool tunics 4eva

    • Cinamaron

      I am wearing one right now in fact, so comfy

  • We needed this. I am so over pants unless they can fit three of me in them, a la Delpozo’s latest. The hardest thing in the daily life of my wardrobe is that I work in a laboratory and am required to wear pants and shoes that cover my whole legs and feet. And nothing frivolous like voluminous clothes or jewelry. I JUST WANT TO BE FREEEEE

    • Mallory Harmon

      Amen to Delpozo’s pants! I’ve been dreaming about them!

  • This post series is the tough love I come here for. I’m always about a month or two behind you guys in terms of trends, i.e. still clinging to my turtlenecks as they cling to my throat. I did just remove one from my cart though, so progress.

  • AAA

    Can we kill the Stan Smith’s with your favorite nastygal maxi tho? or cropped to the ankle jumper? no, it doesn’t look good. at least show some calf.

  • Tiffany W

    there needs to be an article covering where to get caftans for those of us with champagne taste and the boxed wine budget. pleeeeeeeease 🙂

    • Hennalounge

      Make one!

    • you can try Kohl’s. LOL I’m sorry I’ve always wanted to say that but seriously. If you do shop at Kohl’s they have caftans for under $20.

    • Vintage or second hand shops

  • Violet

    That’s a lot indeed, my mind hurts, but thank you, loving these looks. but I am not ready to let my go-to Levi’s-and-tee outfit go, can we still be friends even if I look dated?

  • Amanda M

    I would love you guys forever if you could find me some cheaper earrings like the ones featured here 🙂

    • libs

      I just got a lovely completely over the top pair with colourful tassels from asos – they’ve got a few different ones at the moment AND they’re on sale.

  • Taste of France

    Huh? Excuse me, but I was Witness to the ’90s and they were awesome. Pencil skirts, slip dresses, chunky heels, mules (aka slides), dresses over pants (knee-length only and this might have been a Europe-only trend). If I could have stopped time, it would have been in 1996.

    • Michelle Elise Jackson

      Exactly what I was thinking! I love different fashion and styles in every form of the way but to say the 90s grunge was bad as silly. Seeing that I do like some of the designs above, I do have to say that I don’t like most of them LOL. I like the concept but not the actual styles that picked some of them look like things that, for those of us who were alive then, were made fun of back in the day because only Grandma’s would wear them. And I don’t mean that disrespectful in any way shape or form LOL it’s just a fact. I actually love the 90s grunge! As a matter of fact, I wore my ripped jeans yesterday that I got from Hollister! haha oh the irony❤

  • Mallory Harmon

    I am so happy that the flannels, concert tees, and shirts wrapped around waists are done! Hallelujah! Looking forward to the loafers and caftan combo, and I love a great earring!

  • Lakirk

    But don’t you think trends, in a way, hinder personal style?

  • Paula

    Love this! It comes quite handy before I do my Fall shopping! Now, whats should I do with all my tuetlenecks, denim cutoffs, culottes and boots?!

  • Harling Ross

    That asymmetrical Sandy Liang skirt is targeting my heart very aggressively.

  • Selena Delgado

    sweet jesus..that denim Johanna Ortiz shirt is amazing.

  • Andreina Gomez

    This post is everything i needed for my outfit planning for upcoming Euro Trip! Thanks!!

  • Leah

    Guysss I’m always gonna be wearing my band tees. That ain’t a trend to me.

  • Mun

    Such an awesome overview.

  • Naomi

    ??? give me actual outfits featuring these ugly pieces

  • Katrine Loris

    That awkward moment when I wore a band tee and flannel to a Chicago block party on Saturday night, only to see this the next morning.

  • birdghosts

    i’m disappointed about the skirts. this length is absolutely terrible for my figure and makes me look even shorter than i already am.

  • Jennifer

    Nope. 90s grunge 4eva!