Check Your Drool: the Outfits Outside Rosie Assoulin

I could have sat curbside and watched all day


The street style outside the Rosie Assoulin Spring ’17 presentation was some of the best I’ve seen all week. When I rushed into what I thought were the double doors of the show yesterday, I was nearly knocked over by another girl coming out.

“It’s next door!” she shouted cheerfully as she breezed past me in a bright red dress.

“Oh! Rosie? How did you know?” I asked the back of her cute head.

“Because you’re here and you’re wearing those pants!”

I felt a little drop of gratitude as I’d worn a gifted pair of NSCO pants because I hoped that they resembled something from Rosie, whose clothing I want to live in but own none of. And I wasn’t the only one attempting to channel the volume that Rosie is so good at celebrating. Everyone put such a fun foot forward that I could have sat curbside and watched all day in an attempt to soak in the happiness her sense of shape and color exudes.

Thank goodness Krista was there to capture it; click through the slideshow above to see for yourself.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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  • Krista Anna Lewis

    It’s weird if I buy those pants now, right?

    • Haley Nahman

      Haven’t you heard? Twinning is in!

  • Hilary

    YESSS. Love every single outfit.

  • Aydan

    Krista spot on job as usual!!!!!!!! And want everyone’s clothes!!!

  • Harling Ross

    Take me to this planet

  • Jessicaaaa


  • Amazing boots

  • Mallory Harmon

    Every outfit is amazing! I am currently obsessing over the velvet boots!

  • Natty

    OMGGGGG drooling all over my desk. Also I love how Shiona is smiling/laughing in every single photo I’ve seen of her this fashion week. She always seems to be having a blast

  • Chetna Singh

    Slide 28 .. In love with that skirt. Also the expression of the onlooker in slide 26 is priceless!

  • BK

    Love pregnant Eva Chen

  • chouette

    Do need furry slippers ugh

  • doublecurl

    yo can someone identify that gorgeous garment in #5 pretty please?

  • Miju

    wow I am vibing with #7. girl, are you forreal? <3__<3

  • But how do you pronounce Rosie’s last name?!

  • Mun