Nine Kindergartners on Their 1st Month of School

Plus a First Grader and Two Pre-K Students, too


Now that I am old enough to have a hip that bothers me and curmudgeon-y things to say about people who loiter outside of 7-11, I look upon those too young to care about germs with tender admiration. They see the world from a knee-down perspective and yet they are always looking up. They have hopes and dreams and ambitions. They have stone-set opinions. They are far more definitive about what they want to eat for lunch than we will ever be, and their spongey brains are constantly learning about the world around them, which is exhausting. No wonder they always need naps. Except they never nap! They run around like wild turkeys, backpacks the size of their entire bodies catching wind like those parachutes that athletes in Nike and Gatorade commercials use to create resistance. Not to mention they harbor a surplus of creativity and imagination. Sigh.

As such — and because it’s the end of BACK TO SCHOOL MONTH, hello, hi! — I asked a bunch of kindergartners, a first grader and a few pre-K kids (with the instrumental help of their parents, friends and family) about their first month of school.

Click through, have a Goldfish cracker and enjoy!


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  • ”Eat a lot of candy and close all the gun stores.” What a perfect answer!

    • Mackenzie

      Nailed it.

  • Andrea Raymer

    I, too want to be a lay person when I grow up.

  • Elizabeth Tamkin

    Theo and I are both fans of “Endives. With yogurt dipping sauce.”

    • Verena von Pfetten

      I lol-ed so hard at that part.

  • Haley Nahman

    I died 12 times today

  • Olivia AP

    Hahahaha “Organic chicken sandwich” kids these days…

  • Jolie

    I love kids so much, they’re so unpredictable and deranged. This makes me wonder what kind of random stuff I was saying when I was a kindergartner. Also, I teared up a little at the girl who said she’d look at the stars outside her window if she was president. Like…that’s so sad and weirdly beautiful???? I’m emotional!

  • Hannah

    All I want right now is a taco with bacon and salad.

  • Bailey Stark

    THEE most adorable thing I’ve read all week

  • Jt

    This is just so cute. Great read!

  • This is brilliant! I literally died…hilarious, amazing, beautiful, fun!

  • Mallory Harmon

    This made my day!!! The kids are so cute, and their answers are priceless!

  • ESW

    Okay, yeah they say cute and creative things, but WHY is no one talking about their clothes? Their outfits are all ON POINT(e)!