Because It’s Fall and All, Should I Buy This?

Leandra and Amelia are at it again, avoiding emails to shop for banana earrings


On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 6:53 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:


On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 7:01 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

Oh, I put that heel in my inspo folder for drop 3 of my shoe collab, so I am with you. Although I’m envisioning a turtle or a wildebeest under the heel of the MR shoe.

If we’re going to go HAM on footwear, I have a gift card to Matches, should I get these?

I feel they will look cool with charcoal grey wool socks and a mid-length skirt. Example here.

Am also on a tea dress bender, this one is my flavor of the week.

Meanwhile, you should get this top.

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 11:24 AM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

Did you know that there is a whole category of music called “Drops”? It’s a sub-genre based around songs where the beat drops. I learned this on a bachelorette party. Maybe your shoes are part of that phenomenon!

Yes to those ruffled wild men. It will be like having the Victorian era right on your feet. Also that Brock skirt…Brock is so good. If I had to make an inspiration board for my life right now, so much of it would be Brock. Would you do a tea dress with high boots or would that make you feel too much like a teacher named Shannon? (Like when it gets cold, instead of stupid tights.)

I like that top. I’m gonna get this Tory one for sure with the little baby neck ruffle.

I’m also very serious about these mule heel situations. Looking forward to the thwacking noise they will make that will annoy everyone except me.

And…Leandra…I think…….

…..I want….

……a beret.

(??? Blame Gucci or Blair Waldorf ???)

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 12:21 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

I’m sorry — did you just refer to a shoe as a “mule situation” …? So wrong because #1, why are you feeding stereotypes about the terrible ways in which people who work in fashion speak and #2, mule situation can easily be mistaken for “I am a drug trafficker.”

I got those Mansur shoes, too! They’re so awesome. I’m going to Regina George the F out of you though and suggest that you NOT get them a la gold hoops.

Speaking of gold hoops! These.

And also…ghfdhdsgfgshjvbbabgw to how much I like these, but WTF with their price?

To answer a former question, I’m actually crazy about pairing slip dresses with knee-high boots right now, just have to find the right knee highs. I like these from Isabel Marant, but I think the boots need to not have a heel. Closest I’ve come so far given that data point is these from Tibi.

They’re named after you!

Meanwhile, here’s another dress I feel I cannot live without.

To be worn with this blazer.

And the aforementioned drug mules + ankle socks?


On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 2:03 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

“Mule situation” is was more ska than it is fashion speak. The String Cheese Incident, The Mule Situation, hello!

I’m getting those loafers out of spite then. But I am sorry those Sanayi ones cost more than backless toe removal surgery. Good news is you can keep the toe if you do a mule?

“Do a mule.”

Whoa Isabel! ! ! ! Those boots! That blazer! I love them both. A lot. Almost as much as Tibi naming boots after me. And you sound like that guy from Curb Your Enthusiasm who says “heaven” a lot and Larry David’s like “Everything is heaven with that guy.”

Chrissy Ford at Bazaar wore this cardigan matched to a twinset dress during fashion week (it’s gonna be in her NY Closet for MR) and now IIII want that cardigan plus matching twinset dress. I am also into this J.Crew twinset but can’t tell if I’ll hate the color IRL. Also, I know what you’re going to say about me being literal with twinsets and I am literal about this. I mean it, dammit. I’ll match my shell to my sweater if it’s the last thing that I do.

Speaking of shells.

Speaking of nothing, I am ready for all tops to stop having choker components.

Speaking of Nasty Gal (hehe) I love this tiger skirt to wear with my tortoise shell shoes.

I’d wear them with these but…bunions ūüôĀ

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 2:13 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

Twinsets are the next frontier! Also, though, we’re going to want to wear leggings under everything really soon (I don’t mean that as a means to obtain warmth, I mean because¬†C√©line said so and Phoebe’s almost never wrong). How do you feel about that?

The easiest way for me to metabolize right now is by thinking about wearing leather pants aka leather leggings under mid-length dresses and skirts.

Have you also been bit by the velvet bug, BTW?

This skirt is neat.

So is this one.

And I think I’m ready to Take Back the Plaid Mini Skirt from Blair Waldorf.

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 2:52 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

I do NOT know how I feel about leggings under clothes thing. Are you sure we will want to? I can do pants and leggings as pants in the context of athleisure (I might get these Ivy Park ones, randomly — but under stuff…idk, PHOEBE.

The velvet bug got me hard. Velvet always makes me think of Dries. This line called “Baby Slice” slid into my DMs and the designer makes jackets out of tapestry, and this one looks like velvet, and it’s just so cool and pretty.

That pink skirt is gr8. Ditto that plaid one. Here’s a B.W. headband to go with it. That flower one took me a minute because of the yellow shirt and sneakers the model is wearing but I can actually kind of see it…

Back to velvet…I might actually do these pink velvet slingbacks. Under 80 bucks!

Are you looking @ coats yet or no?

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 3:48 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

When you say you might “do” them, do you mean you’re going to have sex with them?

Meanwhile, in shoes I am severely interested in obtaining, is there a version of reality where I shouldn’t try to justify these?

And hey! What are you thinking for sunglasses for fall? I like these, they will make me feel like an elegant Italian elderly woman.

What is Baby Slice? That jacket is blowing my mind! Reminds me of the Alix of Bohemia pieces!

Meanwhile, my other fall lewk includes a cotton pajama set, see this top and pants.

An extravagant coat, see here.

And these shoes. Point blank.

I just fell into a Trademark vortex. Do also sign me up for:

And three.

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 5:02 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

Yea, Leandra. I’m going to have sex with those velvet slingbacks.

This is how rumors start!

I love that cotton PJ set. You’ll look like a kid after a bath. I am so into that coat — THIS IS THE YEAR I REALLY INVEST IN A COAT (but not yet) — and cool mules, Manolo. If that is your real name.

Trademark! ! ! ! ! ! ! They are mind readers or something. And Baby Slice is new. It’s cool! Go stalk on Instagram. Do you think Alix of Bohemia loves the movie Rent?

If I get these under-50 jeans, does that excuse my wanting these billion dollar black-toe-tipped Proenza ankle boots?


I miss my military jacket and want something a little more “going out-y” than a Barbour: thoughts on the cropped one?

With this scarf?

And these sunglasses?

Plus this pink-and-gold jacquard camo skirt and…

NVM. Sick of asking questions. Signing off, going rogue and pulling the trigger on these Lucy Folk earrings. Which you already convinced me to buy! These Dolce banana earrings too. Bye.

(Actually, one more: Do you think I should get a pair of eyeglasses — but the frames would be non-prescription? Emily made me want a giant-ass pair but I can’t separate from my contacts.)

On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 1:52 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

That jacquard skirt from Topshop is both very Brock and very you.

Re: military jacket, would you ever wear like a proper MILITARY as opposed to utility jacket? See this riff.

Or this one (more literal).

I want to put belts through all my loops too, lately. Will start here.

Also, I want to wear this.¬†Don’t ask me why, but I’m afraid I’ll look like a Pinterest/L.A. club gurl. ¬†Maybe I just get shorts, but also….what’s the use? Summer abandoned the F out of us last week.

I want the same Proenza boots that you do, even though I generally smell an ankle boot lull on the horizon, so maybe it’s really about stock piling a knee boot rec list.
1. These
2. These
3. These

To be clear, though, slip and tea dresses/skirts only with aforementioned boots!

Finally, this is not a task that you must complete, but I would like to find the equivalent of a diamond tennis necklace (so basically just diamonds all the way around my neck) for like $3. Any recs?

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