Office Apropos: Summer 2016, Intern Edition

This past June, our team grew with the introduction of six shiny new interns. They’re clever, talented, interesting and interested, and also? They come in every day looking so great sometimes we all just stop and stare. It’s super creepy. Naturally, we needed this immortalized via a round two of Summer Office Apropos, Intern Edition. (Remember round one!? Ugh, interns are the coolest.)

Click through above to see how they adorned the bodies below their splendid brains for four days last week and get as into them as we are!

Photographed by Juliette Kang.


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  • Charlotte

    “When I left the house this morning my roommate told me this shirt made me look like I had a massive case of the uniboobs, which I both took as a compliment and plan to make my email sign-off”. Brilliant haha!

  • Camila Dauhajre

    “I tried to cover it up by telling people it was Vetements and ironic, but that didn’t work so I posed like this and cried in public which the sunglasses did a good job of covering” – hilarious!

  • Camila Dauhajre

    You should sell MR stickers w/ the hat!

    • Julia Park

      I agree! The one on the phone was great!

  • Andrea Raymer

    Wait. Ana, that hat is sick. I cannot believe you came up with that. You are a genius.

  • Kelsey Moody


  • Franzi

    Thanks to Catherine I went a little crazy on Now I have a shopping bag of 500€ (????!) SHOULD I press “buy”?

  • QUINSTON!!! <3

  • Patty Carnevale


    • Ana Tellez

      You get one for being my #1 fan

      • Cor Blimey

        that’s some really advanced diy stuff right there!

  • Kayla Tanenbaum


  • rachel

    Dorita may be my new style icon

    • Alyssa

      Me too, She just looks so fab! (well all the interns do, wihh I dressed like that every day!)

  • Allie Fasanella

    oh yes. i’m partial to emma guys bc i’ve slept next to her but ya’ll are SOOO COOOL. you guys are just all bringing IT to the table.

  • Allie Fasanella


  • Halle Elizabeth

    where do I sign up to be that cool

  • Rosanna Lederhausen

    ANA–you said to give you a shoutout for the hat, but I’m sooooo interested in your crocs… how do I get a hold of a pair?!?! I mean the hat is dope too so maybe one of each would be great. You are all amazing, thanks for the inspiration!

  • as a current intern at a fashion brand, it’s reassuring to know that other interns wear just as much Zara as I do… <3

  • Y’all should start a DIYer Residency and Ana can kick it off, already setting the bar outta this world. Embroidered crocs and a soda can hat??? Whaaaat

  • Barbara Lannert

    OMG Ana’s soda can hat is the best thing I’ve seen all day- it’s genius!

  • Quinn’s necklace (the last picture) looks like a mini version of Lindsay Lohan’s necklace in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen!!!

  • Alexia Antoniadis

    Quinn , you seem legit. Keep doing ur thing gal xo from New Zealand.

  • kforkarli

    I think Dorita should be a model on here! And I love Quinn. Such fun interns! I hope we see more of them!

  • Amelia Diamond

    Ahhh you guysss

  • nicole

    the San Pellegrino crocs made my whole week…Ana, consider me your next customer!

  • Kelly

    Your interns are amazing! And this makes me wish summer was here already in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Francine Thompson

    Loving this edition of Office Apropos. Quinn’s style is to die for! And Catherine’s frayed denim/flatforms combo? Almost as good as when you check the weather and you see it’s not going to be boiling hot.

  • Ryan

    Loving this love for zara dresses!!!!

  • Julia Park

    Love, love, love Catherine’s outfit with the stripey dress and ruffled top. So interesting!