An Endless Summer Street Style Slideshow and a Playlist

Sure does sound like the ocean to me!

Goonies never say die and neither does summer.

It’s a mindset, remember?

That mindset is massaged by the excessive layering of gingham,

By wearing the same pair of sliced denim,

And putting all of your eggs in the basket above your bosom.

But don’t leave your bosom out: wear a halter top.

Listen to a podcast if you don’t mind a little brain wash.

And tell your grandma that wearing see-through dresses is considered posh.

Just whatever you do, don’t be scared.

Buy yourself a new pair of sandals —  you saved money on a t-shirt and forewent 16 Handles…

In favor of Mr. Softee ice cream, sure, but still, a penny earned.

You know what else helps extend summer? Saying yes.

Yes, you should buy that.

Yes, you should go there.

Yes, you should try a burlap dress.

Then dance in a conga line while singing “Come On, Get Happy,” like the Partridge family, and if someone asks, “Do you know any other endless summer songs?

You can say yes and mean it:

Because you’re a mermaid, are you not?

A big fish regardless of your pond.

And I’m pretty sure that underwater it is eternally summer if you really want it to be.

No parents, no rules, right? Just one great slideshow of inspiration above to send you on your merry August way.

Words by Amelia Diamond. Playlist by Krista Anna Lewis. 


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