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Endless Summer
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Do chronic planners — those magical humans who seem to have all the time in the world because they have strategically mastered the art of filling their hours with tasks that need to get done, but somehow don’t seem overwhelmed because they have factored in travel time and room for error — wish away their ability to be present by simple virtue of their gift for planning?

I didn’t mean to ask this question when I set out to record this week’s episode of Monocycle, aptly titled “Endless Summer” to feed into our August theme, but that’s what came out of what happened last weekend when I was flipping through the first round of September issues available and suddenly found myself feeling kind of…dare I say it…excited for the fall. I was sitting by a freaking pool in a bathing suit with a scarf tied around my hair like I was a regular Loulou de la Falaise even though I am not and for a moment I forgot that and was transported into the following season: crunching fallen leaves in patent leather loafers and white socks, trying every cappuccino in town while dressed in a new, ankle-length trench coat. That’s when the wheels started turning

And turning

And turning

And listen.

Meet you back here in 10?

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  • Your blog kills it every time!

  • Melissa

    Yes. This was the worst part of working in fashion for me, especially in e-commerce. Always having to think and plan and see clothes 1-2 seasons ahead of launch, you’re perpetually stuck in this excited-for-the-future-bored-with-the-present mode. I definitely think it’s harder to be present when you work in an industry that has to think so far ahead all the time. Not impossible, though…I mean, probably.

  • I don’t know if you’re aware of the sheer poetry that you casually spill with your podcasts. Love listening to your eloquent thoughts flowing through your stream of consciousness. All love!


  • Loved the audio effects on this monocycle. Really set the mood!