In An Outfit Rut? Try a Big, Burlap Dress

*Different than a sack but that would be cool, too


I wish I had something profound to say, but to be honest, I’m getting sick of wearing the same black tank top and denim cutoffs. Summer started strong for me, you know? I was wearing multi-color blouses, and hula skirts that looked a little bit like a mushroom haircut gone awry. There have been fruit prints and sarongs — both as tops and bottoms — and on two separate occasions, I really wore bathing suits as outerwear. But then it got hot, and I got busy, and didn’t have time to think about making choices, so I kept putting the same thing on every morning telling myself, tomorrow. Tomorrow, I’ll make a point.

Of course, the only point I made was that all the “basics” that women’s magazines tell us are clothes we must own truly are that — basic. And convenient to own. Like, really convenient. If you’re the kind of person who can’t be bothered to think about what to wear but want to look good, look no further than a black tank top! You have nothing to lose. But in the event that you can’t be tamed, and won’t shut up, and need your clothes to reflect just that, here’s a Humpday suggestion:

Go ham.

Leave no jewel unturned.

Wear a big burlap dress that you got because you were expecting you’d be pregnant by now, but then instead of getting mad at your body for not doing what you asked it to, thank it for taking such good care of you this long (hey! If you’re reading this, you’re alive, so that means it’s doing something right).

Thank it and wear the dress and eat something that will bloat the fuck out of you because you can.

Forget about the rules and what it means to match.

Tap into the psyche of your inner-8-year-old with jewel encrusted shoes that feature a heel that looks like your childhood teddy bear (if his name was Puffy, we have one more thing in common!) and prove to her that you’re still a kid underneath it all, but that, no thanks, you don’t want your co-worker to put on the Shakira station on Spotify.

Then load the bracelets up, the necklace on, add a pair of sunglasses rain or shine and lean into how great it feels to get dressed just for the sake of it. What other reason is there?

Rhetorical question, but feel free to answer.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis; featuring a Natasha Zinko dress.


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  • Mandy

    most delicate and lovely big burlap dress i ever did see! you look like a summertime flower-child goddess.

  • Natali

    Looking absolutely incredible!!! You wear your outfits like no other, you own the clothes if that makes sense, if it wouldn’t be for you and your wonderful personality and sense of styling, they wouldn’t look as amazing and interesting.

  • Maia

    LOVE this dress. Although picture #1 does make me wish it was a jumpsuit, even though I’m generally feeling jumpsuit fatigue lately (is that a thing, guys?).

    • Aydan

      OMG jumpsuit fatigue?! For me its just the fact that I need more so I can wear them every day!!!

    • Jumpsuit fatigue? Impossible!

      • Elizabeth Tamkin

        Unless you are a frequent bathroom user — then those are rough stuff!

    • Maia

      I know, I didn’t think it was possible either.

  • Aydan

    I’ve been doing shift dresses all summer — soooo easy and breezy without any restriction (which I HATE in summer because I sweat like you wouldn’t believe). But I have been toying with the idea of getting this length of a dress, I know I’m short, but I think it would be soo awesome to try something this breezy!! (Looking fab Leandra, obvi!)

    • Gwyn

      Shift dresses are a girl’s best friend in the heat!! Easy, breezy, beautiful

  • I am all about this. Not quite burlap, but I wore a striped linen sack dress last week and was very happy with how cool and shapeless it was.

    • onanma okeke

      yassss girlll.

  • MippysMom

    Love this dress! Loose, breezy dresses and skirts, esp. long, are a great way to be cool and comfortable in the heat without being overexposed.

  • Jessicaaaa


  • Stephanie
  • Well, I have not tried the burlap dress yet but I may give it a chance now!;-)


  • onanma okeke

    Love that dress!!!!