Leandra and Haley Text About Privilege

Haley is gray, Leandra is blue, pardon our typos, we still love you.

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On Monday, Refinery29 published a story called “The Problem With Thin Privilege,” and in it Kelsey Miller explores a segment of privilege not often discussed: thin people. The article taps into something even deeper though, which is the messy intersection of privilege and emotion and how those things metabolize among different groups of people in all different kinds of contexts. Especially on massive platforms like THE INTERNET.

We both found the article super compelling — particularly on the heels of Leandra’s story about loving her body — and started texting about it. We decided to share our conversation here (proof of clumsy thumbs very much included) to incite a discussion around the topic.

What’s your privilege? What’s your disadvantage? Is complaining a right? We really want to know what you think!


Illustration by Lily Ross.


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