The Familiar Process of Breaking Up: A Visual Guide

Many tears were shed in the making of this board game.


The first time it’s over, your stomach drops all the way out of your body. The first time it’s over, you think you might be dying. The first time it’s over, you learn the universal language of heartbreak. You suspect you’re the first person to truly feel this way until the knowing glances and second-hand crying and 3 a.m. commiseration indicate otherwise. You wallow. You cry. You change. You’re in the club forever.

Losing love is the cost of love itself and it’s expensive as hell. The only reprieves are that so many have paid the same price and that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger according to Kanye (or was it Nietzsche?).

If you’re lucky enough to go through it more than once or be there while your friends do, you’ll know the all-too-familiar post-breakup journey from denial to acceptance. Its predictability might be depressing if it wasn’t also kind of comforting.

Welcome to Breakup Land.


Guide designed by Emily Zirimis.


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  • Madeline

    This is so accurate and adorable.

    • Aydan


  • Kate

    This has been bookmarked. Love the creativity. ?

  • Aphra

    All that’s missing is “Remember You Lent Them Your Blender! Do I text or…?” and then much later an “Apartment Infiltration and Hostile Takeover of Loaned Goods”.

  • Verónica Villarroel

    Woooow! It’s so funny.



  • HeleenP

    recognisable 🙂 especially the last/end part !

  • Amelia Diamond

    i love “surprise! memories” with the knives around it so much

  • OMG this is so good! I went through a break up about 6 months ago so can totally relate to this x

  • gonna print this out and play it with the kids i baby sit!! using mini adele “21” CDS and wine bottle caps as the game pieces.

    • Haley Nahman


  • Ha, this is so great! & @ Emily great graffic, homegirl.

    • Emily Zirimis


  • Caitlin W


  • jess

    I was trying to avoid sending the “I miss you” text but it looks like its an integral part of the game… I guess that means I have to do it! (halp)

  • sky

    This is the BEST!!!

  • Tania

    this spoke to me. add ugly cry in the shower and this was me

  • This is too good. My favorite is the rolling hills of regret. PREACH.

    Also + more eloquent version of “dodging every place that reminds you of them.”

  • Steph King

    ‘Comes with box of tissues and ‘Sex and the City’ box set. Bottle of wine sold separately.’


  • this is TOUCHING my soul right now! Just debating which girl time I am having- mainly bc I am an emotional cutter (cue Carrie B) and want the hook up haha!

  • This is literally perfect!

  • JC

    I don’t know where this leaves being friends. Is that never attainable? Are they gone from your life for.ever? 🙁

    • Molly Theresa

      I would say that’s definitely attainable, but comes after “memories turn fond,” at which point you’re no longer coping with the breakup. You need to be healed from a heartbreak before you can healthily have the cause of that pain in your life again.

  • rachel

    Almost started crying at work yesterday when a Marvin Gaye song came on, so I think I’m officially entering the “court of public crying.” Yay!

  • Marianne Ronsse

    Ok, so I’ve been through this (haven’t we all?) But I’m wondering whether there’s a simplified version of it, for break ups that sort of happen before the relationship? Lately I’ve had a few of those, which left me feeling really disappointed and I went through some (most) of those stages without actually having experienced the relationship! Why??! There should be an additional stage of “disappointment that he didn’t even get to know me” and “disappointed even though I’m not even sure I like him yet”.

  • Carina

    “The rolling hills of regret” – my life

  • Rose

    5 Months later I found this at the perfect time. I definitely felt as though I’m the first person to feel this way EVER….until I saw all of my emotions on this board game. Strangely comforting.

  • b_rose96

    This is the most amazing thing ever created, thank you.

  • alice

    I laughed… then cried reading this as i still am as i write…. been there so many times during the “off and on” of the relationship, and now realising in antecipation the sadness river yet to come