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MR x Topshop Present: Sweaty Summer Hacks

Hot child in the city


In partnership with Topshop.

A SUMMER CONUNDRUM! The heat and humidity conspire together to confuse the hell out of your being. On the one hand, you constantly feel as though you’re one half-degree away from slip-drip-sweating out of your clothes and pouring into a puddle of used-to-be-you-goo.


On the other hand, you’re so swollen and sealed into the seams of your shorts that even loose, light tank tops offer zero mercy. Your outfits betray your every move by simply existing on your body.


But there are — as with everything else in this world, from the right way to open a banana to the only way to put on a duvet cover — hacks. Hacks that make the summer soup suck it up and harden just enough to turn into soft serve. With sprinkles on top.

Sometimes you even get a proper scoop of ice cream. So without further sweater ado, Team Man Repeller in partnership with Topshop presents to you Five Ways to Keep Cool.

But don’t freeze.

1) The Cool Kid Brew

GIF_Topshop x Man Repeller Leandra

Before you go to bed (or right when you wake up, if you’re a 5 a.m. rising fashion farmer like Leandra who takes three hours, minimum, to get ready), pour coffee into ice trays of your choosing. Obvious note: the colder the coffee already is, the less time it takes your cubes to freeze. Once you’re ready to leave the house, pop the coffee cubes out and use them to cool your already-cold brew instead of watering it down with boring old ice.

2) The Stay Cool Scarf

GIF_Topshop x Man Repeller Harling

A scarf on your wrist looks great on the go and makes for one hell of a quick brow mop. When you get to the office, release your appendage of its silky grip and tie up your hair with its cooling hug. Pro tip: If you get the scarf just a little bit wet, this feels great on the back of your neck. Pro tip EXTREME: Get the scarf a little bit wet, stick it in your office freezer for 15 and then tie your hair up. Chilly fries!

3) The Sock Swap

GIF Topshop x ManRepeller Haley

Bless the beauty of female-to-female camaraderie, the universal understanding that all sandals, no matter how comfortable, cause blisters in the summer, and remember that a stranger is really just a sore foot-saving sock-swapper you haven’t met yet. (Never mind her sweat.) Too gross? You’re living in an age where all socks are acceptable with sandals. Pop into your nearest ANYWHERE and buy literally any pair. Voila.

4) The Emergency Pack

GIF_Topshop x Man Repeller Jasmin

If assuming makes an ass out of you and me, then let’s be four-legged equine off-shoots together and assume that when you step outside, all of your hard work spent getting ready prior will have been in vain. SO. Prepare an emergency pack. Fill it to the brim with makeup, deodorant, grease blotters, hair-ties, a small brush, a unicorn — whatever you can fit inside, really, and then keep it on you at all times. Bonus points if you can work your pack into your look. Who’s the ass now, Fanny?

5) The Pool Party

Topshop x Man Repeller 4

The Scouts of America and Susan Miller said it best: always be prepared. Layer a swimsuit under literally every outfit you wear summer because you simply just do not know when a pool party is apt to break out. Other Good Things to Always Have on You or With You include: giant floats, sarongs, conga line dance moves and nearby friends. No friends? Hello! What about that kind girl who let you borrow her socks?

See? You’re cooler than you thought.

Have any hacks of your own that keep you more cold than an over air-conditioned office? Press the ice button on the fridge and leave your cubed comments down below. Gives us all something refreshing to chew on.

GIF_Topshop x Man Repeller legs

Big thank you to Jack’s Wife Freda and Tokyobike! Shop the looks and check out behind-the-scenes content with photographs by Krista Anna Lewis and Maya Richardson.


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  • Aydan

    AHHHH YOU GIRLS ALL LOOK FAB!!! GO TEAM GO!!! Also you Krista in the fountain kicking you feet is all I dream to be this morning

    • Krista Anna Lewis

      It was so much fun. 12/10 experience would recommend.d

  • This video is riduculoussss…ly awesome. LOVE IT.

    PSA: Pro-tip about the ice: actually wrong! Allegedly, hot can water form ice quicker than room temperature water – in theory because all the H2O molecules are all jumpy and come in contact with the cold air more frequently.

    It’s called the Mpemba effect!

    ^ ta daaaaaa


    • Krista Anna Lewis


  • Robin

    It’s like the opening credits of a new superhero movie?!??!

  • Allie Fasanella


  • Jennifer

    The video is great on so many levels, GO Team MR!
    But I wish you guys had more women of color (shout out to Jasmine!) on the team. Take advantage of the diverse, beautiful, rainbow of women NYC has to offer! A look into the office on Harling’s scene and I was taken aback by all the whiteness in the background
    Still love ya though.

    • Haley Nahman

      Hear you!

  • I need this because I am sweating 24/7 for just existing. Fun post!

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  • Shreya Chaturvedi

    when the partnership so bomb u end up spending half ur paycheck at topshop :/

    • Haley Nahman

      FYI shreya we read this comment aloud in the office today and all had a good laugh

      • Shreya Chaturvedi

        you guys are the best (and the worst 😉 )



  • This morning I burned my toast and set off the fire alarm, spilled water all over myself and my kitchen floor (while trying to carry that, aforementioned toast, and a cup of coffee to my work station), and then proceeded to spill a bit of coffee on top of the water. This video erases all of that unpleasantness and makes today ROCK.

  • This was so much fun to watch! After a really dull and sickly morning, I really needed this!


  • Amelia, was this the *topshoo* shoot

    • Mariana

      I just realized that Topshoo would be an amazing spin-off shoe brand from Topshop group 😀

    • Haley Nahman


    • Amelia Diamond

      hahahah YES!!!

  • Cold brew – I highly recommend cold brewing tea. Stick some tea bags (about 3 per liter) in a pitcher of water and drink when it tastes strong enough. I especially recommend this with fruit “teas” that taste kind of weird hot.

    If you live near Polish delis (aka Greenpoint, East Village) buy some from there. Babcia Jagoda and Loyd are generally $1-3 per box

    • Patty Carnevale

      OOOH love this idea. Thanks Adrianna!

      • It’s sooooo after walking around in the heat!

    • fruit teas ARE super weird when they’re hot. thank you for confirming this.

  • dk

    You girls are da B-O-M-B. I would like to buy a flight to nyc and stalk your office.
    But honestly, Thanks. I had a really crappy day (mostly due to my really crappy mood). This helped a lot!

  • Michaela Williams

    So good. So so good. All the feels.

  • Wow this is incredible, just went on and realized you did a global campaign with them?!?! SO well done! I love the idea, the concept, the fact that the whole story is still authentic, real, fun to read and watch and true Man Repeller content – amazing. You girls are such an inspiration. I wish I could work with you!!!

  • Vickee

    omg this video was so cuteeee!! LOVED!

  • this is the bomb dot com.

    (fyi i ordered the swimsuit harling is wearing after seeing the sneak peeks on snapchat…so, like, two thumbs up for a v effective partnership)

  • Anna Kalmbach

    just ordered those periwinkle sandals with the silver block heel ??????

  • Andrea Raymer

    This looks like the most fun ever and you guys are all BABES!

  • Natalie

    ok well this is the best thing ever

  • Megan

    I saw that collab video and within 3 mins and 42 seconds I had bought those gorgeous Delilah tie-up sandals… Plot twist: I also found TWO unused gift cards sitting in my purse so they were free!!

  • Kelly

    AMAZING! Especially Leandra’s wind-fan-coffee moment and clearly the coolest pool party in NYC.

  • Carol Wingester

    You guys are the absolute best. This video just made me so excited! FYI: Taylor Swifts squad has got nothing on you guys. The MR office team is the real deal.

  • My face turns the same when I have my first sip of coffee in the morning <3 <3 <3 Love the video!!!

  • Pandora Sykes


  • Ellie

    Woke up to an email from topshop with you guys in! So exciting! You all look AMAZING but for me Jasmine is KILLINNGGG it! Holy shit that outfit is so good! Xo

    • Jasmin Aujla

      Thanks Ellie!!!

  • Meagan Cortinas

    Hey ladies! Off topic question- where did you purchase your desk/long table?

  • Danrich123

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  • Genius !!! 😀

  • Fangjie Wang

    The project is great!!! where can I buy THE NAVY BLUE STRIPED TOP in the cool kids brew section? didn’t see it in topshop?