The Chatroom: Karlie Kloss

Watch her teach Leandra how to do the Kloss Walk


It’s possible that back when Karlie Kloss was a brand new high school freshman trying to figure out her class schedule, waiting to hear back from an agency as to whether or not she’d booked her first show, calling her “just” a model would have been accurate. There might even have been a bit of time, once booking it, where she could have been “just” a model. After all, she originally wanted to be a pediatrician; this show could have just been a fun one-off before she focusing on the med school path.

But instead (as I imagine it), once she hit the runway and her hips began to sway in what would soon become her signature strut, there was no question in anyone’s mind that she’d ever be “just” a model. Indeed: Karlie Kloss is a supermodel for the millennial generation. She doesn’t “just” walk in the most coveted and influential shows: She’s an entrepreneur, a content creator, a cookie maker, an independent publisher and Leandra’s runway coach.

Wait, what? You’ll “just” have to watch the Chatroom episode above.

Directed by Jay Buim, photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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  • Eleanor

    This day couldn’t get better! ? Watching my two favorite people together and hearing Leandra was on NPR!

  • Natali

    Absolutely love those sit downs and it’s so inspiring to hear all of these successful stories. 🙂

  • Emily Gregor

    Wow. Best. Day. Ever. This made Wednesday so much better.

  • Raya

    Love this one! MR video content is super. Give us more!

  • “She creates air!”, LOL. Loved it!

  • dk

    “directed by Jay Buim”.. I smell a podcaaast! Or maybe it is just my wishful thinking. Also, Leandra next to “barely heels” Karlie is my favorite thing ever!

  • Verónica Villarroel

    Amazing! Nice video!



  • Shreya Chaturvedi

    was late to pick up my boyfriend from physical therapy bc i needed to watch this. because my negative bank account and my now soiled reputation, ihu manrepeller.

  • blanca

    YEASSSSSS that was amazing! I met Karlie once in a coffee shop she seemed like a genuinely nice and warm person

  • YES!!!! Karlie is a fan favorite. All of her philanthropic work shows that she’s not merely a pretty face, she gives back, which is something very admirable considering her widespread platform. She exudes the vibe of confidence yet she is simultaneously humble and is easily seen as relatable and real.

  • Caitlin W

    Omg the height difference is unreal! Can I get leg extensions?

  • Andrea Raymer

    The height difference makes you look like a mother and child. I love it so much. and Leandra’s hair looks super amazing.

  • Sara

    LOVE that you did the chatroom with Karlie! She’s so great and relatable annddd the Kode with Karlie is honestly such a great thing. LOVE it.

  • Loved this interview! Karlie seems remarkably down to earth for someone who essentially grew up in the fashion industry. I love that she’s so passionate about teaching girls how to code. I have a ton of respect for her!

  • grace

    bah the height difference kills me. so cute.

  • A

    What is that amazing jacket that Leandra is wearing???