The Great Ingrown Hair Conspiracy

Uh, why don’t celebrities have them?!

IngrownHair Man Repeller Feature

If someone told me that Beyoncé’s song “***FLAWLESS” was actually a four-minute long description of her bikini line, I wouldn’t bat an eyelash.


Just look at an un-retouched picture of Beyoncé in a leotard–or any female celebrity in a swimsuit, for that matter–and you’ll see what I mean. Study your subject’s inner thigh and pelvic region. Go ahead! Don’t be shy. Look closely and tell me what you see.

Oh, just some skin. Just some skin?!

Well, cue the alarm bells, pervy Nancy Drew, because “just some skin” is not a universally applicable description for a woman’s bikini line.


My bikini line looks more like…stucco walls. It doesn’t matter if I’m 48 hours post-wax or two weeks out. I’m plagued with an unrelenting colony of ingrown hairs and scars from the ghosts of ingrowns past, resulting in a motley constellation of pinkish dots that decorate the borders of all my bikini bottoms like sad notebook doodles.

I seem to be particularly ingrown-prone, but I’m certainly not the only sufferer. Any time I bring up the topic of bikini ingrowns to a group of female friends, family members or coworkers, I’m greeted with groans of empathy (a.k.a. in-groans of empathy! Ba-dum-chh.)

Given the apparent ubiquity of this affliction, ingrowns should be a non-issue–just another aesthetically uninviting yet logistically unavoidable physical characteristic. Like heel calluses or belly button lint.

Except…what about Beyoncé? Miley Cyrus? Lady Gaga? Rihanna? Helen effing Mirren? We’ve all seen pictures of these women’s bikini lines, whether in high-definition concert screen close-ups or creepily voyeuristic beach vacation shots in The Daily Mail. The angles aren’t always flattering–but the bikini lines? Totally ***FLAWLESS.

LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 30: Miley Cyrus speaks onstage during the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/MTV1415/WireImage)

The way I see it, there are two plausible explanations for this clear discrepancy between the bikini lines of famous people and those of the masses. Either celebrities are commissioning celestial creatures to come pluck their pubic hairs out one by one and massage each freshly emptied pore with a thimble of unicorn saliva, or…there is a Great Ingrown Hair Conspiracy afoot.

Since unicorn saliva is super hard to come by these days, I’m banking on explanation #2.

I know what you’re thinking right now: these celebrities have perfect bikini lines because they did laser hair removal. They paid thousands of dollars for a professional to direct a concentrated beam of light at each of their hair follicles, thus killing them and permanently eliminating the problem of ingrown hairs forever and ever amen.

Well, I’m calling B.S. on that assumption. Based on conversations with women who have paid for this very service, I know for a fact that laser hair removal doesn’t always permanently eliminate hair growth. And if the hair is still growing, ingrowns are still a factor.

It’s possible that every time a woman reaches high-profile celeb status, she receives a Paperless Post from her country’s leader inviting her to a classified convention at which the secret to eliminating ingrown hairs is finally revealed. But just in case the secret lurks among us commoners, I decided to do some crowdsourcing.

To start, I investigated a juicy bikini line maintenance rumor overheard at Man Repeller HQ: Apparently strippers don’t wax–they shave. I hate bikini waxes with a fanatical passion, so the prospect of solving my ingrown woes by ditching this medieval practice in favor of a pain-free razor blade infused my entire being with unadulterated joy. But I was a little nervous about negating the benefits from my consistent waxing routine (e.g. sparser hair). As a precaution, I vetted this concern with Kavita Rawat, an esthetician at Eve Salon in NYC with over 12 years of waxing experience. Alas, she confirmed my fears: “With shaving, you get razor bumps and ingrowns and sometimes get cut. With waxing you avoid most of these while also reducing hair growth and having your hair grow back softer.” Does waxer trump stripper? I’m not sure. But I decided to stick with my regular waxing routine for the time being.


If you’re curious where waxing ranks from 1-10 on my Ingrown Prevention Success Scale (patent pending), I’d give it a solid 4. Definitely room for improvement.

Smooth bikini lines seem like a part of the ballerina aesthetic, too, so I asked for advice from former New York City Ballet dance and founder of NYC’s Refine Method, Brynn Putnam. Instead of shaving, Putnam recommended tackling my post-waxing ingrowns with regular exfoliation–specifically Dr Lancer’s “The Method: Body Polish” or Stridex pads, which many of her dancer friends use. I went out and bought both of these items immediately. She also divulged that her friend who is a Vegas showgirl swears by stick deodorant post waxing or shaving. I already own deodorant. Eureka.

I’ve been using all three of these products in tandem for the past few weeks, and I do think they’ve helped. Ingrown Prevention Success Scale ranking: 6.

But “helped” isn’t what I’m going for here. I want my bikini line to look perfect. Like the skin of an airbrushed baby, you know? I decided to get down to business and glean wisdom from someone with legitimate medical expertise in the epidermal arena: a dermatologist, Dr. Melinda Longaker.

“Exfoliants (physical and chemical) only help a little by roofing the hairs as they grow in. Once a hair is ingrown and snaking under the surface of the skin, only laser or tweezing will help,” said Dr. Longaker. “Laser hair removal is the only way to look like Beyoncé and you can bet that every celebrity is virtually hairless due to laser.”


Despite my former misgivings, I was mentally Yelping laser hair removal places near my apartment when she added, “One caveat is that sometimes laser doesn’t seem to work. In that case, if the technician is experienced, it may be due to a hormonal imbalance–often Spironolactone can help in these cases.”

And there you have it. Dr. Longaker basically confirmed what the entire universe has always assumed: Queen Bey is blessed. She’s one of the Chosen People with perfect hormones for whom laser hair removal works like a charm, and I? I am simply a plebeian ingrown sufferer with as-yet undetermined hormone (im)balance in search of concrete answers, preferably ones that don’t involve spending thousands of dollars on an uncertainty.


But now it’s your turn to talk. How do you deal with ingrown hairs? Are you pro-laser? Pro-unicorn saliva? Pro-conspiracy theory? I think this one goes higher up than the moon landing hoax.

Feature collage by Lily Ross.


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  • AJ

    My waxer tells me that lace underwear and spandex workout leggings are the biggest culprits for ingrowns. I switched to just cotton leggings for working out and it has helped immensely.

    Also, sorry for TMI but going commando really helps control the ingrowns too!

    • Molly

      The 2nd part is so true! In the summer, I just wear loose silk pettipants under dresses, and my bikini line is way more manageable.

      • AJ

        oohh. great idea!! thanks for the tip!!

      • I’d live to know where you get those from- sounds like a dream!

        • Molly

          You can get a variety of colors for under $10 on Amazon! I like the silk/lace look & feel a lot more than bike shorts. It’s like wearing lacy lady boxers ^.^

    • Harling Ross

      Ingrown hair freedom is probably the only thing for which I would considering giving up my thriving spandex collection…

      • AJ

        I agree! I put all my beautiful spandex in a drawer and don’t even look at them, as its’ just too painful. I also I use a serum after the wax twice a day for a few days. I can’t remember the brand name but will take a look when I get home.

        • Aydan

          the spandex thing is true for me even for bumps (okay fine, pimple like bumps) on the back of my upper legs in summer. Seriously, for some reason even just a one hour workout (and profusely sweating) can create a terrible situation for me. I have found sulfer soap to be really helpful in addition to exfoliating!

          • sky

            Ditto to the acne 🙁

          • Andrea Raymer

            When I wear spandex for too long while sitting the backs of my legs start to itch. I feel like these problems are all related.

          • Aydan

            Yes! All of this made me reorder my charcoal soap again — these bumps will NOT have the better of me!

  • Maria

    Laser. Best thing ever. Wax for me was actually the worst, I got nasty ingrowns on my legs from waxing. Shaving is better. But laser is freedom. A close friend did electrolisis and she also swears by it, but the process is much more annoying than laser. So, laser. Really, it’s an incredible investment. Can’t stop singing its praises.

    • Harling Ross

      Wimp question: how much did laser hurt?

      • Maria

        Depends on the area and your “natural conditions”. So, I’m pale as a ghost and have black hair. Perfect candidate for strong laser. The thicker the hair the more it hurts, it’s kind of like super quick cigarette burns: one second it’s burning than it’s gone. But I only did it in “cold blood” once. All the other times they used numbing cream and I could barely feel it. I was always expecting to twitch but never did. It was almost awkward.

      • sky

        I agree with Maria it hurts ! It does go away but it hurts really bad the up side is that each session is less and less pain as the hair is less and less.

    • Maria

      Also, I used Tend Skin for a while. It worked on my arm pits, but not on my legs. Then when I no longer had a used for it as it was intended, I found it made an incredible targeted spot treatment. It made perfect sense!

  • Thank you MR! Every time I see a photo of Kendall Jenner and her perfectly smooth bikini line my first though it “Who is this girl’s waxer?! I need them”. Every. Time. Glad I’m not alone

    • Harling Ross

      You are not alone!!!!

  • Emily R

    I stopped waxing. SO MANY INGROWNS. Now I shave my bikini line daily with a very sharp razer. It’s so much better for me.

    • Harling Ross

      REALLY!!!!! That’s so great to hear. Do you use any products in between?

      • Emily R

        No – I do exfoliate in the shower with an exfoliating wash cloth. I’d love to laser – I’ve heard so many good things about it, but I’m scared of the cost.

  • What do Leandra and Amelia use? From vacay posts, Instagram and the Topshop collection, they seem pretty free from BUMPS.

  • Constanza

    I use epilator for my under arms and my bikini area. Scrubbing the area with a brush after using the epilator with hot water and soap has improved the situation. From 1 to 10, it would be a 6.5. The problem after the ingrown hair as the dark spots that the scars leave. I’m very pale and scars from my tweezer battles can be seen from miles away 🙁

    • Harling Ross

      Thx so much for using my my Ingrown Prevention Success Scale!!!

    • Katlin Stewart

      Yes! I’m suuuuper pale and have had many bouts of conflict with tweezers, but anything from a tiny red bumb to a giant grey scar is an unsightly mark. 🙁

    • YES!! Can someone talk about the dark spot that comes as a bonus (like I need it) with the whole method please!!!!?? I feel like I need to just LEAVE IT ALL and live with the fact that I’m anti-hair removal woman.

  • I think you should trust the stripper over the waxer because the waxer will obviously tell you waxing is better so you continue paying for his or her service.

    I do a combination of Nair and shaving. It’s not a perfect method but good enough for me. I also apply Bikini Zone Medicated “Creme” afterwards. (More of a runny gel than creme.) It can sting like hell when you apply it, but it really minimizes redness and bumps.

    • Kate Webb

      I’m not a stripper or a waxer. When I shave, no matter how carefully, I’m only smooth for a matter of hours, and the hairs come back with sharp edges from being cut. I only wax when I have a boyfriend, because otherwise it’s not worth it for me, but in the 4 months I was waxing before I broke up with him, I only had one ingrown hair. The waxing was INSANELY painful the first time, and if my boyfriend hadn’t loved it so much, I probably wouldn’t have done it again. But if you don’t wait more than 4-6 weeks between waxings, it’s not too bad. I used this product from Urban Waxx, and like i said, only one ingrown hair in four months:

      • The general theme in this comment board is that it varies from person to person. I’m just saying that a waxer is biased.

      • Fran

        Whenever I wax (which is almost never because it HURTS so much) I end up looking like a chicken that’s just had the feathers removed. NOT COOL. I’d prefer shaving stubble over chicken meat any time!

        • Harling Ross


        • Kelly’s Gross-o

          THIS. IS. DEAD. ON.

  • Rosie

    I have never waxed my ‘kini line (I’m scared AF), so I’m an avid shaver. I used to use the Schick TrimStyle razor that has the battery-powered trimmer attached, and would just use it without the guard to get as close to the root as possible. I really loved it — it helped a *lot* with ingrowns. But then the battery died in my razor and I’m literally the laziest person ever so I haven’t replaced it, so for a while I’ve just been shaving, *WITH* the grain *NEVER* against, and it’s almost a perfectly-close shave and reeeally eliminates razor burn and bumps. I only get awful irritation if I shave upward. I also always slather on Neosporin right after I shave to protect and moisturize the area. It has really helped!!! Highly recommend!

    • Harling Ross

      Oooh intrigued by the neosporin idea!


    Ha, I love the way this piece has been written. Good job. Unicorn saliva.

  • Jean

    On a related note: where the hell can a hairy Sicilian girl get a cute swimsuit that covers ingrowns and stubble between waxes???

  • Shweta Shah

    I ALWAYS use conditioner to shave around my bikini. This lets the blade glide and doesn’t cause irritation to the follicle! No more red bumps and lumps or ingrowns!

    My secret to glowing skin–>

  • Anna

    I squealed when I saw this headline! I have been asking all my girlfriends the same question. I recently have been plagued with way more ingrowns then usual and a friend of mine pointed out that it coincided with me switching to European Wax Center, i think something about the hard wax vs. regular with the strips was causing it. The strips may hurt more, but I think it’s worth it.

    • Harling Ross

      That’s something I’ve been thinking about recently, too! I go to European Wax Center but might switch back to strips…

    • Alessandra

      this would explain their overbearing product push….

  • Emilie

    I use a combination of exfoliation with St. Ives Apricot Scrub, the Bikini Zone Ingrown cream and a hair growth inhibitor gel from European Wax Center for a few days after my wax. I give it an 8/10… It’ll definitely do the job until I spring for some Beyonce Lasers.

  • Alexa McCarthy

    I kept seeing people rave about Tend Skin in the comments of just about every “how the f do I get rid of ingrown hair” posts across the internet. After trying Stridex (it didn’t work for me) and about a 9 month interval of doing nothing, I tried Tend Skin this summer. It worked instantly. Seriously worth it. I also shave because waxing is just another expense I don’t want to have.

  • tara k

    GURL. take it back to 7th grade and NAIR THAT! zero ingrowns. (coming from the former shaver, waxer, and laser hair girl)

    • I second the nair. And they’ve significantly improved the smell since 2005.

      • Dr Rastafarian

        FALSE. As a sufferer of terrible terrible ingrowns (and I think this is also related to the fact that my head hair is hella curly) Nair does not work for me causes more ingrown hair and once even gave me a burn? Weird. Glad it works for you!

        • Oh, I’ve burned myself. I have to be careful with it, just as one has to be careful shaving or waxing

          • Dr Rastafarian


      • Emily Gregor

        Nair works wonders but you have to be careful with it because you don’t want it getting into your vag (could cause a yeast infection)

    • Katherine B

      Tried nair “down there” once and all I have to say is… if anyone wants to try it, keep it on the VERY OUTER EDGE of your vag! I thought I could be all ~fancy~ and totally handle keeping the nair contained and away from the “sensitive” areas, but boy… was I wrong. That stuff travels easily unless you sit completely still with your legs open the whole time. Lets just say I had to sit on a bag of ice and even that didn’t help the pain X.X

    • ArtsDuMal

      I Nair the line too. It is a very imprecise method of hair removal, but by golly it works. Pro tip- I wear some gross underwear while applying it to keep it away from the sensitive areas.

  • manhattanred

    So, I’ve gone down all three roads. I used to get waxed, but within 7 days the ingrowns were so bad that I might as well have just done nothing considering how incriminating a red, bumpy bikini line looks. A few years ago I bought a $170ish groupon for lasering in NYC after researching extensively. 6 sessions over 7 months, there was some irritation as hair follicles quit but after the first few sessions, hair was visibly thinner. After my full run, I wasn’t completely bare but definitely like a 2 out of 10 on the bush scale. Way more manageable, and I only really needed to touch up with a razor/tweezers once a month or so. It’s been 4 years since I got lasered and hair is creeping back, but it’s still a solid 4 out of 10. I’m planning to do a second laser round. I highly recommend!

    • Harling Ross

      Great to know!

    • I heard that those places apply a weaker laser if you use a Groupon

      • manhattanred

        That may be the case. My dermatologist said that it might actually better to do a round with a weaker laser for a full sweep and then have a second round with a dermatologist that can target whatever hair persists.

  • Dacia Smith

    I apply Tend Skin liquid 2-3 times a day for a few days after shaving. That is the only thing I’ve found that works! It’s expensive in stores but a little bit cheaper online.

  • jen480480480

    I purchased on in-home laser (Tria). It says it can takes months to see an improvement, so I’ll report back on it in, oh, December, when no one cares about bumpy bikini lines b/c we’re all bundled up anyways!

    • Harling Ross

      I WILL STILL CARE. Please report back in.

    • sky

      I bought and used the tria! It did work but it’s not permanent. I also had the target market fair light skin with dark hair so people who Vary from those requirements get different results. I also would say I used it at more frequent intervals than reccomended bc I wanted to see results quick; I faired ok with this option but proceed at your own risk if you decide to do it more frequently, it is a laser on your skin. It’s been abt 4 yrs and now I need to do it again. Only thing is for it to be effective you do need to use it on the higher setting and that setting hurts like hell! It’s really taking some time for me to psyche myself up for it again lol

      • jen480480480

        Good to know! I am also fair skinned w/ dark brown hair, so we’ll see how I do. So far I’ve only tried it out on my upper lip and sideburns. Working up the nerve to do my bikini line.

        • sky

          TBH face was the least painful for me then bikini , armpits seemed to hurt more than bikini and legs by far the worst idk why some say the more thick or coarse the hair the more painful so maybe that’s why but doesn’t make sense for my legs maybe it’s just bc there is much more of it . ???

          • jen480480480

            It could also be the bone maybe. Did it hurt the most at the ankles? I’ve always heard that with tattoos, the ankles are the worst place to get them.

          • sky

            It was the whole leg 🙁 I’m a wimp.

        • ESW

          A glass of wine might help.

  • Kelsey Clarke

    I’ve suffered from ingrowns since I hit puberty and it’s been a long battle ever since. Waxing, constant maintenance, AHA and BHA (or other chemical exfoliation) have helped, but like you said, “help” isn’t curing my problems. I’ve tried expensive lasers and hormones (including spironolactone which set off a long battle of drug-induced lupus). I’ve come to the conclusion that our suffering boils down to bad genes and a lack of money (or unicorn saliva). Student loans and rent are aparently more important than looking like Miley Cyrus in a french cut leo… I guess. Thanks for the post!

  • AG

    Laser! Even though it didn’t get rid of all the hairs, I eventually stopped getting huge ingrowns. I shave to get rid of stray hairs. Waxing is the worst.

  • Elisabeth

    Antibiotic ointment and cortisone cream! Antibiotic ointment at night, cortisone cream during the day. I do this daily for at least three days after waxing. I’ve tried everything; this is the only regimen that works.

    • Mare

      Ditto on the antibiotic ointment!!! Works like a dream, and clears up existing ingrowns in two days. Neosporin is safe to get on mucous membranes too!

    • Alessandra

      any brands in particular?

      • Elisabeth

        Nope. Generic works just as well as name brand. Good luck!

  • Jolie

    I wondered this for my ENTIRE LIFE because I’ve always been that girl with pale skin and dark, Italian body hair whose bikini line extended all the way out to my knees, practically. When I was shaving, I’d get five o’clock shadow the day after, and because of so much shaving, I developed many ingrown hairs and scars.

    Then I started waxing, which didn’t help that much and was also 100x more painful than shaving. It gave me an extra three days or so before the bikini line stubble took over again. I secretly hated celebrities and those effortless NYC girls wearing booty shorts on the street without a bikini hair in sight. Did they not suffer waxes every two weeks? If you waxed them, did their hair not grow back?

    Frustrated with it all, I found a cheap laser hair place, and with the combo of a Groupon and an affordable membership (which is saying a lot, bc I’m broke and unemployed at the moment), I’m lasering pretty much my ENTIRE BODY. Started a few months ago and am very happy with the results. It’s painless, no more shaving, and I don’t have to frantically wax or bleach before a trip to the beach. Yes, it takes a while for everything to work, but I think it’s worth it to have a Beyonce-level bikini line (plus a few scars and stretch marks, of course). And Harling, if you want the info of the laser place, I’d be happy to provide it!

    • Yvonne Dunlevie

      Jolie!!!! Where is this **painless** laser place?!?! Please do tell. Or email: //

      • Katrina Lee

        Yeah! Why do so many people say laser is painless? I found it shockingly painful.

        • sky

          Amen. I found it painful too but I’ld say it worked for awhile but not permanent I’m at that point I need to do it again but having a hard time psyching myself up for it since I know what I’m getting myself into. It is nice however to not have to shave or worry abt ingrown hair or bumps and the hair that did eventually grow back is much thinner and softer . Ok I need to do this and just get it done again. Lol

  • Laurie

    I used to have the WORST ingrown hairs; laser worked for me and saved my skin and sanity. For reference, I have dark hair and light/medium skin.

  • Paige

    I just purchased Nivea Post Shave Balm (for men) – claims to help with bumps. I read in another MR article today that it can also be used for face primer and moisturizer. If that little $6 bottle solves all of those issues in one, I will buy stock in Nivea. Fingers crossed!

    • Harling Ross

      Nivea FTW!!!

    • Dr Rastafarian

      Yeah I do the stridex pads post shave then follow with the Nivea post-shave balm. Plus keeps your face makeup matte in the summer!

  • Hannah

    I’ve gotten waxed only ONCE in my life because the next year was plagued with ingrown hairs galore that would not go away no matter how hard I tried. When they finally did clear up, I vowed never to wax again. Albeit, I will add that I have really sensitive skin so I think my body/pubes are not compatible with waxing so totally see it working for other people. Now that I’m 24 and have wrangled myself the best boyfriend on the planet who doesn’t give a shit what my downstairs looks like, my regimen truly works. I only shave sometimes and every time I do, I use a fresh blade. And I really mean ‘sometimes’. Because honestly the best thing you can do with ingrown hairs is treat them and then let your poor pubes breathe a little and leave them alone! I know this isn’t realistic sometimes but see if there’s a week or two where you won’t be rocking a hot ass bathing suit and just let er’ grow! ; )

  • Alex Goode

    I think strippers have to shave since they can’t wait for hair to grow out between waxes!

    • ESW

      Agree. AND they (usually?) aren’t worried about the skin feeling super smooth against a partner because their clients (usually?) don’t touch their vulvae.

  • mikaela

    Fuck I feel like every hair that grows from my vag is ingrown. Its annoy AF an unsightly. I used to try to hide it from guys I dated, but now I straight up say “yo, this isnt the herp, these are marks from ingrown hairs I am self conscious about them but I can’t fix it so deal”. He never cares.

  • lucy

    Do you use strip wax or hot wax? In Australia all bikini waxes are generally done with hot wax (similar to what you use on eye brows, the wax goes on sucks up the hair and drys and then you rip the wax off without needing strips of fabric). It is a much less painful wax and i think more effective to stop ingrowns. I’ve waxed since i was 14 and never had an ingrown along my bikini line… although my legs are another story!

    • Emily R

      I’ve only done hot wax – and I still get lots of ingrowns. I think a lot of it has to do with how curly your pubic hair is. Mine is very curly. It all spirals right under my skin – and then I’m left picking it out with tweezers. Gross!

  • Bree Nichols

    don’t shave against hair and use zinc bacitracin ointment on shaved area every single goddamned time

    • Harling Ross

      zinc bacitracin! thanks for the tip

  • This struggle is all the way real.

  • I got my first bikini wax last month (OW!) to help with my atrocious problem. I get them really bad on the inside of my thighs too, not just my bikini line. So I even wearing shorts hurts the confidence :'( The wax has helped so far. And I went commando for a while, which really helped! At least with the bikini part.

    Any else struggle with ingrowns on their thighs? Help!

    • Kate Webb

      The first time is insanely painful, but if you have it done regularly, it’s not NEARLY as bad.

  • Kendra

    Hi! I use this scrub from Lush that has lactic acid in it (apparently eats the dead skin and prevents ingrown hairs) and it’s really really good! It’s called Rub rub rub and it’s bright blue (if you’re ever looking) would 100% recommend!

  • PanarchyInTheUK .

    I’m pretty certain the “hair grows back softer” myth is… Um… A myth. Shame on your hair removal lady for perpetuating it.

    • Kate Webb

      Nope. Not a myth. If you let it keep growing, it goes back to normal, but when they first emerge, they’re paler and softer, and they don’t have sharp edges from being cut with a razor. Not into shaming people, but why are you so certain this is a myth?

    • emily R

      total myth! It feels softer because it’s the hair growing back from the root, and not a coarse cut edge, but in the end once it all grows back it’s exactly the same. I used to wax religiously, and now I’ve stopped and my big old bush is exactly the same as it used to be.

  • Sarah Tindale

    Pro Laser! I’m australian and a little confused by all the american blogs saying its so expensive. I paid around $500AU and I have barely any hair left. The stuff that still grows now is so blonde and thin you can barely tell its there and also sticks to the areas that are always covered by a bikini.
    I also find laser is so much less painful then waxing and twice as fast.
    It’s probably the best decision I’ve ever made.
    PS. if you are fair skinned with dark hair you get the best results.

    • Daisy S

      I second this as an Australian who spent only a few $100 on my set of treatments! Laser is life. Even old scars from ingrowns are gone 😉

      • Aliin

        hiya, fellow aussie here 🙂 outta curiousity, where’d you guys go for your laser? I’ve been looking into it recently.

        • Sarah Tindale

          Eden Laser clinics. They are all over the place in sydney and are often doing deals. 🙂 Good Luck!

    • Tanya

      Ugh! I was in Sydney last fall and it was cheaper to get laser than it was to get a wax. UNREAL. In the U.S. it is rediculously expensive and that’s coming from an American girl who willingly paid US$50 a month for a wax. I was in Asia this past year so I did some sessions for relatively cheap (still more expensive in Thailand than Australia….wtf lol), but now I still have a few sessions left in the U.S. (Ugh) But honestly I’m willing to pay for it bc the results are great. (I’m half Armenian so I’m hairy & prone to ingrowns, but also an ideal candidate-coloring wise). If you can afford it, I think it’s a worthy investment. Hoping they devise some better solution for our dark skinned and/or light-haired peers bc ingrowns are the devil.

      • ESW

        AND there are medical hoops to jump through. I had to meet with a plastic surgeon to sign off. This was 6ish years ago, but who wants to fool with that?

      • Bianca

        Im using Phillips Lumea (im from Romania, not sure it’s available in US, but you should have similar products there as well). I use it for armpits, arms and legs (I prefer waxing my bikini line, but I dont get ingrown hairs there). I get ingrown hair on my legs and although the home laser removal option didn’t perform miracles, it sure improved my ingrown hairs and also reduced the density of my the hair. They also advise to shave before using it, so it exfoliates the skin (shaving does that) and it helps with ingrowns by default. It works for me.

    • Kristin.

      I’m in Canada and depending on areas, it’s 100-300$ per treatment! Meaning several thousands once you’re done! If you’re lucky you get a spa that grantees their treatment – like 8 treatments then it’s free. On my armpits I did like 20 sessions.

  • Carley

    Wish I read this before I fell prey to pressure to get laser by a company that went bankrupt before finishing the package I bought. Paid upfront. Biggest beauty regret for sure. I’m sorry, patriarchy-stricken pubes!!

    I spray magic eraser (etsy shop product) that has ACV, tea tree oil, etc after shaving and it helps a ton.

  • Noe Dennis

    Thanks I’m not the only one with all this doubts and ideas. It’s not long since I started shaving my bikini area.
    I’m latin. Waxed once but pain for me was too much for the not lasting result so I usually Nair and shave. When I shave I use hair conditioner (read it on internet) it helps with smoothness really dunno if it prevents ingrowns but I don’t get much of those.
    You should also write about clearing the skin in the bikini area. I don’t get the ingrowns but sometimes I don’t feel that confident because of my darker skin area in the inner thights. Haven’t try anything to solve that, any advice?

    • Noe Dennis

      Also that SJP scene I suspect is from SATC which episode is it?

      • Harling Ross

        It’s from when Carrie goes to L.A. and gets a Brazilian

        • Caro A

          Yeah, and doesn’t she say she feels like a little puppy, or something? They’re on that rooftop pool?

  • La brioche

    Laser combined with shaving. One of the two works any time. Not a stripper, though a pole dancer.

  • Tara

    laser hair removal. No ingrown hairs. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done

  • TY so much for this. With the arrival of summer, I am always seized with so much anxiety regarding bikini bumps and ingrown hairs. I shy away from wearing bathing suits or even changing in front of friends because I am so embarrassed by this.
    I am a lifelong shaver of the bikini area, and have never even had a bikini wax but may have to convert having read this article. Eek. I do have one tip to offer up though: Bikini Zone cream. Applied post-shaving, it really does seem to make a difference in the appearance of post-shave redness/bumps. However, if you’re like me and your laziness knows no bounds, actually taking the time to apply this cream is a different story.

    • Kate Webb

      The first time I got waxed was AWFUL, so painful! But after that, it wasn’t bad at all, and each time, it got a little smoother. I use this product my waxer recommended, , and I only got one ingrown hair in 4 months. I’d call that a 9.5/10!

      • Kate Nelson

        Serious Serum works wonders…I use a razor and Serious Serum – no bumps. I can also use it on my face for any break outs and it dries them up overnight, win!

  • sunkneeg

    I switched to sugaring over waxing. When they pull the sugar strip its with the hair growth. Hurts less than waxing, unless hormones, than hurts the same for me. My hairs definitely grew back finer and more sparsely. Add some exfoliation with the loofah-gloves ($2 Target), and I have the fewest ingrown from any non-laser treatment. I have to say though…I’m thinking about laser now. At $60 a sugar visit (with tip) , why don’t I just start saving that for laser…? I hate spending the money on something guys aren’t expected to spend on. No hair removal = no ingrown hairs.

  • Josi

    I have a whole system and it’s an 8.5/10 for me. I use a loofah on my bikini line, then I shave with one of those cheapo single or double blade razors (that you can get big bags of for like $5) but I use a new one every time I shave. Afterwards I exfoliate again but with St. Ive’s apricot scrub. When I get out of the shower I put witch hazel on my bikini line and wear something baggy (no underwear because it irritates the newly shaved skin). Obviously this is a whole thing so I only do it when I want to ~impress~ but it works!!

    • Caro A

      Interesting. I think I might try this

  • Jen

    Laser is my skin’s saviour.

    I am definitely one of those that struggled with shaving. I would have 1 short day of blessedly-smooth, hair-free skin. By the next day, the rash and 5 o’clock shadow would’ve set in. I started waxing & developed a sensitivity – anything other than this special (read:$$$) wax they use at a local spa, and it would take the top layer of my skin off.

    So I tried laser. Not much to lose, at that point.

    It’s honestly some of the best money I have ever spent. Each bikini session cost roughly what a waxing session did for me, and I needed about 5 sessions. I am pale-skinned and dark-haired, so I am a perfect candidate, but I would still recommend looking into to it, regardless of your skin tone – a good shop will tell you if you’re a good candidate.

    It hurt a bit, but no more so than waxing. The results are so incredible. I still get a few hairs here and there – I’m sure a few touch up sessions would take care of them – but I can easily pluck. I didn’t get any ingrowns.

    I honestly cannot say enough about my laser experience, but I guess I may be one of those people who it just suits?

  • grace

    thank you for writing this! i can’t tell you how much this exact topic has irritated me! most relatable thing i’ve read on the intrenet in, like, a month.

  • Meg

    Most of the year I use a trimmer that just keeps all my hair neat and short. I prefer this because clean, well-groomed hair looks better than appearing as if a small fire ant colony lives in my underwear. Plus I avoid itchy, spiky stubble, and am more confident with my bikini line in sexy situations.

    BUT come bikini season, I shave in the evenings before I plan to go to a public place in my suit. My trick is to stay naked for a while after shaving because underwear chafes and irritates the area. After about an hour pantsless I apply a light lotion to moisturize, then stay breezy for another hour or so. I’ll usually sleep that night in just a t-shirt to get the best effect. It requires forethought and planning, but it drastically reduces my bumpiness!

  • Sanne

    I’ve been epilating for years – it’s amazing! The hairs are almost gone now.

  • fleurdelis68

    I use IPL for years since my experience with laser was an expensive and painful one. First I went to a cosmetican with IPL but this is still expensive (esp. here in Germany). Now I use a home IPL (from Philips) and I am very satisfied. One Time Costs are about 400 US$. You never have to change the lamp but it is important that you use it consequently all 2 weeks. In between the treatments I shave and use pure coconot oil after it, fo me the best moisturizer ever. After 3 or 4 month no ingrowns came up anymore. and I need to shave only once a week. I am turning now to the 50s and guess you what? The good thing in getting older is , that you get lost in hairs in that regions (even you also get thinner hair on the head .-()…

  • Pandora Sykes

    Very, very good.

    • Harling Ross

      Thank you, Pandora!!

  • Caitlin

    I recently saw this new all-natural “pubic hair oil” that’s supposed to help with ingrown hairs. ( ) It was too pricy for me so I looked up the ingredients and found I had something similar. I’ve been applying it twice a day and already have fewer ingrown hairs! My bet is that if applied directly after shaving, waxing, tweezing, etc. most oils would help a lot (I.e. “bath oil” or “body oil”, coconut oil is probably great…)

  • Madalyn

    ANOTHER OPTION: You can give a big middle finger to the patriarchy and just EMBRACE your pubic hair. You never have to worry about it if you let nature do it’s job and just keep your hair there as god intended! Huzzah!

    • Emily

      I personally would love to be able to do this, but I don’t have the luxury of having a ‘light’ coverage area and it makes me extremely self conscious. My pubic area is dense but also spreads a solid 15-20cm out from the underwear line. I have lots of fair haired friends who don’t wax at all because their’s stay neatly within their panty line. I’m emotionally thin skinned and if someone points out something, well, it just results in me staying indoors. I don’t think fighting the patriarchy is a realistic solution for everyone. It’s very tiring.

      • Kristin.

        Same. Too hairy. Too obvious. I’m also not a pretty delicate woman with cute baby hairs. I’m nordic. My hair is well-rooted and wants to keep me warm.

    • Kendra

      For me it’s not about patriarchy. I just hate pubic hair lol

  • Also an ingrown sufferer, I know the hardship. With the paychecks from my first few months of working at my first big-girl job I paid for full on laser hair removal for my bikini line because I thought it would get rid of this pesky problem. Unfortunately, I am one of the unlucky ones whom it does not work on forever, so here I am again, waxing and living with an imperfect bikini line.
    I am however very excited to try some of these tips like the exfoliating pads and love that it is being talked about!
    Power to the unlucky with bikini bumps! ??

  • jtwizz

    i shave my bikini line, i have never waxed it, but i almost never get any ingrown hairs. I think I only had one ingrown hair in the last three years. my secret, if there is one, is always using a super-sharp fresh razor on my bikini line, and moisturizing after. I always used to just use baby oil, but i recently starting using dollar shave club, and I love their Dr. Carver’s Miracle repair Serum.

  • Kay

    I’m fair skinned and dark hair, and did laser at US-based American Laser Center and it didn’t work. For a few years it reduced the amount, but generally grew back.

    Nowadays I shave. My process is to use a fine, smooth pumice stone to exfoliate between shaves, Aveeno shaving creme (or the Target brand stuff is just as great and cheaper), Gillette fusion razor with fresh blade (though one stays “fresh” for me forever) and max strength anti-itch creme afterwards.

    The pumice stone is natural so it’s really smooth and does great job exfoliating ingrowns right before a shave for the closest shave.

    The shaving creme has a lot of soothing properties and also foams up thick as a barrier.

    I think women’s razors suck and I prefer men’s, especially the fusion. The anti-itch cream aka cortisone, aka moisture-barrier cream, etc. keeps me from getting irritation with any kind of underwear and clothes after…and Target-brand is cheap!!! I wish I had something that could last longer, but this process is relatively cheap and easy.

  • Sati Marie Frost

    I’ve just given up. I’m hairy AF (thanks, PCOS) and every damn thing I’ve tried gives me ingrowns and blisters and sometimes infections. I haven’t tried lasers, because I’m a full-time carer and part-time teaching assistant, and one session of laser therapy is like 6 weeks’ salary to me.

    But I’m not bothered anymore. I was in Sweden last year, and Swedish girls are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen – and they’re all basically natural down there. I didn’t see one shaved or waxed “lady garden” (thank you, Stephen Fry!) the whole time I was there, and not many trimmed ones either. Nobody cares at all. I spent much of my time at the naked bathing pools – which are one of the big places to socialise with friends – surrounded by these gorgeous women who had no self-consciousness whatsoever, and I found myself thinking – why do I spend so much time worrying about my body?

    I haven’t shaved or waxed in more than a year now. I trim a little, if I have a date, but so far guys haven’t cared either way. I swim at nude places when I can (no bikini = no bikini line to worry about) and have a maillot with a low-cut leg for when I use the pool at the gym. I’m finding I like this new way of living where I don’t worry about minor things, and am trying to spread that to other areas of my life. 🙂

    • Allegra

      That whole “natural thing” is not really a Swede thing, it’s probably more tied to the naked bathing pool thing. Just saying, because I go there a lot. (To Sweden, not to naked bathing pools.) The mainstream scene is not that different from the US.

  • “In-groans of empathy” – I know exactly what you mean! At this point, I’m pro-anything, not just for the bikini area, but my legs too. In-grown hair is such a pain! The only method I’ve seen work for me though is a good exfoliating body scrub, body polish and using a good loofah regularly.

  • Carly

    Finally!!! I think about this on the daily: how often do these celebs tweeze, shave, laser, pluck, apply “unicorn saliva” and is the rest of the world equally blessed? So nice to hear I’m not alone in the act of studying the public areas of others in awe.

  • Jess

    If you do shave I think using a new razor each time definitely helps, buy the cheap packets. Someone commented on that. I have a similar routine. However all this talk of laser being cheap here in Australia, might get onto that!

  • Gretchen

    Since laser has been deemed ‘ineffective’ for this blonde, I’ve stuck with waxing for the last 6 years religiously. Now I must admit I’m really lucky in that I don’t have a ton of body hair, but I do experience the occasional ingrown. To help keep these minimal I use a manual exfoliator along the bikini line (Clinique Sparkle Skin Exfoliator) every other day to help keep the skin from growing over the pore. It also helps keep the hair standing up instead of laying over and thus growing back in, as well as helps with scarring. Don’t over-rub, just some gentle circular motions for 30 seconds or so should do it. Don’t use lotion with mineral oil as it can clog the follicle. I actually use an inexpensive oil free hydrator for the face and it works well. Hope this helps!!

  • Diem

    I shave with a new blade once a week, every day and pull my skin tight as I did when I self waxed…no bumps…however, I use the Venus blades which are expensive but worth it…. When I waxed I got ingrown hairs…I gave up

  • Kourtnie Forbes

    I just switched from shaving to waxing recently and it’s been giving me better results ingrown-wise. Mostly because my waxer is a genius and gave me a whole regimen to save me from my super curly, thick hairs that seem to love the under side of my skin. She has me dry brushing the “area” to exfoliate, and using this product called PFB Chromabright which not only helps with the ingrowns but the scars too! I repeat, it’s lightening the scars! It’s working well so far. It’s a little drying so I just moisturize down there a bit more but it looks pretty good!

  • mmmmm

    Laser. Had it 6 years ago, never had any ingrown hairs, the odd stray one which I pluck (you’re not supposed to but that’s only if you’re ever going to have top up treatments, which I won’t as I don’t need them) I can’t recommend highly enough

  • I get sugared (as opposed to waxing) every 4 weeks and use Serious Serum after I get out of the shower each morning to prevent ingrowns – does the trick for me! But I’ve learned that no matter if you wax, sugar or shave you want to stay away from any exercise or sex :*( – for 24 hours after.

  • It’s like MR totally read my mind. I take after my father, which means I’ve been lucky enough to inherit his bulbous nose and dry skin. Somehow inheriting these two aforementioned features, means that there ain’t no dearth of ingrown hairs on my legs, bikini line and even my freaking butt cheeks. BUTT CHEEKS. I’ve shaved, waxed, used hair removal creams, epilated and finally resorted to laser when I was working in India (it’s cheaper than in the UK and millions of Indians swear by it). I bought a package of seven sessions and, after the sixth, I still didn’t see much improvement. Dafuq, right?! When I spoke to my laser lady (Hi, Maria!) she said I may need a few more sessions due to the nature of hair. If laser beams couldn’t change the nature of my hair, I really don’t know what could. I’m not sure laser could really fix my hair and ingrown hair problem. Since then, I’ve decided to exfoliate more, shave the legs and continue having the bikini waxed. I’ve also decided to embrace the ingrowns. Luckily, that constellation isn’t quite as apparent around my bikini as it is on my legs but what the hell. They’re a part of me, and I’m a part of them. Of course, if anyone has any recommendations, hit me up.

  • Ellery

    “I vetted this concern with Kavita Rawat, an esthetician at Eve Salon in NYC ”

    Yes, because the person whose income derives in part from waxing is going to offer an objective opinion about whether shaving (which she doesn’t derive an income from) is as effective.

    Sterling journalism there…..

  • Katie

    This article is too true. Victoria Secret angels….where is their bikini line!? I’ll never know.

  • belladonna_16

    I am insanely prone to ingrowns and waxing was a nightmare. I had laser. It helped. A lot. There has been re-growth, but it’s relatively minor and I just shave now. If I ever become wealthy, I’ll get additional treatments to knock out the survivors.

    On a related note: laser your armpits. Just do it. Best 500 bucks I ever spent.

  • Maya

    I’m basically over my bikini line. Take it or leave it, my vagina is perfect.

    • This.

    • Engels_Beard

      Yes! I’m not spending money and time on it just because sixty years ago some asshole decided we should swim practically naked. Swim shorts forever!

    • Dymond Moore

      Idc how it looks, but ingrowns itch like hell man!

  • Hannah

    Laser laser laser (NOT IPL which is not as effective and often just as expensive). I had it done on bikini line ten years ago – it was life changing and no, it really doesn’t grow back. Maybe a sprout or two but nothing like before. I don’t need to do anything to it apart from a tiny shave/pluck every few months. Now getting full legs and underarms done. It’s expensive, but it saves so much time and angst. It’s also the easiest way to feel just like Beyoncé. You’re all worth it, ladies.

  • Samantha Wilbanks

    Kiss My Face shave cream + Lush African Paradise Body Conditioner in shower followed up with Aveda Beautifying composition

  • Wednesday White-Priest

    I LOVE this and the way it was written!! It is so funny to find out that I am not alone in this. I almost stopped waxing down there because I didn’t know what was worse the hair or the mess that waxing caused down there with ingrowns/scars. Although it is beginning to get better, I have been thinking about laser for a while now. THANK YOU for writing this!!!

  • Max

    Do you know that when shaving or waxing your
    bikini, you remove near 36% of the superficial skin layer? This cause a
    defensive skin reaction and an excessive production of dead cells. Your
    skin became thicker and the hair cannot go through anymore (so scars,
    ingrown hair etc.). Instead of exfoliating it needs more moisture. For a perfectly groomed bikini you have a new French gynceutical brand Woman essentials. Its Baume de beauté helps wound healing, restaure the hydrolipidic balance and
    makes your hair silky.

  • Cecilia Lindstrom

    I do like the strippers: shave! No ingrown hairs, ever.

  • Elizabeth Thompson

    MR hits it on the head again! I am definitely a believer in the conspiracy theory. I have tried ALL of the above mentioned remedies, except of course laser removal because like you cannot afford such an expensive treatment. While they helped, none blessed me with airbrushed baby look so desired. Thanks for the investigation and more importantly the validation that us plebs are not alone in this daily struggle!

  • Jessica Camon

    Muy experience with laser was amazing!! I seldom have ingrown hair in muy bikini line but I used to have A LOT in my legs (I think it’s worse because I love dresses and my bikini line is out just at the beach)
    It completely changed my legs, i really really recomend it

  • Estefania

    I used to have the same problem, thats why I decided to try laser and it compleeeetely worked. Of course hairs still appear, but any sign of ingrows or scars dissappeared!

  • Kendra

    Have any of you heard of Tend Skin? I bought it on amazon and after my wax I rub it on everyday with a cotton ball until my next wax – I try to go every three weeks, but if not three weeks out then I go every four. One of my waxing ladies from when I was in college told me to use a facial exfoliant down there that has salicylic acid. I’ve been doing that and also trying to pay close attention to anything that looks like it could turn into an ingrown hair. My hair is so thick that I’ve had to pull out two at once. It was definitely not fun, but if you have any ingrowns already hat are a little harder to get out, Tend Skin helps to bring the hair to the surface.

  • S

    I have shaved forever with no problems. I was a competiiitive swimmer and I love to be in the water. I used to only get ingrown hairs every once in while and they would be pretty rough, but literally only like 2 a year. Last year I decided to start getting Brazilian waxes and continued to do so for about 7 months. My hair growth cycles were all over the place and my bikini line and area have never been the same. I get terrible ingrown hairs that get so irritated and infected. It is so frustrating. I have been letting the top hair grow out and I only trim it. My boyfriend bought me a personal lazer hair removal thing for Christmas but I feel like I have to wait until my skin is better. I wish I never got waxed. I wasted so much money and I have the worst scars. Ingrown hairs are no joke, I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy. I put derma e scar gel on my bikini line 3X a day. I exfoliate and apply warm compresses when I have a really painful ingrown hair. I also use Shaveworks cool fix gel from Sephora after I shave if I have to. Don’t get waxed.

  • Monica

    Electrolysis. iIme consuming. Can be pricey. Totally worth it. I did bikini line and underarms in my late 30s. In grown problem solved. Also helps with under arm odors.

  • Gillian

    MAN (Repeller) I am not a regular comment-leaver – in fact, I usually laugh out loud (in my head) at my witty retorts and never share them lest no one else find my hilarity… well… hilarious. But, in this case I must because I have conquered the (beast) in-grown hair.

    For literal, ACTUAL years it was a constant crime scene in my nether-regions (sorry for the visual). That is, until someone turned me on to the secret of sugaring! Sugaring, as opposed to waxing is water – rather than oil – based. So, when they are cleaning you up after a session, they are not filling vulnerable open pores with oil. I follow my sugars with the use of an exfoliating moisturizer (which contains glycolic acid, so sometimes hurts like a mother f*cker) but TOTALLY works.

    No, I am not a sugarer. No I’m not being paid by one. I am just a convert.

  • Amanda Vickers
  • deedee haileselassie


  • I can definitely say that at one point in my life I dedicated thousands of my hard-earned dollars towards subjecting myself to relatively painful sessions of waxing, shaving, laser, electrolysis, all on various parts of my body that I felt at the time needed to be perpetually smooth.

    And then I stopped.

    Want to know what my solution to pubic region perfection has been? To embrace my body, my natural state of being, my gorgeous, beautiful, natural pubic hair.

    For me, it’s now about comfort above all. Freedom above all. Normalizing the having of body hair or the not having of body hair, is secondary to the freedom of being able to have both whenever it’s convenient and aligns with your personal values and motivation.

    Thousands of dollars on hair removal? Hundreds of hours dedicated to depilatory procedures? Clogged drains? Those things didn’t feel like freedom to me.

  • laura gruber

    same here, lots and lots of ingrowns. anyone wants to share experiences w/electric epilators? since i haven’t adapted to shaving or waxing, i was thinking ’bout buying one, but what i’ve heard about it is that it hurts a lot more than wax and doesn’t solve the ingrown issue

    • Tamagotcha

      Epilator convert here! I have a bog standard Phillips one and I use it for legs, underarms and bikini (nothing crazy, just the outside-the-bathing-suit part). I don’t find it very painful, but then I never had much of a problem with waxing either, so maybe I just have a high pain threshold/ hair that yields willingly to removal.

      The *absolute key* (which I read on a product review and for which I am eternally grateful) for doing it is to shave completely, then try epilating the next day, right after bathing or showering so the hair and skin are nice and soft. There will only be a handful of hairs there so you should hardly feel anything. Rinse and repeat every day for a week or two and then you should be able to space it out. As the hairs grow back at different rates you should only ever be epilating a fraction of the total coverage at a time. You really don’t want to let them all grow out fully, like you do for waxing, or that would really hurt. I’ve been doing it for about two years and I’d never go back to shaving or waxing. It seems to work very well with my hair and skin type. With shaving and waxing I find that, I think because they remove the top layer of skin, the skin always seems to grow back really thickly over the hairs or something? And that leads to more ingrowns. I get hardly any with epliating, presumably because it only removes the hairs themselves. I usually do it before bed and sleep naked so there’s nothing to irritate the skin immediately after, and I exfoliate while showering every day with an exfoliating glove and soap. I do it about once every ten days and even during the summer wearing skirts and shorts every day my legs always looked more or less fine (you might have a higher bar if you’re a professional stripper or something though!) YMMV though. I’m super, super white and my hair is pretty fine and light brown, and I’m not the hairiest person in the world. Thicker or darker hair might be more painful and might need epilating more often.

      The main downside for me is that the one I have is really loud. When I lived with housemates I’m pretty sure they thought I had some sort of steampunk vibrator or something. The noise doesn’t bother me as I just pop on noise-cancelling headphones and rock out for a while, but if it’s an issue for you then I think the more expensive ones are quieter.
      Anyway, big ramble. In summary, totes worth it. I got mine for €40, the cost of one wax.

  • Bibi

    Maybe I can help you! I do it with tweezers, only under the underwear lines of course. The rest is ok to be waxed/shaved. Pull it slowly in the same direction it grows (0 pain), one by one, and dont wear underwear that is to tight. It takes me about 30 minutes, but hey, no ingrown hair for me. I don’t use any product after and my skin looks and feels perfect.
    Happy tweezing!

  • Romane

    Laser hair removal. End of the story.

  • Marie Rollin

    This is said to work wonders :
    Haven’t tried it yet.
    Sorry it’s ages after the article was posted, but I just found this thread 🙂

  • MMarcia

    Many commenters here don’t seem to know what or were their vagina is. OUTSIDE is the vulva. INSIDE is the vagina. Got over yourselves and learn something!

  • Tyler Durden on Sheeple

    I have a 10/10 system. I use those 5 blade razors that cost like $15 for 5 (Lady Venus I think.) Make sure your skin is very lubricated. I use hair conditioner. You can use the razors more than once, but don’t leave them in the shower, wet and collecting bacteria. Dry ’em off and put them in a drawer. Then, every morning I scrub…’briskly’…with a very textured cotton face cloth. Don’t rub it raw, but hard enough to keep those twisters from lodging under the skin. After, wipe with an Oxy Pad (beauty is pain), then (and this is what took my routine from 8/10 to 10/10…) apply Monistat cream or another yeast cream. My bikini line is absolutely perfect and baby soft. Good luck girls.

  • Tiffany Lopez Willaims

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  • Lydia Yun

    Ever since I switched to waxing salons with ONLY hard wax, I stopped having in-growns completely! I recently went to a cheaper regular waxing salon and got in-growns again! This reinforced my hard wax theory.

  • Cate

    IPL is the best thing I’ve EVER done. I used to have the same problem, relentless ingrown hairs regardless if I waxed or shaved. Then I bought myself a home ipl gun! It took about 6 months of religious use to get there but now I’m bikini perfect with a quick shave once a month. Although the hairs are so sparse and fine only I can really see them anyway.

  • Kristin.

    I’ve spent so much money on laser/pulsed light hair removal – and I still have blonde hairs left. I just can’t keep spending money on expensive treatments if I want to save up for a down-payment. I resent hair removal so much.

  • CrystalBeagley

    I had red and dark spots on my legs from ingrown hairs (I’m super fair-skinned). I’d tried mederma and not seen much improvement. Dermalmd Scar Serum seems to really be fading the spots and works the best on newer red marks, fading them before they ever become dark spots. I’ll probably try to keep some on hand at all times because it really works on fresh scars/marks.

  • Renahy Aulani

    omg I just stumbled on this from a link on your latest post! I am plagued by this too… BUT! I have been using Maderma oil and vitamin E oil (mixed lightly together) since my last wax and haven’t gotten ONE ingrown! I always get at least one… so I’m pretty damn happy about it!

  • JBHomemade, LLC

    Lest we forget about Sugar Hair Removal though it’s been around since Cleopatra
    1.100% natural
    2.No resin or chemicals
    3.Water soluble – you will never ruin your clothes or towels
    4.Will never adhere to live skin cells
    5.Will never bum skin, as it is barely lukewarm
    6.Bacteria does not breed or survive in sugar
    7.Natural healer to skin
    8.Will not damage delicate facial skin tissue from long-term use
    9.Removes hair in direction of natural growth
    10.Very little (if any) discomfort
    11.Superior end results
    12.Becomes definitive
    13.Removes hair after 2 to 3 days growth (about an 1/8″)
    14.Will assist in diminishment of ingrown hairs
    15.Can sugar areas with spider veins and varicose veins or diabetics and dry itch eczema
    16.Skin is left feeling soft and clean, even before aftercare
    17.Never hardens, even if left on skin
    18.No chemical additives or preservations, therefore no allergic reactions or breakouts
    19.Less redness or damage to connective tissues, especially around the mouth area
    20.Sugaring removes hair from the roots (epilating), thus hair is unseen from 2-4 weeks
    21.With continued use, hair becomes sparser, softer and finer
    22.Since sugaring adheres tightly to the hair but not the skin, there is 50% less pain compared to using other waxes.
    23.Gives you clear, smooth & lighter skin
    24.Exfoliates by stripping off dead skin
    25.NO HEATING is required.
    26.Creates a serious difference in the way your skin looks, feels, and responds to the re-growth process
    27.As the skin Is exfoliated during sugaring, if you use spray tan, your tan will last longer and have an more even coloring
    28.Hair isn’t broken off
    29.Hair grows back unified
    30.Can be used on all skin and hair types
    31.Hair removal intervals are extended
    32.Effective as little as 2 days after shaving
    33.lngrowns from shaving/waxing are removed
    34.100% ECO friendly
    35.Removes blackheads from all body parts
    36.NO Parabens, Silicates, Aluminums, OHEA or SLS associated with other hair removal products
    …just sayin…there are better options ☺♥

    • Fran

      I sugar and have been plagued with more ingrown than shaving ever gave :(((

  • Tessa
  • B

    Ugh this has been plaguing me for months! Started waxing at European Wax Center again back in early April before a vacation. I decided I may as well keep it up, but the ingrowns are getting worse! They were all, buy our products, and I did, and they’re not really helping much. The best thing that I’ve been using lately, especially for those really nice red scars they leave behind, is Bio Oil. I straight up slather my cooch with that shit everyday and it’s definitely helping with the redness. I’m just glad I’m not alone in this fight ladies.