3 Ways to Wear Dr. Scholl’s

Technically, it’s 4 ways. Because that’s just who we are.


We love things that come in threes — like summer outfits under $200 and ideas for wearing a robe outside the bedroom. 

Have I successfully manipulated you to get a pair yet?

Good! Great! Grand! Now here are three ways to wear your borderline orthotics.

Way 1: As though you are from an ad that appears to have originally surfaced in the 1970s

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 1.37.33 PM

Tome top, Derek Lam shorts, Gucci sweater, Garrett Leight sunglasses

The key ingredients here are a pair of short-shorts that sort of flare out at the sides, but are high waist and nicely complement any version of button down of your choosing. While the left figure chose gingham, my money’s on stripes because that’s just the kind of person I aspire to be, you know? The sweater isn’t optional, by the way, and this is true irrelevant of climatic circumstance.

Way 2: Live like you’ve never seen that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie meanders about in a tea dress and Scholl’s


Aquilano Rimondi top, Chloé track pants

Even though you, too, have a stoop, you are not sacrificing rainbow track pants to wear a sorry-ass tea dress, am I right? Never mind the implication of a sequined tank top (the implication being that you are part-amphibian) or a hair-tie that makes you look like you’re 15 again. The best part of the whole enchilada is that your outfit says nothing and everything at once. You can practically do anything, include scrub the floor of a pool, or attend a formal gathering. That’s so cool of you.

Way 3: Like you’re high-tailing it da fuq out of town 


Peter Pilotto dressAquazzura hat — another straw hat option here, Fendi sunglasses

I fiercely and sincerely maintain that you can dress to live the state of mind you aspire toward. That might mean crepes atop a Swiss Alp on Christmas, or beach-bound with sand trailing behind your every move, but as someone who has marked the anticipatory period of a summer weekend as the most glorious time of the week, for me the best state of mind is the one that finds you running a last minute errand at 12 p.m. on a Friday just before boarding a car that will take you somewhere, anywhere, away for the weekend, and the Scholl’s always come.

!Bonus! Way 4: Like you are an insane person.

Serial killer shit http://liketk.it/2ox6S

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Glow wherever your halo takes you, you know?

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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  • Alexis Lambert

    Glad I never threw out the pair I bought 15 years ago.

  • Stephanie

    Nice look! I love the second look <3


  • Stylish Housewife

    I still have my pink pair from 15 years ago. Love them but OMG when you accidentally slip out of them and almost snap your tendons/ligaments on the bottom of your foot! OUCH. =)


  • I have four people in hysterics here; trying to convince me that this is slowly a slip into old age….to them I say ‘HA’. If 30% off and a possible claim on my insurance for Orthopedics to wear a stylish and yet comfortable pair of shoes is me giving up; than sign me up and I’m happily embracing 36!

  • chouette

    Damn! $90? I remember getting these at Famous Footwear for like $10 as a wee tot. I guess that was 20 years ago tho :/

    • phoudram

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  • AAA

    I had these in 2004 with the natural wood sole. I loved them. I’m doing the Birkenstock thing rn

  • Maura ONeill

    My first pair were purchased some 30 years ago at our local drug store. Navy blue with white stitching. You chose your size by placing your foot on a display of footbeds shaped from styrofoam. It was awesome.

  • Kelly

    I had a pair when I was around 8 and I was obsessed with them! I just might have to get a pair when it hits summer down in Australia.

  • I just wore mine yesterday! Are you following me? Is this a targeted ad?!?!!! are you Facebook???!!

  • Jessica Fleur

    I am loyal to my Berkemann Wooden Sandals. You can’t beat the replaceable straps.

  • Ten years ago I went to Martha’s Vineyard for the first time with a friend to stay in her family’s vacation house. I had saved up about $35 from my sad job as a cashier at my local grocery store, and spent almost all of that at the first store we went in to on a pair of dusty pink Dr. Scholl’s. I threw them out after a few years, but damn, do I wish I still had them. Who could’ve known that they would be the perfect sandal for Summer 2016?!

  • lalou

    Just looked these up – I can’t believe how much these cost now! I remember my mom buying my sister’s and I each a pair of these back in the late seventies – seriously, if they were ten bucks. What a rip… unbelievable.

  • omg this is so exciting for me! I’m staying w my grandparents to help them out and i’m cleaning out these rooms of old crap. However, amidst the clutter i found a perfect tan pair of dr scholls. i wasn’t sure if they were too small or if i could figure out how to walk in them, but they totally fit like leandra’s. I looked for videos on how to walk in dr scholls but all that came up were like creepy guys videoing women walking in dr scholls in the mall. ANYWAY how hard is it to figure out how to walk in shoes??? I just started gripping them w my toes and it’s pretty awesome. A really cool gift! Thanks for the great post Leandra! woohoo!

  • Allie Fasanella

    literally saw this exact pair at tj max and thought of you. ~maxinista~ didn’t purchase bc i’m broke :/

  • Tina

    Seriously cute and comfy. I have the hard rubber soles, half the price double the comfort. It’s all about how you rock them. Wear what makes you feel good and in turn you’ll look good and all of sudden everyone will be asking where you got those cute shoes. 🙂