MR’s Modern Day ‘Clueless’ Outfits

Sing it with us! “I don’t care what my teacher’s say — I’m gonna be a supermodel…”


The reason you have this weird affection toward fluffy-tipped pens and Mary Janes, jarring plaid and Pam Anderson pimp hats, baby tees, cropped tops and Jeeps with the top off, white collared shirts and knee high socks, The Mighty, Mighty Bosstones, Egg McMuffins, Marvin the Martian and boys named Josh is all because of Clueless.

For so many of us it was the first window into the world of fashion. It was the first time we saw just how transformative, expressive and actually fun clothing could be. Remember that Sex & the City didn’t air until three years later and even then you likely weren’t allowed to watch it.

(But because this movie was based off of Jane Austen’s Emma your strict mom who was concerned about feminist values and the effects that movies can have on young, soft brains decided that this one — with its sexually active teenagers who argued their way to better grades and confused soda pop for drugs made from crack rocks — was okay. Choose your battles.)

We spent our most formative years re-watching and absorbing Cher & co’s mid-90s lexicon — Calvin Klein, “as if,” Alaïa — and we didn’t even have to know what any of it meant. Those words seared themselves into our brains just as wonderfully and deeply as her pre-iOS outfit-selecting closet, and they stuck.

I mean thank god, right? Because if you don’t spend your adult life in search of an excuse to dress like the well-manicured cast of Clueless, then what do you do with your days?

In honor of the movie’s anniversary, we made up an excuse called Dress Like a Clueless Character to Work Day. You should try it. Your boss will understand — bet you your very first designer bag that she, too, still does the ocean hand motion any time she hears Coolio’s “Rollin’ With My Homies.”

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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  • Is there a less-expensive version of Leandra’s shoes anywhere? (All outfits awesome)

  • elizabeth got the tennis look SPOT ON! i have been forever trying to recreate that look!¬!

  • Jeremiah Capacillo

    Leandra as Ms Geist is EVERYTHING.

    • sin_plomo

      love love love

    • Daniela Paz

      The best one by far!


    The shoes Amelia is wearing as Amber are the boommbbbb

  • Greer Clarke

    Omg Krista killed it

    • Krista Anna Lewis

      Thank you ! <3

  • Allie Fasanella

    i needed this

  • Ashley

    omgthisisthebest. Also, definitely pulling this out come October so I can participate in Halloween without actually wearing something I wouldn’t wear in real life.

    • Ashley

      Also, I’m gonna need you guys to do this with all the movies from my formative years.

  • Eleanor

    Harling’s outfit is on point!

    • Harling Ross

      Thanks, Eleanor! The only tough thing was walking to work in long-sleeves on an 88-degree days…but anything 4 Dionne, ya know?

  • HeleenP

    I wish I was dressed like Haley .. sooo cool !!! But i’m close.. have everything besides that shirt, cap and jeans.

  • Andrea Raymer

    i am definitely devoting my morning to rewatching this. Thank you Netflix.

  • gleek

    Yes! You just lived out every woman’s dream. I don’t think that is a broad assumption either.

  • I love Jasmin’s outfit!

    xo, Carey

    • Jasmin Aujla

      Thanks Carey!!

  • Sarah O’Neal

    Leandra as Ms. Geist is the best! And it makes me think…Leandra would make an excellent Ms. Frizzle too I bet. You ladies should seriously consider doing a post like this on Magic School Bus outfits.

  • Pia Hocevar Mucic
  • Oh Clueless, wasn’t this just the best film ever growing up! I watched it over and over, I think it taught me more about life than I learnt at school haha. Now I need to go home and watch it x

  • Ashley Alt

    Leandra, you are the best. Who knew Ms. Geist would come back into our lives

  • Brielle Saggese

    Clueless was THE best. I never got past the whole “it’s fine if you date your step brother! totally fine!” thing but the style was on point. Also, I think it goes without saying that its best fashion moment was when we saw this>> and all wanted to wear matching plaid sets in a pre-Taylor Swift world.

  • lily

    i want Haley’s hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Krista Anna Lewis

      I tell her this every chance I get.

  • Alyssa G

    These looks are ICONIC. Amelia as Amber is so spot on, so perfect.

    xx Alyssa
    VISIONS OF NYC // @alyszsa

  • Leandra as Ms. Geist is more iconic than the moment below

  • Amy Mills

    yo wussup haley you’re wearing my everyday outfit which i typically like to attribute as ~~grungy Seattle before it got too techie~~

  • ExaltedHeights

    Clueless, one of my favorite films of all time!

  • BK

    Amelia, I dispute your Amber costume, as we all know the brief is HAGSVILLE, but you are the polar opposite.

  • Sam

    Bless this post.

  • Hannah

    Amelia IS Amber. All of you actually. You guys all nailed this so perfectly I think you need to start a YouTube channel about it.

  • Abi

    Lily’s Cher outfit is so freaking cute, I just adore it!!!!

  • Hannah Cole

    oh my goodness, boys named Josh. It all makes sense now. That’s why I loved at least 5 growing up.

  • Bree

    This series is perfection!!!

  • Lorena C

    *Prints this post’s and sticks it in bedroom WITH HEARTS MADE OF GLITTER* <3 <3 <3

  • camila

    love leandra’s!!!!!

  • ethel

    These are great. I love the Ms. Geist looks! Would you take any request?!!! I would love to see how you ladies would interpret Xuxa’s outfits from the 80’s/90’s. Especially from her kids show. Okay as you can tell, I’m old. 🙂

  • Leslie

    Patty as Josh is too adorable. I’m going to put that outfit on as soon as the temperature drops below 95 here.

    • Marie Johnson Lewin


      • Patty Carnevale

        Aw shucks you guys!! Thank you. That blazer was a sweat trap but worth it :).

  • Marie Johnson Lewin

    This is one of those times where you get to the end of the slideshow and you just want it to keep going forever

  • Marie-Eve

    Amelia is a goddess with goddess hair.

  • Shay

    can we appreciate tai’s face. please. SHE KNOWS my soul.

  • Ellie

    GUYSSSS this is the best ever.