Market Report: Unconventional City Bags

Baguettes and flowers don’t just carry themselves, you know!


So you’re walking down the street, notice your shoulder beginning to exhaust and suddenly find yourself caught at the intersection of Why Am I Carrying All This Stuff? and Because I Need It. So you look over at your shoulder and then you think, man, this would be more satisfying if the bag causing my spine misalignment was cooler.

And it’s not that the bag you’re holding isn’t actually cool! It’s just that it could be cooler. Unconventionally cooler. So you look up at the sky, bask in the sun’s heat and then you surmise (because you’re a big fan of the non-sequitur) that you need a straw tote to hoist through the place you live. But how will you find the right straw tote, you know? Don’t worry about such menial things! That’s what friends (me! Us!) are for. So behold, a guide to four great straw bags (pick just one!), one rad tote and how to wear them (with caftans exclusively — it’s Let Loose Month, don’t forget).

If your life was a vintage photo, it would crush Jane Birkin’s arsenal.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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  • Senka

    Proud schlepper of a straw tote all summer long, even to my very corporate work enviroinment, and always on a lookout for a cooler, better option.

  • Yvonne Dunlevie

    In my dreams, I have that watermelon bag and some watermelon slices inside of it and I pull them out to snack on every time I’m feeling fatigued.

  • hotma utama
  • In my dreams, I live at the seaside and I can wear those bags all the time, cause it’s always warm!

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  • Maia

    I recently happened upon a wicker bag similar to your Etsy one at a thrift shop for 50 cents (!!!). It’s upped my summer schlepping game AND my picnic game exponentially.