Three Ways to Wear a Robe

Google just told me that, technically speaking, the adjective “luxurious” means “extremely comfortable or elegant.” This is a word I have been using frequently to define the cues that are currently defining my style, which is commanded by two overarching themes: indulgence and this sort of anticipatory impatience to be pregnant.

If you are the kind of person who is wont to explore the nuances of your identity using personal style and thus clothing as a mule, trying to get pregnant will be a lot of fun. I know this to be true because I’m doing it! And nothing challenges the boundaries of what you might believe defines you (high waist jeans? Cropped jackets? Shirts that look like miniature tents, if tents also looked like jacarandas, etc) as it, you know, no longer defining you.

So what do you do? You move on. Then improvise. You force yourself out of the comfort zone you’ve grown addicted to and begin to feel like you’re rewriting your narrative even though all you’re doing is, quite frankly, coping. Which is where my recent fascination with robes come in. They’re are indulgent and luxurious (see what I did there?) and fancy and not really contingent on sizing — everything I want to feel while I’m trying to create a nest for a cool baby, who I am sure is going to love living inside of me because, !insider gossip!, there is a ton of ice cream in here. So there you have it.

Three ways to wear a robe.



Above and below.

Attempt A: The tie waist mullet.


Sleepy Jones robe, Staud jumpsuit, Aperlai shoes, J.W. Anderson bag

Regular shirts tied around the waist are cool, but you know what’s cooler? A shirt that low-key looks like a gown dress from behind but offers the very practical reality of being nothing more than a relic from Nirvana’s heyday from the front. I wish I knew who made these sunglasses but I am sure you can find them in the 90s.

Attempt B: The dress


Sleepy Jones robe, Edie Parker bag, & Other Stories socks, Miu Miu mary janes

Plus! Spoiler alert! A mutable waist line! And that’s really the magic of this makeshift slip dress, isn’t it? Wear it when you want, how you want. Heck, forgo the waist band all together and show the world what your private parts are made of! Don’t compromise the socks and glitter shoes, though. That’s a cool thing you have going there.

Effort C: Your de facto robe


Sleepy Jones robe, Isabel Marant button down, vintage bustier — another hereMarques’ Almeida skirt, Paul Andrew shoes

Herro! Here I am in a very short skirt with a button down ambitiously wrap-topped + bustier underneath and per the shoes? They are the closest I have come to clear shoes since I started my search a month ago. This works because even though the skirt is very short, the robe makes it feel…imaginary.

That’s all I’ve got. Bye!

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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  • Catarina Oliveira

    This 3 outfits are SO you and So good! 😉
    You spice things up!

  • Stephanie

    I love the 3 outfit that you wore <3

  • Andrew Young

    I love this so much.

  • Slaying it as always, Leandra! Love how you can make anything chic.

    xo, Catherine

  • Deborah

    You look like the swanky house of an artist in the hills of Los Angeles. Very cool baby-home.

  • Kelly

    Love this, love the jumpsuit!
    You can also wear the robe back to front for a low back V look…

  • Veslemøy Kaen

    The real struggle of commenting on Man Repeller is how to express my love for everything without making the all time cheesiest comment, but I adore this! I would like to have you on speed dial and talk all day haha. Anyways, love your style Leandra, as ALWAYS! Totally on the lookout for cool robes now.

  • Styleomad

    I also have a thing for wearing robes and other night wear. Happy I’m not alone, looks awesome!

  • Senka

    Something about that look with robe as a dress, and Leandras long gorgeous hair (I’m partial to long, dark, wavy hair) is so quintesentially feminine and grown up. Love the look!

  • gracie

    I love wearing sleepwear/robes out as leisurewear. I’ve started doing it more and more especially since I just bought the Natori Chianti robe… it is the best all-time summer robe and one Khloe Kardashian is obsessed with 🙂

  • All three perfection x