5 Ways, 5 Days: An Expensive Lace Camisole

Perfect for the never-nude!


Welcome to the new MR series, 5 Ways, 5 Days. In it, various members of our editorial team are tasked with the challenge of selecting an item from their personal wardrobes to wear to work five different ways, five days in a row. The rules are few: make sure you can see the garment on each of the five days and that you don’t wear it same way more than once. The outcome, on the other hand, is plenty: a whole week’s worth of clothing inspo. Hopefully?

Up first: Me, Leandra, because the series was my idea and no one else nominated themselves to kick us off. The item in question is a silk negligee tank top that I bought from Céline in a moment of weakness about a month ago when their sale started. You might remember a tweet I sent in April that read, “No joke had a dream that I bought so much stuff at Céline, the dollar amount eclipsed numbers and went into letters.” I feel like I actually did this last month. And regretted it, you know, because I need that money for things like rent and lunch but also because, well, the top is really naked. Unable to make a return and poised to wear it until it pays itself back in CPW (cost-per-wear), I’m out here now and feeling pretty good about the outcome of the challenge. You tell me what you think, tho.



3.1 Phillip Lim jacket, Outdoor Voices leggings, Ancient Greek Sandals

One of the most genuine perks of being your own boss is that you get to wear whatever the hell you want to work (on days that you don’t have meetings set). This is particularly helpful when your Monday mornings are spent trying to be a housewife before 9:30 a.m. (that is: buying groceries, toothpaste, socks for your husband, hauling ass up to a fertility clinic three miles north of your residence and finally, cutting vegetables all the while attempting to plank because your core is feeling kind of soft). So I wore my knee cap leggings with a pair of comfortable slides and the top in question plus a jacket because you could straight up see my nipples through the lace and right now, my nipples are looking a lot like peeled cantaloupes. I don’t want to talk about this anymore.



Walk of Shame slip dress, Vilshenko utility jacket, Tory Burch sandals, Annelise Michelson arm cuff

Another perk of self-employment is that you have a hand in selecting your office space’s location. I chose .2 miles away from home, which makes wearing heels and redeeming yourself in the form of slightly-more-formal-wear following athleisure days somewhat easier. On Tuesday night, I was to attend a “fashion thing” at the Waverly Inn, so I wore a slip dress that looked like nightwear under the negligee top and added a pair of gold sandals and a utility jacket in case I got cold, which I did not.



Valentino skirt, Ralph Lauren sunglasses, Charlotte Olympia watermelon purse, Peter Pilotto slides

Monday and Tuesday came pretty easy, but by Wednesday, I was like: what now? As it turned out, the answer was go big or go home, which I think I did pretty well. Someone stopped me on the street to say that I made their day at which point I suggested that by wearing tons of color, they could probably make their own days, too! How great is that!



Solid and Striped t-shirt, Brock Collection jeans, Maryam Nassir Zadeh slides, Nancy Gonzalez handbag

Excuse me for being dramatic.

Following Wednesday’s nudity, Thursday (also the day I would have dinner with my in-laws) felt like an appropriate time to cover-the-fuq-up with a striped t-shirt worn under the camisole and jeans for good measure. The shoes make me both look and feel like I am walking on my tippy toes while barefoot — a really nice compliment to jeans and tan feet. If I had to pick a favorite from the week, I’d say it’s this one.



Dallin Chase shorts — another here, Prada shoes, Rosie Assoulin earrings

You know the drill: Fridays call for the relinquishment of pants. Enter these shorts plus a lightweight, linen-blend button down and some sandals that I bought the last time I received shitty news from my fertility doctor. My closet is now divided into pre-IVF and post-IVF wears. Everything from post is a little superfluous, a little unlike me and typically not contingent on clothing size. Not sure I’d have bought these in my “right” mind, but shit man, I am glad I have them.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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  • Stephanie
  • Senka

    That Valentino skirt is still one of the most beautiful things.

  • Kirsten Rasmussen

    Love this series! I’m still lusting after that Valentino skirt after all this time..

  • What an awesome series! Cannot wait for more.

  • Deborah

    Those matching necklines in Picture 7!! Spectacular. Like the layered dresses you did in the What to Wear to Frieze.

  • Andrea Urdaneta

    I also calculate the CPW everytime I get something “expensive” too, so I love this idea. All the looks are awesome…Friday and those sandals, tho <3

  • Aydan

    Agreed! Wed and Thurs are def my faves!!

  • Tina

    Buuut where’s the crochet jug from!!

    • Leandra Medine

      It’s Rosie Assoulin

  • Jika


  • obsessed! love the looks!

    liana | http://twlightdelight.tumblr.com

  • LC
  • Kimberley Boehm

    Loved all of the looks, but Thursday is fabulous.

  • Lauren Payne

    so this makes me kind of want to do this BUT damn the man who gave office job a dress code!

  • Mariana

    Tuesday and Friday are my favourite!! I love the colours of wednesday look but I could not pull that off for city life, my boobs are really shy ahaha

  • Kelly

    Those Rosie Assoulin earrings are seriously amazing!

  • snap

    we would like to see those peeled cantaloupes #freethenipple

  • Vida Rose

    Wednesday is the dream! You are a ray of sunshine all the way. Loooovee it.

  • Jessicaaaa

    Googled peeled cantaloupes just to get the vibe and… I kind of think I know what you mean…

    • Jessicaaaa

      P.S. Nailed every outfit ??

  • Geo Abreu

    i love all the looks, but do not have the body for them 🙂

  • T.

    I like the version best, where you layer it over the lace dress!

  • Iida L.

    Love the lace dress look!


  • Lilian Knoblok

    Leandra, I am a brazilian reader, I found your blog after read your book. In both ways you are so natural that I had a deep identification. Brazilian bloggers are so fake with the perfect makeup and perfect hair and poses and arrogance… You are a real person! And beautiful on your way.

  • Lilian Knoblok

    Sorry, this comment was to the make up post.