How to Explore Your Creativity When Your Job Isn’t That Creative

You DO have the time, promise.


The day that we stopped playing inside of cardboard boxes and making forts out of couch cushions must have been very real and important benchmarks in our respective developmental successes. Our parents likely said we were growing up. I guess we were; play time has to scootch over eventually to make space for responsibilities of the real world. But it’s when we push imagination off the couch completely — something we tend do as we get older and crave more sleep and “down time” — that our growth can feel plateaued. Life turns into a repetition of days. It’s exactly what Peter Pan feared.

But exploring extracurricular creative pursuits, no matter how Hippie Aunt that sounds, is what makes us entire people. Part of growing up means growing outward, too. The most common complaint, of course (because I have also said it) is that we don’t have enough hours in our lives to do it. But is that really true? Which is why I threw a shout out to my Facebook and said, “Hey friends with largely non-creative jobs who have passion projects on the side that release the fun and colorful part of your brain — how do you do it?”

And here is what they said.

Feature image watercolor painting of a Paul Andrew shoe by Elizabeth Tamkin; photographed by Krista Anna Lewis. Featuring Nadine Ghosn rings and bracelets.



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