What to Wear This Week: Danielle Prescod

Maybe the key to getting dressed is getting organized…


In today’s edition of What to Wear This Week, fashion editor and stylist Danielle Prescod breaks down the mechanics of what she wears and why.

You’re a SERIOUS outfit planner. How far in advance are you planning? 

For a typical week, I try to plan a look for every day. It can get especially complicated if I am going to the gym and need to go directly somewhere afterwards. But that’s why it’s way better to plan ahead.

I do run-throughs; a run-through is a process that happens at magazines to determine whether or not certain looks will work for a shoot. I like to have run-throughs for all of my outfits. This consists of laying out options on the floor as they would appear on my body. If I like the way something looks, then I try it on. If everything fits, it makes the cut and I add it to a note in my phone that is categorized by day and I write down what I am wearing for each day of the week. I usually just do Saturday and Sunday in my head. There is less pressure on the weekend but if I have an event on the weekend, I still try on all the possible looks before choosing one. This sounds crazy, I guess, but it is a lot simpler than it seems.

What questions do you ask yourself when getting dressed?

My number one question lately is: does this fit you? Followed by: does this look good? I try to be really critical in both of these aspects because even though I may love something in my closet, if it doesn’t fit properly, there is no point in wearing in. Ditto if it doesn’t look good.

What happens when you have a planned outfit but something happens that derails your plan, like the weather or a change of events?

There is nothing worse than having a cute outfit planned and waking up to RAIN. Seriously, it’s terrible. I really hate to have to change but I adjust if necessary. It usually ends up being an outfit I am not totally happy with and it will put me in a bad mood all day. If we are being honest, I try to stay home until it stops raining so that I can continue with my original outfit plan.

Do you start from the shoes and work your way up, or clothes and then down? Do the pieces you choose to wear aim to say anything specific?

I always start with the shoes. How much walking I need to do that day will dictate heel height and ultimately, the necessary comfort level. From there, I try to build an outfit.

Foolproof styling trick?

A bodysuit, no tucking!

The one garment that never lets you down?

A mini skirt.

The one that always lets you down?

A maxi skirt!

Your best shopping tip?

Only buy what looks absolutely amazing on you or what has the potential to look amazing on you when you tailor it within an inch of its life.

What does the perfect outfit look like to you?

Mini skirt, latest merch tee, granny kitten heel.

What’s the most important part of an outfit?

The shoes and jewelry — easiest way to not look “basic.”

Anything else you want to add? What’s the one thing no one asks you but you wish they would?

I would just like to add that I’m not crazy. I am just VERY type A and I like to be well-prepared.

Follow Danielle on Instagram @danielleprescod and Twitter @danielleprescod. Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis; market research by Elizabeth Tamkin.


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  • deedee haileselassie

    Hey MR, I have been keeping up with your blog for some time and love how you value intellectualism and aesthetics while making it accessible in open discussion for so many people. I graduated with a B.S. in biology but have transitioned to NYC to pursue my love of fashion. At this point my goal is to build experience in various aspects to build a solid knowledge base. However, I’m too broke to survive off internships… Do you have any suggestions of people who may be hiring someone who is eager to learn and is willing to work hard? It seems as though applying online is two-dimensional and selects for those with fashion education and background. What do you think?

    • Amelia Diamond

      This is a good question – going to think so that I can write you a good answer

      • deedee haileselassie

        Awesome thanks!

      • deedee haileselassie

        So….. what about that response?

    • Jolie

      Deedee — I’m sort of in the same boat right now. I have experience in finance and customer service stuff and an English BA, but I’ve been looking for a job in communications/marketing/media (including in fashion) for the past five+ months. I’m from NYC. I’ve had such a hard time finding anything and even getting any responses. I’ve applied to literally over 300 jobs. Craigslist, LinkedIn, looking up all the companies based in NYC and slowly going thru the list and going to their websites to see if they have any open jobs and then feeling so useless when no one answers me or I get rejected immediately. I’ve never done an internship because I’ve always had bills to pay, but I’ve worked full-time since I was 18. I work insanely hard. Yet the jobs are still going to people with less experience than me who don’t even care about their positions.

      What I’ve learned from this BS? Don’t stop. Be persistent. Think of weird connections you might have — a friend of a friend who works in a company with a department you want to work in, or something like that. Keep improving. The worst part is not having the financial means to do so (I know I don’t). Attend workshops and networking events. Use employment agencies. It might take a while, but you will get there eventually. Someone has to take a chance on people like us at some point!!!! 🙂

  • Vanessa

    I’m totally gonna try planning my outfits like that, what an amazing idea.
    Also, holy shit that Reformation dress!

  • Amelia Diamond


  • She’s so cool, I need to follow her on Instagram! x


  • soniadelvalle

    That’s a rad af clutch. I do this sort of planning but in a A- version, I picture outfits in my head and one night at random I try every single combo before bed. I make mental notes of what works and what doesn’t. So, basically I stay up late playing dress-up!

  • I’m really digging the pic-a-nic handbag. Where did you get that from?

  • Casey
    • Amelia Diamond

      U R RIGHT! fixing

  • Hannah Cole

    this girl. she is my spirit sister.
    best idea i have heard in a while to actually write my outfits for everyday. bad outfit = bad day.

  • Senka

    That reformation dress with slightly more sparkly earrings are so good. Also how toned and pretty her arms are!! Gorgeous girl.

  • hi_itsgabby