How to Trick People Into Thinking You’re Cindy Crawford

Hope you like signing autographs!


There are downsides to assuming someone else’s identity. One is potential jail time or at least a fine; another is that it’s considered a bad character trait to lie. When it comes to tricking people into thinking you’re Cindy Crawford, I would say that the only downside is having to explain where your mole went. Although that is most definitely why the makeup industry created brown waterproof liner. A little dot and you’re done.

At the Dream Downtown’s rooftop pool in a part of Manhattan that bewilders touristing pedestrians as to whether they are in Chelsea, the Meat Packing or the West Village, The 12ish Style’s Katie Sturino fooled absolutely everyone into thinking SHE was the supermodel celebrity.

"I loved this red suit because of the coverage and the sexy Baywatch vibe (basically I looked like Pamela Anderson)." J.Crew swimsuit, Alexis Bittar earrings, Dolce & Gabbana bag

J.Crew swimsuit – J.Crew swim goes up to size 16, FYI, Alexis Bittar earrings, Dolce & Gabbana bag

“No, no,” she said as she politely waved away those coming up to her for old school pen-and-paper autographs. “Not today, sorry. I have carpel tunnel!” (She was scared of her signature being the giveaway; instead, she let them take selfies.)

That was just suit number one.

"This one was my favorite boobs. Seriously, this bikini made me feel super confident and shows that you don't have to keep it all covered up, no matter what your size. Also the Dolce accessories made me feel like I was in Capri." Boden swimsuit, Miguelina sarong, Prada sunglasses, Christie Nicolaides earrings

Boden swimsuit – Boden suits also go up to size 16, Miguelina sarong, Prada sunglasses, Christie Nicolaides earrings

In suit number two plus blue sarong, two fellow bathing beauties mistook Sturino for Naomi Campbell. You can imagine why this was confusing! If clothes have the power to transform, swimsuits have the power to shape shift. Our girl might have laughed off Campbell’s fans, but she didn’t correct them.

Suit number three was a real mind f-you-know-what. Let me tell you: the people were talking.


Cover swimsuit, Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, Christie Nicolaides earrings and cuff

Is that Monica Vitti, they mused. Pamela Anderson? David Hasselhoff? A mermaid? That mesh long-sleeved suit! That swagger! That backstroke! They could not figure it out. She simply has to be someone.

Uh, yea, she is. Herself. Add water + sunglasses and we’re all celebrities in our own right, right?


Check out the12ishstyle and follow Katie on Instagram @the12ishstyle. Special thanks to Dream Downtown for their lovely hospitality (follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook). Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis; styled by Elizabeth Tamkin.


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  • Senka

    Katie Sturino is hot! And this is from the 99% straight female. Also since I’ve been living in large earrings recently, love the idea of extending their use on the beach or swimming pool. No harm in being a little glam.

  • HeleenP

    Gorgeous !!!

  • Amelia Diamond


  • I don’t think I have ever appreciated Baywatch vibes before.

  • Allie Fasanella


  • Daaaaaaamn, that entire bikini ensemble!!

  • Natty

    wait i think i need that red one piece

  • Rayna Tobin

    Have been obsessed with Katie since listening to her interview on Oh Boy! Cannot get enough of the white suit with those Dolce sunglasses.

  • Nicole

    Love seeing my sizes represented, more @the12ishstyle please!!!!

  • The white long sleeve with all the the accessories and the good hair! Good god that looks good.

  • Elizabeth

    I absolutely LOVE Katie – she’s a bombshell and I adore her style! As a size 12 myself, stuck between “plus” and “straight” sizing, it’s great to see diverse body types represented. Selfishly, I also love posts who feature women who are close to my own size and shape! Thanks Man Repeller! I hope you continue to include babes of all sizes in your posts!