Sounds An Awful Lot Like Summer — Looks Like it, Too

A slideshow of real street style and a playlist to boot


Never underestimate the color palette of a city that has been waiting, patiently, for an excuse to break out the blues.

While the temperature rose and dropped we sat and watched. We counted cut-offs and calculated the per-wear cost of as-of-yet-unworn open-toe shoes.

We dusted off denim of the lighter variety and started stashing away sweaters before we probably should have. Coats hung around like that guy who doesn’t know when to leave the party, out of place and unwelcome, confused by the forecast.

We denied them in our denial that there was still a winter backlash because we knew summer was coming. It’s a scientifically and historically proven season. We just knew.

So slowly, surely, steadily — we started sliding in the blues.

Then the reds: Breton stripes, palazzo pants, short sleeve sweaters and lips.

Then the greens: cell phone cases, stripes, military jackets, skirts slung on hips.

Next, the florals popped in form of embroidery on back panels and pants.

On the feet: sneakers, clogs, sandals.

Then the yellows started to dance.

Umbrellas went up and came down while citrus filled glasses half-full throughout

And everything old looked fresh: khaki, eggshell, commuting routes.

For a city that’s known to exist in wardrobes of all black, it’s as though a town-hall was held in our collective closets where a memo was announced: calendrical dates be damned–


Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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  • As always, Krista, these photos are a dream! Imperfect and beautiful and real. Also slide 19 i.e. Hailey Gates sighting. She is a dream. I am in love!

    • Addie

      I was thinking #19 looked like Hailey Gates! I loved States of Undress and everything she wore on the show was such a dream — I honestly wanted to go back through and screencap all her outfits for my inspo board because everything she wore was so! damn! good!

  • Aaaaaagh this playlist! LOVE.

  • the tie dye sweater on side 13 is my next DIY FO SHO

  • Allie Fasanella
  • Sophie

    Your posts are the best, always a great read! 🙂
    I post every Monday and Friday, check out my blog if you have time! 🙂

  • Gabrielle

    Thank u this made me happy???

  • these pics make me miss summer in nyc so much!!!! MR’s new assignment is to keep me caught up on nyc street style over the summer, u game?!?

    • Krista Anna Lewis

      I’m here for u bb

  • Charity Nfon

    Street Style is the best style, check out my post for breakthrough fashion blogger of the year :

    • Kristine W. Kling

      that seems a great deal of effort ….

  • BK

    !!! SLIDE 21 !!!

  • Maro Florentine

    Amazing photos and equally amazing styles! Love the trench lady in slide 26. Unfortunately I can’t wear any outerwear now, it’s too hot!

  • soniadelvalle

    Guuysss idk if it’s just me but whenever I click on the pinterest button on the left lower corner of the slides it sends me to the previous photo ._. I can pin it with my browser button but it’s been happening for weeks now ):