10 Women on Success As They Know It

Let’s talk about the pursuit of success and why it can feel so treacherous.


At the outset of Mental Health Month we asked you to share the inner workings of your minds. What’s going on up there? What’s keeping you up or out? And several of you mentioned you were struggling to find an appreciation for your own flavor of success. Since finding our own flavors of everything is exactly what we set out to do every day at Man Repeller, this really spoke to us.

It’s no surprise that to recognize a more normal life as a successful one can feel impossible when every interview, profile and magazine cover focuses on the same barometers of success: a wide audience, a deep wallet and a life that is somehow other.

But we all know you don’t have to be a billionaire teen entrepreneur artist to be successful! There are men and women all around us who are pushing back on this narrow definition every day and we wanted to switch things up and give them the microphone.

So we reached out to 10 women we admire from different backgrounds and industries who are kicking ass, finding fulfillment and defining success in their own terms. Check it out and then tell us: how would you define success if it were up to you?

Psych! That was a trick question. Because it us up to you. So instead tell us: how are YOU successful?

Photographed by Simon Chetrit (follow him on Instagram @simonzchetrit).


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