An Ode to Nora Ephron and Her Words

Not to be so 2014 about something so timeless, but Nora Ephron makes me feel some type of way.

When I sat down to watch the documentary made in her honor — Everything is Copy — I expected all my positive feelings about Nora (can I call her Nora? I really want to call her Nora) to be reconfirmed and reiterated. But instead I walked away with a heart that was somehow both broken and bursting. With a mind that was as calm as it was reeling.

But that’s the thing about her, isn’t it? Her ability to reinforce what all of us already know with a humor and clarity so staggering our organs can’t help but reorganize themselves is exactly what made her writing — and still makes her writing — so deeply moving. All it takes is one genius line of hers for me to go from forgetting I’m alive to feeling my heart beat in my stupid eyes.

Whether she was musing on something as superfluous as getting her hair done, as gut-wrenching as the loss of love or as vast as the human experience, she found a way to marry the morbid with the hilarious and make so many women feel understood.

Above all, Nora taught us that “everything is copy.” Our shitty mornings and ruined plans and biggest failures will mingle with their emotional counterparts to give our lives texture and depth. I might even argue no three little words could ever mean more.

Not to be a little kid about someone so timeless, but Nora Ephron is my hero.

Above are some of my favorite of her words.

Feature photograph from Zumapress via New York Post; carousel photograph by Brigitte Lacombe for Vanity Fair; quote slides designed and illustrated by Emily Zirimis. 


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