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Your pre-summer swimwear shopping trip, round 1


The weather is currently acting like a pre-teen who has decided to be in a bad mood for no reason, and even though good things are happening — it’s June, and also the planets will stop retrograding soon — his ego is too big to just let himself be happy even though he wants to so badly.

I have proof of this because on Saturday, amid an overcast, misty situation, there was a peek of sun at 7:00 p.m. — a crack of a smile! — and then night came quickly because it’s not summer yet and that little hint at a good mood went away. (Like a true pre-teen, however, it’s back today…)

Can’t handle this roller coaster of emotions? Neither can I. Good thing it’s up to us to act like the adults here. We’re the grown-ups and we’re the ones who must behave correctly, so let’s stop dicking around with the whole wait-until-it’s-really-summer thing and jumpstart the season by buying…


…Wear. Swimwear. (Couldn’t break my rhyme-flow there.)

Consider this the first post of many to come from now until we’re all so sick of swimsuits that we decide naked diving is the only way to go. If there’s a specific swim-related story you want to see, let us know in the comments below. (And because I can feel it coming: yes, we’re doing another one with Katie!)

Until then, let it snow, let it snow, let it — just kidding! WHO’S READY TO SWEAT, JIGGLE AND DIMPLE IN ALL HER HALF-NUDE GLORY?

Say it with me, guys: me! Me! ME!

(Ha, ha, weather — made you smile.)

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis, styled by Elizabeth Tamkin, modeled by Shelby Macklin and Elizabeth Tamkin


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  • snap

    would much rather have seen leandra in this photoset! 🙁

  • ChiefCC

    Great suits and cute models!! ??

  • Lebanese Blonde

    Ugh, go become VS Angels! I would buy a bikini modeled by you girls any day.

    Also, the one-pieces on Shelby are SO COOL.

    • Lebanese Blonde

      Also 2.0, any chance you’ll feature a budget-friendly swimwear collection? I always am tempted by fancy swimsuits and then remember that I spend all summer in chlorine and muddy lakes and hiking in bikini tops and even the highest quality swimsuits are shot after one season…so I’ve decided to limit myself to about 40-50 bucks/suit.

      • Amelia Diamond

        it’s coming this summer !

  • Wow Shelby! Can you please ask her if she’s doing some extra leg work out to get those glutes? I just need a pair of those please and a Marysia two piece then I’m ready for summer!

  • Alyce

    fuck yeah for featuring Her the Label – that black one piece is easily the most flattering & sexy suit I have ever worn!

  • EJS

    Beautiful swimsuits, beautiful women!!! LOVE IT ALL.

  • White skinned models are not made for bikini shootings!! I bought my first bikini of the season last week, while in Barcelona looks like we are back to February.


    • Aggie

      I don’t see why not? She looks more realistic to anyone who goes into a shop before their holidays in the sun to try out a bikini after a long winter. I enjoyed this!

      • Elizabeth Tamkin

        Though I do need some sun! Be gone, winter!

      • I agree! It just feels so so good to see different body types in bikini shootings and not the “perfect” woman that does not exist, we are all beautiful and we are all made for bikini shootings!!

  • Angela Gentile

    I’m in love with bathing suits with zippers and I have no idea why. They’re kinda sexy but in a mom way maybe? Dunno. Either way, SO MANY ZIPPER BATHING SUITS. Thanks ladiesssssss

  • Jessica Childress

    Is the brown Marysia two piece out of stock? Or is it not available yet?

  • Jessica Childress

    Is the Marysia suit sold out in brown? Or is it just not available to purchase yet?

  • Tiana

    Love the shortlist of amazing swimwear.. We are definitely missing summer in Australia…


  • soniadelvalle

    I’m having trouble seeing the swimsuits through my heart shaped eyes.
    <3 ___ <3

  • Cobre Rebecca

    How about a swimsuit article that includes fat women instead of singling them out for their own special article, with special advice about how to feel comfortable in a bathing suit? Why not just include fat women (or plus size or whatever you are going to call them. I personally prefer to call myself fat instead of curvy, plus size, thick, etc.) in your swimsuit articles with brands that make larger sizes. INSTEAD of saying here are the must-have swimsuits of the season with only thin models and suits that only come in smaller sizes. It’s like saying here are the must-haves but not for you, fatties, you don’t get the hottest fashion. We’ll deal with you later in your own special category! Like in the You’re not Gigi Hadid swimsuit link at the bottom of this article, which emphasizes caftans and wetsuits with sleeves. C’mon!