Quotes from the Moms of Man Repeller

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First and foremost they build our tiny little bones inside their bodies.

When we’re babies, they wipe our puke up with their hands because what are their current needs if not an extension of ours?

When we’re little rascals, they wipe our tears and tell us how the world works which, if you’ve seen the world, is no easy feat.

When we’re teens, they do the impossible which is put up with us. Seriously.

When we’re adults they’re still the first person we call when shit hits the fan and shit does it somehow happen often.

They drive us nuts as much as they make us calm because they know us. And all our stupid flaws and they still love us, if we’re lucky. Maybe even because of them, if we’re luckier.

Moms are the calm voice of reason or swelling voice of emotion, depending on what we need and when we need it. They are there and they are whole and they have stories of their own.

So we asked ours to share a little bit of theirs, in honor of the day that really should be every single one.

Happy Mother’s Day to the Man Repeller moms and all the other ones too.

We love you.


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  • beautiful women!


  • Jaclyn Levy

    This was so awesome. Thank you for choosing pictures that showcased these moms as powerful, beautiful individuals. I’m totally inspired!

  • Brittany Berckes

    this is wonderful.
    and this is my mom, Mayra Angela Gonzalez Berckes, at the Guggenheim posing in front of one the many paintings she said she could paint herself.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Hello Momma Berckes!

  • Renee

    “It’s probably what heaven feels like” hear, hear. “Everything will be okay” ty!

  • Andrea Raymer

    and now i’m crying….

  • Such a cute and interesting post! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    AGNESE http://www.theblogness.com

  • Allie Fasanella

    this is lyn. and we got in a huge fight over nothing yesterday bc we both have our period and this just convinced me i should probably apologize even if she was being dramatic.

    • Amelia Diamond

      LYN! Tell her you love her, too

      • Allie Fasanella

        will do 🙂

  • Janelle Domek

    My mom is on the right with the crimped hair and the gold dress. What a laugh! Love her.

    • Amelia Diamond

      omg YES!!! This is amazing.

  • Jacquelyn Bonilla

    Such a great post!! Here are two photos of my Mami. Love my Mami…. I wish she kept the cowboy shoes and flatforms though…

    • Jacquelyn Bonilla

      cowboy boots ***

      • Amelia Diamond

        those are GREAT

  • Zooey P

    This is my mom, Trish. I also wore a tuxedo-ish ensemble like this to a formal affair before I knew this picture existed. She wins though, because hers was a jumpsuit. She is the nucleus of our family and the most positive person on the planet.

    • Amelia Diamond

      You need to pair those side by side!

  • Joanna

    What I loved about this post was the simplicity of the beauty of a mother-daughter relationship.. The pictures are a bonus! Here is my own wonderful mother Yolanda, I believe the picture was taken in the 80s.. 🙂

    • Amelia Diamond

      these outfits ALL of your moms are wearing are so good

  • Michelle Li

    This is a photo of me and my mom from awhile ago, she taught herself how to sew and would make us cute matching outfits all the time. She also got a Ph.d in Math while trying to learn English after coming to America from China knowing nobody and I unfortunately can’t even calculate tip in my head (mental math is hard). The most inspiring and forever has killer style.

    • lucyst0ner

      this is so so precious <3

      • Amelia Diamond


  • Jolie

    I’m not crying, you’re crying! All of your moms are beautiful sweethearts. Elizabeth and Krista — the way your moms are posing in their pics reminds me so much of the way you two pose in your styling pics! I love it!

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      hahah love it

  • Ally Hurt

    Love this so much!! <3

  • muiringue

    My mom last weekend in Berlin. She asked the waiter for “something with a bit of jizz in it”, a request I can only hope he didn’t interpret literally. I hadn’t the heart to tell her what she was saying as she enjoyed her big purple beer.

    • Amelia Diamond

      hahahahh i love this

    • thats hysterical! 🙂

  • Natalie

    This was beautiful – a good reminder of the lives our mom’s lived before we came along.

    • Natalie

      My mama Gael, has lived life with great generosity and endured a lot of trials with enormous perseverance. She was the only one of her family to move across the country away from the Maritimes, and always encourages me to buy the latte when I need it 🙂

  • Amy Mills

    this is so beautiful!! how lucky we are

    this is my mom after she won homecoming queen her junior year in high school…believe or not that glow doesn’t come from good genes but cause her heart is pure gold ?

    • Natalie

      You two look practically identical!

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      she’s a stunner!

    • Senka

      What a beauty!

  • moms :’)

  • “What’s the worst? Saying goodbye on her first day of kindergarten.” my heart. it hurts.

    This is my mom. She owns/runs a preschool and regresses when she drinks alcohol, like this: http://www.instagram.com/p/5XNXtXq0sx/

  • kayla barbera

    Every Mother’s Day without my mom gets harder and harder. I wish she could have seen me move to New York and travel by myself, just like she did. I love you mom and I miss you.

  • Tabitha

    All y’alls’ moms seem awesome!
    In searching for a pic to post here, I realized I don’t have many with my mom. I should probably fix that.
    This is a pic of me & my mom at the beach a couple years ago. My phone will only put it sideways so there’s that. I thought she deserved a shout out so I’m posting anyway.

  • Peta trendall

    What a wonderful, inspiring post!

  • BK

    this is me with my glorious mother, who to this day is the only person I know who can drape a sweater over her shoulders and *not* look like a snooty disaffected WASP ready to be rude to serving staff at the country club. She just looks like a lady ready for anything, i.e a sudden cold breeze, at the occurrence of which she would instinctively offer the jumper for me to wear so I wouldn’t get cold and she would say she didn’t need it despite clearly having goosebumps. WHY DO THEY DO SO MUCH FOR US MONSTERS

  • Alex

    Such a sweet post ❤️. I couldn’t choose just one pic of my mom. Her style was so epic to me growing up and since I can remember she encouraged my (often questionable haha) personal style. She has had the same haircut and has worn Paris by YSL since 1983 the year it launched and the year I was born. When my father passed away in ’97 her wardrobe became decidedly more simple. She told me later that my dad was the one with style and she would have him choose all of her more glamorous clothing. I think that was part of what delighted her so much about my “weird” style growing up. She is amazing and to me she is still the most stylish and beautiful woman that ever walked the earth, sensible shoes and all.

  • Coralie

    I love this <3
    Here is my mom and me. Was everyone super gorgeous back then or is it just that the cameras were not HD?s

    • kellymcd

      I wonder the same thing about old photographs!!!

  • camila

    loved amelia’s mom, the bit about not having to think about loving had me crying a little

  • olivia george

    My mum and dad on my mum’s graduation! She’s 34 I think and if my dad looks about 12 it’s because he’s 23. I think it was 1996!
    I try to think about these photos because its difficult to remember they have their own lives as their child. Their own feelings and thoughts!

  • Kelly

    I just found this photo of my badass mama killing it at work a few years back in PNG <3

  • Steph

    My mom independent as f***, having finished college and moving away for a career after being told by her mom & dad that marriage was her only option. Love you mom!!!

    • Elizabeth Tamkin


    • Amy Mills

      her badass attitude shows on her face – she’s beautiful

  • Shauna King

    I love this!

    My parents went to highschool together and went to junior prom (pic) but they didn’t start dating until college which is funny. My mom is such a strong, hard-working woman and I’m glad that I’m her daughter<3

  • Love these questions and answers! Such a great Mother’s Day post! xx, Erin – http://www.stylebythepeople.com

  • Senka

    What is so beautiful about it, is that one can see each and every one of you in your moms. Features, posture and thoughts. And crazy PMS-ing me, just feels like crying about beauty of it all.
    Here’s the photo of 7 month old me and my beautiful mom. We were into matching even then.

  • SixFeetFromTheEdge

    My mom is one of those women who doesn’t know she is amazing.

    Love her to bits.

  • suzy

    I know this post is old, but I just read it and thought I needed to show the world my mom. This is her just about a month ago. My dad sent it to me on a Saturday morning, as he always does when they go to breakfast. She retired to take care of my baby full time, while I’m at work and still takes care of another baby, my granny (her mother in law) for 35 years (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). This woman is sacrificial and beautiful and frickin hilarious too. I love you mama!

  • Megan Patricia

    This is my mom and her best friend — now my aunt – she met and married my dads brother.