Quotes from the Moms of Man Repeller

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First and foremost they build our tiny little bones inside their bodies.

When we’re babies, they wipe our puke up with their hands because what are their current needs if not an extension of ours?

When we’re little rascals, they wipe our tears and tell us how the world works which, if you’ve seen the world, is no easy feat.

When we’re teens, they do the impossible which is put up with us. Seriously.

When we’re adults they’re still the first person we call when shit hits the fan and shit does it somehow happen often.

They drive us nuts as much as they make us calm because they know us. And all our stupid flaws and they still love us, if we’re lucky. Maybe even because of them, if we’re luckier.

Moms are the calm voice of reason or swelling voice of emotion, depending on what we need and when we need it. They are there and they are whole and they have stories of their own.

So we asked ours to share a little bit of theirs, in honor of the day that really should be every single one.

Happy Mother’s Day to the Man Repeller moms and all the other ones too.

We love you.


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