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Recently, I found myself explaining Man Repeller to someone as a platform for my future daughters. A place, an attitude, an ethos for them to understand that you’re safe to explore both your femininity and sense of humanity and not really know who you are but know that you want to figure it out with people who are like you, and won’t judge your roadway and who, frankly, want to see just one thing: you feeling proud of yourself. For whatever reason.

So here we are, talking about the mission of Man Repeller in this week’s episode of Monocycle. We’re leaning into year six of the brand’s existence and through it all, there has consistently remained an unedited icon on the upper right hand corner of the site that describes what it means to be a man repeller. It’s never been updated, partially because we’re a moving target and Man Repeller means a lot of different things to different people, but also because the attitude has changed so significantly since launch thanks to our relationship with and respect for the community (you), so it hasn’t felt right to rewrite our definition without your help.

So! Using this week’s recording as a launch pad to open the flood gates of what it means to read, engage with and experience Man Repeller, let’s talk about our mission together. What does Man Repeller mean to you?

Monocycle is edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander; Logo illustration by Kelly Shami; photograph by Claire Esparros for Homepolish


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  • thank u man repeller for changing my life and view of myself!!! you’ve given me, a young gal interested in fashion and feminism and literature, the empowerment to believe that i can love all of things and be smart and pursue everything that i want to and still be smart and involved in the world. i’ve always been told that i’m too smart to want to write about fashion for a career, but you’ve helped me understand that women in fashion are BRILLIANT AND WORLDLY AND WONDERFUL! and how to be a girl doesn’t mean to be limited, like i don’t have to choose one thing, and I can still be funny and with my full, loud personality regardless of what i do. i don’t know if that’s all articulated right, but MR means multitudes to me and i check it religiously, and it’s given me so much motivation to work my ass off and pursue my passions to be part of something like this! (& it means worlds to me when i’m sitting in class leaving comments on these articles that touch my soul and i get comments back from the team, u all rock)!! so much love!

    • Haley Nahman

      This made my heart do that warming thing

  • Alice

    MR is a sort of mum/ big sister/ best friend/ therapist/ girl power gang. MR accommodates my needs as a level headed young woman trying to figure out this crazy ass world in a way that my ‘real’ relationships don’t. You make me laugh, comfort me, inform me and call on me to think for myself. Not to quote and therefore liken you to the The Devil Wears Prada (you are much cooler and nicer) but you are ‘a shining beacon of hope’ for a girl who wants in on the fash-un world. This is irrelevant but I came across MR when I was recovering from anorexia two years ago. You honestly for some seriously dark months were the ONLY part of my day that took me away from my own treacherous thoughts, worried parents and concerned doctors. You gave me this world where I felt part of something, where I was just doing me and you guys were just doing you guys and we were all cool with that. I didn’t have to think about my illness or surroundings on my daily checks of MR because you took me fully and utterly into your world and hearts. It was genuine and I was happy and safe. I feel part of something big when I read, listen and interact on MR and I love that! This is an awesome platform which really does showcase some of the best of humanity, there is so much luuuuurve here! Carry on doing you Team MR because we’ve got this far and ain’t backin’ down now! Paz y amor! xxx

    • Amelia Diamond

      “we’ve got this far and ain’t backin’ down now!” let’s write an 80s rock ballad!

      • Alice

        We won’t “take the midnight train goin’ anywhere” ours will be the midnight train whose destination, one presumes, is rock ‘n’ roll baby!

  • Ashley

    I can’t listen to the podcast just yet but I felt compelled to comment because I was literally having this discussion with a friend last night. I brought up Haley’s Zappos article and my friend was like “what is this website tell me now” and I compared it to another blog/media experience and said “except with things you actually want to read and enjoy.” For me, Man Repeller is very much a place I can go (where the content is well thought out, well written, accurate, and spelled correctly) that I belong. If me and anyone I remotely like ran something like this, it would look and smell and taste (is that gross?) like this. Being a Man Repeller means I can read about a bunch of things to do this weekend and also find out if I’m awkward (duh) and also be really annoyed that I can’t write a wedding speech (except that now I can) and do all that and still be awesome and be comforted in the fact that there are others just like me (how did this end up so long).

    I explained this to my friend and her response was “that sounds awesome.” yas, queen.


    p.s. I really just wanted to post a gif here and was pleased to find that giphy has a solid selection of Leandra dancing gifs I never knew I needed.

    • Aprildredden4

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    • Haley Nahman

      I think it’s the opposite of gross that your company will one day taste like Man Repeller. YUM

  • Amélie

    Man Repeller is the one single “fashion blog” that didn’t let me down. I read every single article with my cup of coffee and croissant (yeah, I’m from Paris). As a literature PhD student who happens to love fashion, you’re the only place I can go to that meets both my frivolous and intellectual needs. Men sometimes tend to shy away from women who enjoy “girly” stuff (aka shoes) as much as smart stuff. To me, man repelling is exactly that : smart girls who aren’t afraid of writing witty stories while wondering what to wear today. Anyway, Man Repeller, you’re the only one : je vous aime !

  • Mo

    Being that it is a congenial-hybrid of thought provoking and
    chuckle inducing visual and mental stimulation, Man Repeller exists among an otherwise redundant stream of media that preps the foods that people crave, or feeds them so much—so often—that they are always hungry. What Man Repeller does to counteract the cultural gluttony, is to recognize the trends and then quite possibly reject them… within reason, which is ambiguous as fuck and as fashion itself. In doing so its fan base—a collective of self-aware, style enthusiasts— is forced to look at what Man Repeller as a digital influencer is advocating.

    Sometimes, we the audience realize that maybe we don’t understand
    what we’re seeing. Whether a person or a thing, we panic that we can’t
    categorize it, and this is so pivotal because this is when the honesty emerges.
    We can make no assumptions and we literally have to investigate, tasting what it is we’re reading, seeing, or listening to because there is an overwhelming availability of trends amongst us which insists that we react by categorization. Which is human—which applies to each of us—regardless of gender. Man Repelling isn’t rejecting men, but rather The Man,
    that unnamed inclination to dress for others rather than yourself. To hold back
    on your opinion when it separates you from the common, and to limit your own comfort and your own voice in the name of a standard that rather than be universal, was placed on certain minds and certain bodies more so than others. Our poor eyeballs and over massaged ear canals have continuous exposure to the familiar. Because repetition creates the trend, and a specific item, a look, a word, or a place becomes a rhythm of things that we succumb to. Man Repeller doesn’t necessarily abandon trends, rather it reminds its audience to choose according to our own values, to be honest with themselves. If we define the limitations we exist in, we’re Man Repelling by changing the social rubric and insisting that it is personal, and it belongs to the individual.

    • Haley Nahman

      DAYUM GIRL, this was so good!

      “Man Repelling isn’t rejecting men, but rather The Man,
      that unnamed inclination to dress for others rather than yourself. To hold back on your opinion when it separates you from the common, and to limit your own comfort and your own voice in the name of a standard that, rather than be universal, was placed on certain minds and certain bodies more so than others”

  • Jaime Han

    Man Repeller reminds me to celebrate the little victories in life. It inspires me to have fun which is a pretty difficult thing to do sometimes in the midst of /all of it/. It’s like this injection of positivity in my day. It makes me feel powerful but also reminds me not to take myself too seriously.

  • “Rookie Mag makes me feel old, so I’ll read this instead”, I almost joked… But wait, my finger slipped.

  • cccc

    MR is a guiding coalition which is intangible but reachable. it provides different perspectives, different funny stories etc. to attract the public and gather them together. its a community to let us read, view, share and express everything, every secret ‘schemes’ without boundaries. MR has been transformed to an momentum for ladies in the world to have courage to be ‘who they are’ and how to evolve with MR like a couple of best friends together in a lifetime.

    • Jasmin Aujla

      We really appreciate this comment and would love to put it on our Mission Statement page (scheduled to launch soon) – cool with you?

  • NIKA

    I consider manrepeller to be a good friend I see on weekends (I always “binge-read” you on weekends) and can chat about everything, be it fashion, kanye west or a new diet (first comment in five years btw ?)

    • Haley Nahman

      It was a great first comment imo

  • Anastasiya Mozgovaya

    When I found Man Repeller years ago, at the very beginning,I felt like I have finally found a friend, who got me! I was in my late teens and it was a relief to find out that somewhere out there was Leandra, who thought the things, that I thought, and felt, what I felt, and had the same attitude towards fashion, thad I did, but in a much more upgraded and strong away. I know, we are not helping here by typing shit loads of words, but the truth is that Man Repeller is a woman – a very complex creature, there is no way you could define her in a couple of words, in a sentence; there are too many exciting things about her to limit her that way. It has been such an exciting road to observe you grow and evolve, change and add so many different kinds of articles here, add more and more girls to your team and never stop exploring who you all are. Man Repeller is another proof to the saying, that goes “Never judge a book by its cover”, meaning your first impression of Man Repeller is most probably wrong and there are mu-u-uch more things about her, as a girl, and it, as a media platform, than you could have noticed from the first sight.

    • Anastasiya Mozgovaya

      I know that in a professional way, you should definite yourself and what you do, but if setting professionalism and all business things a bit aside, I would say that Man Repeller is a platform for intellingent, curious women, who are excited about life and themselves, they have a strong sense of humour (which does not necesserilly equals to the one, that everyone understands and loves, but does mean that you have the most fun out of laughing at yourself) and open to new experiences in fashion; who are not limitting themselves in any way and are always eager to accept something, that seemed inappropriate yesterday. Man Repeller is a platform for women, who are FREE in all meanings or aspire to be that way.

    • Haley Nahman

      I love complex creatures more than cookie dough which is saying a lot

  • agnosic1

    >> “Recently, I found myself explaining Man Repeller to someone as a platform for my future daughters.”

    Don’t change a thing. I’m forwarding this to all fathers I know of young daughters. Expect a bump in sales in 10 to 20 years or so. (Sorry for the wait!).

  • Catarina

    for a brazilian 18-year-old who was born and raised in rio – a city known for its sexy, always alluring, long-hair-flowing-in-the-wind-and-a-glorious-tan women – MR is a beacon of sanity. I’ve actually had a dream once where I met leandra and amelia at a coffee shop and poured my heart out about why this platform means the entire fucking universe to me, so its just great that this week’s monocycle is about this. I guess the core of my definition for this site is very similar to everyone else’s; it’s the coolest big sister I could ever have but didn’t. when you live in a country like mine, where women are always expected to appeal to men physically (not just by men but by other women too), and they usually naturally do since it is so damn hot all the time, finding man repeller is like letting out a huge breath after you’ve been underwater for so long. whenever I’m frustrated, or I’ve been to a party where every girl is dressed the same and they’re all giving me weird looks for wearing my favourite pair of brogues (I know, it doesn’t take much to man repel in this city), I go to my room and scroll on MR for hours on end; it’s literally my personal remedy for all of my insecurities. This platform has given me the opportunity to hear stories from like-minded women which I would have never had access to. It assures me everyday that dressing for yourself and believing that you can look good while boss-ass-bitching the planet is one of the best things a woman can do for herself. I owe a lot of my current self-acceptance to the people that created this website, so for that: ThAnK YoOoOoOoUuUu 🙂 xx

  • Hannah

    I think a Man Repeller is someone who embraces themselves every day and doesn’t apologize for it. Whether it’s through killer clothes, standing up for what they believe in, or merely being a part of a community of women who loves and supports each other instead of falling prey to the competitive world we live in, a Man Repeller stays honest, observant, and forever sassy. A Man Repeller doesn’t care if her side boob makes people uncomfortable because we live in a world where freedom is becoming inevitable for those that seek it, and your goddamn right Man Repellers seek freedom, the very essence of a Man Repeller, I’d like to say, is freedom.

  • Alyssa

    Man Repeller to me is a place where fashion and feminism and womanhood is celebrated and embraced. It embraces the whole idea of ‘you do you’. I love that it shows that a love for fashion is smart and makes you feel wonderful and creative and like your true self. The fact that it doesn’t take itself too seriously is something that I love about the site, as sometimes fashion blogs can become stale and like a God-like figure that is never attainable. Its more like a friend and sisterhood community than a website, which is probably why I love it so much. You end up feeling like the writers are part of your girl squad. It is the only site that I religiously check and there is nothing about it that I don’t love.
    Love love love you Man Repeller – you’re so much more than repelling men through fashion choices, you’re a way of life! <3<3<3

  • a manifesto in where a woman has stated her desires/fears/interests/aims through her aesthetic by being authentically attracted to unusual/obscene/offensive/fun/ridiculous pieces without seeking external approval

  • Willa Bogoian-Mullen

    man repelling is simply dressing for yourself and no one else. not sure if that’s like when Marc Jacobs said “I just make stuff”, but it feels like just being unapologetically yourself with everything you do and all the ways that you present who you are to the world around you-including but not limited to the way that you dress. also it never hurts to just say “your local girl gang”

  • Iiris Rania

    Man repeller is for me a friend that tells me its totally okay to be myself or actually i need to be myself and not be afraid

  • I have since found out mine is not the only biography that makes for big losses of friends and people who simply accept you, regardless of whether they like everything they see/hear or not.
    And it’s not just that: this general lack of love for … real information exchange, for talking about concepts instead just of things/people, this lack of daring to appear stupid or badly informed or … a douchebag! and therefore not enquiring, assuming only stupid people enquire … the expectation I’ll be mouthing platitudes … it is all driving me crazy.

    And a million other things. I am old, after all.

    Anyway, I started with these modern-day abominations just to tell you you might not even be able to really know how important Man Repeller can be to some of us, because you don’t get to experience our moments of real appreciation, this being oughts and ones that convey states and actions …

    So we tell you you are important. But it would be quite different if you, like, sat with me on a Friday evening, all the work done, which is great, still, there’s this exhaustion prevailing and … and then I read something really good on MR and this new energy poors in … And if I think about it during the weekend, because it is a great topic or a great way to deal with it, it makes me feel all [insert] inside. But you cannot see this.

    Which is why I am telling you 🙂

  • Girl 1: What does Man Repeller mean to you?

    Girl 2: “Balls” breaker, of course.

    Girl 1: Which is…?

    Girl 2: In case you wanted me to be too polite and not offend man sex, I would say is a “glass-breaker”, meaning of changing and breaking the transparent layer of imposition and obligation to our society.

    *DISCLAIMER: the above conversation took place in my life 5 minutes ago and constantly during my life.

  • Maggie Dunlap

    Man Repeller has become something that I look forward to: as an email subscriber, I anxiously anticipate every time the newsletter pops up in my inbox-and I read it immediately: during a commute, while waiting in line for coffee, even during calculus (don’t worry, the homework is already done). But I also find myself scrolling through the website whenever I feel uncertain as to what to do next- whether that indecision is about outfits or careers. I think I’m younger than the average Man Repeller audience. My best friend and I are barely 20, and we’ve become religious about reading and discussing MR as a sort of catalyst for everything we want to accomplish in our university and professional careers. I’ve always loved fashion, but now as a young architect-in-training I’m entering a male-dominant profession that has a lot of ideals that I love, but also a certain culture of judgment and even a particular sartorial style. (Read, black on black and horn-rimmed glasses a la Corbusier.) I think so many women in college think that this time is about parties or boyfriends but through reading many of these articles I’ve started to view it as a launchpad for dreams- in other words, now is the chance to wear turquoise tassle earrings into your thesis review, while proving that this style decision did not make you any less of an architect or any more of a woman. To me, the point of Man Repeller is taking ownership of what makes you your best self. There are so many constraints put upon us (without sounding militant), by men, by the fashion industry, by our universities, by our employers. The question is how we respond to those constraints by meeting the requirements, but also breaking some of the rules to prove that we not only know who we are, but are perfectly confident with that identity, and ultimately are not afraid of letting that identity evolve. Man Repeller is an unusual place (because what else can you call it?)…It’s a little bit like an atheist’s bible as we navigate through an ever-changing world. It’s smart, it’s fun, it discusses subjects we usually only talk about to ourselves in the shower, or with a best friend over coffee. It’s empowering. Most of all, it’s so relatable that you feel as if Leandra or Amelia or anyone else on MR will have an answer to all of your problems, no matter how obscure they are. Thank you!

  • crazyloverblue

    I think Manrepeller is about being yourself and having the desire to express that self through your outward appearance. For me it also started as a way to think about getting dressed that doesn’t revolve around looking sexy for someone else or wearing something flattering because that’s your only option (unflattering =ugly in that world). It has reminded me to also not take my closet so seriously. The community has reminded me that I’m not alone. The writing, in its own right, is often just a fun read that makes me laugh. So thank you for the confidence and the laughter.

  • Harling Ross

    To me, a “Man Repeller” is a woman who, first and foremost, is supremely fond of her brain. Even though her identity is (and should be!) a work in progress, she has one thing figured out: that her interest in fashion does not in any way limit her interest in a whole host of other things–literature, self-improvement, frozen yogurt, feminism, strong biceps, relationships–but rather, enhances it. She is a woman in constant conversation with herself and the world around her. And she loves laughing until the point of stomach cramps, menstrual or otherwise.

    • Tess

      I’m not big on quotes, but I love this Sofia Coppola one: “You’re considered superficial and silly if you are interested in fashion, but I think you can be substantial and still be interested in frivolity.”
      I think it perfectly compliments your sentiment, which I wholeheartedly agree with. The idea that MR is for women who are both brilliant and fashionable, and refuse to choose or compromise.

  • Lauren Faccinto

    Man Repeller helps me sift through the noise and figure out how to look and feel the way I want to look and feel. Man Repeller is like a movie director bringing together the things I might catch a glimpse of or form a vague opinion of on my own but needs realizing. All the amazing female voices bring ideas together in a way that always makes me say “That! Thats what I have been trying to get at!”

    • Jasmin Aujla

      Lauren, thank you so much for this comment! We’d love to put it on our Mission Statement page (coming soon) from “Man Repeller is like a movie director” onwards! Sound good?

  • BK

    Man Repeller. Man Repeller is a unique village square in the metropolis of the fashion industry (I know you work from an office but whenever somebody refers to “MR HQ” I picture Boxhagener Platz in Berlin) where women can deliberately push aside the mass consumerism and trend cycles which drive the fashion industry to find individualism and meaning. “Manrepelling” has never actually been about repelling men in the literal sense, but asserting your sense of self in your interactions with fashion every day when you get dressed to face the world. Of course, to do so means thinking much bigger than clothes, and that’s the beauty of Man Repeller. It’s become a place where modern ideas surrounding love, relationships, society and culture are frequently opened up for debate, to encourage and enpower women to decide for themselves how they fit into it all.

    (PS I also like how free of judgement it is! I don’t know how you did it, but nobody trolls anybody ever in the comments section, or is abusive or rude. Whenever I’ve disagreed with sombody we just chat it through then one of us makes a joke and leave it on good terms. The one time somebody insulted me here, it just turned out to be some skeazy leg wax salesman dude passing through.)

    • Leandra Medine

      I’m so happy to know you

      • BK

        Same tbh

    • I agree with your last paragraph! It’s one of the least “places” where we don’t find any hate at all. Love it!

      • Mariana

        MR and Humans of NY :D, my internet happy places.

    • Jasmin Aujla

      BK we LOVE this definition so much and would love to put it under our Mission Statement page (scheduled to launch soon) – It would be the whole comment minus the P.S. Would you be cool with that?

      • BK

        So cool. Icy cool. Blizzard!

      • BK

        Also if you want a real name to quote instead of anonymous initials, it’s Bridget Kelly 🙂

        • Jasmin


          • BK

            So great. Let me know when it goes up, I want to show grandma ?

  • Chrissie Reitmeyer

    Yes! I love this! I had heard of MR, but began really following it after a breakup with a man who was very controlling (from who I saw, to what I did, and yes… Even what I wore!). That was in the spring of 2014. I realized I had become a different person, a woman I didn’t recognize.

    As I healed from those wounds, I learned how to express myself again. I’ve never been the type to stay home and keep quiet–I’m social, I’m loud, and I love fashion! I’ve even been inspired to submit pieces where possible, which has been a great exercise in writing again. Drawing inspiration from MR, I went back to dressing for myself, even if others in my small city don’t “get” it. For me, part of man-repelling is the idea of celebrating your individuality via clothing that others may think is too “out there” or even ugly. If you’re feeling it, who needs their approval? And honestly, if they don’t approve, WHO NEEDS THEM?! (#amirite) Frankly, I’ve learned that if my self-expression repels anyone, I have probably done myself a favor.

    Two years later, I can’t believe I was ever that stuck girl, but I’m grateful for the wake-up-call and so grateful for Man Repeller.

  • Not Constantinople

    Man Repeller is fashion for the female gaze. It’s metafashion, fashion that thinks about itself, ponders, even philosophizes. YET it’s also fashion that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s fashion that says, “Let’s have fun, ladies.”

  • Man Repeller is empowerment embodied. Often communicated aesthetically, but also often accompanied with thought-provoking, raw, truthful words. It’s about being real and supporting each other through the little victories of getting dressed and feeling good. Constantly self-improving and seeking a healthy mind, body, soul, and wardrobe. Digging into and embracing the deeper meanings behind what we wear, what we say, how we act, and who we are.

    Man Repeller is also one of the main inspirations that gave me the courage to change my major to Fashion Merchandising and tell my very old-school-feminist, career-oriented, no-man-needing mother that yes, I could be a real, intellectual feminist and have a real career and also be a “fashion girl”. And after that, it gave me the guts to stop using blog as a dirty word and laughing at myself in embarrassment when I told people about my own – .

    In short, Man Repeller is lyyyyfe

  • Lacey Bergevin

    Man Repeller is truly for women who don’t feel the need to be an instagram blogger mom and follow the trends….they set the trends. It’s like a cool club for the quirky girls 🙂

  • I equate a Man Repeller to that one transfer student who arrived at your high school around sophomore year after the initial clique dust had settled. They carry on throughout the first few weeks without disturbing the peace due to their quiet, focused nature, wearing what they want to wear, and yet everyone wants to know wtf’s up with the new kid. Their self-assured presence is initially read as “repellant” or intimidating, but once one brave soul breaks into their shell it’s realized that they couldn’t hurt a fly because most of the time they can’t find their right shoe.

    Self-deprecation is their double-barreled middle name, cool comes naturally to them no matter how hard they argue otherwise, and they never take themselves too seriously. They’re in-the-know about weird stuff, and they will seek out knowledge to understand what they don’t because they’re smart — really smart. A Man Repeller also only sees in the upvote because a downvote is for trolls. Trolli candy is good though, but not as good as Haribo.

    Also, they often have spinach in their teeth. (Did I catch you?)

  • ManRepeller is still man-repelling, the man in question has just taken on a new form. Instead of being a group of women pushing back the opposite sex (or at least the “wrong” ones), it’s become a community of individuals fighting “the man” at large. It’s about staying true to individuality and what makes you You–not giving into the pressures of what culture, society, peers, educators, parents, or haters say you should be. It’s a community that embraces those who dare to be different, think for themselves, vocalize their opinions and point of view, embrace living a full life, and don’t forget to laugh, often at themselves. (And then there’s of course the part about looking damn cool while doing all of that.)

    But really, thank you for making ManRepeller about more than fashion! MR, its writers, and its faithful followers are proof that being fashion-conscious and having intelligent thoughts are not mutually exclusive.

    All the feels,

  • Quite simply, Man Repeller is the space where I come to remind myself of the validity of my interest in self-expression through clothing. It allows for the frivolity, lightness, and girl gang community I crave and don’t receive often enough in my offline life. It’s like coming home at the end of the day, stripping off your dirty clothes, and breathing a sigh of relief that you’re back where you belong!

  • Therese Lindberg

    For me MR is a state of mind! You’ve taught me to embrace my creativity in my wardrobe and feel empowered by it. Until I found this community getting dressed was always about trying to adapt to something that i didn’t identify with. Now I’ve learned that it’s supposed to be fun to live and thrive as a modern woman without making comprimises! Thank you!

  • Hannah

    Hi, me again. I was reading an old MR article I really liked about Leandra’s makeup regime, or lack there of (no makeup ladies heyaaaaa) and found this quote which I think rings so true for the definition of a man repeller and had to share here. “it is a love letter to individuality, which is something that manifests itself in plentifully different ways.”

  • yutsao

    I grow up in Taiwan. A country where girls are just either obsess with exposing there body to get attraction from guys or covered there entire body where Japanese fashion has a huge influence on our culture. I get to know Man Repeller because of my american best friend when I was studied fashion in Italy, Milan. I feel the specific definition of this website is really decent. Not until that I start to work in Harper’s Bazaar China for digital editing project that I realize how attractive and valuable it is the coverage of Man Repeller’s topic. It contains Humor, Style, Feminism and lifestyle. For a Harper’s Bazzar social media topic planning, I often want to come to Man Repeller for just a really easy brain nourishing.Where the vibe is giving independent woman, who care about style, just want to enrich herself with the daily trendy topic where she can relax& laugh with it!

  • Rayane Abou Jaoude

    It’s one of the few places, if not the only one, where fashion transcends its definition of physical material we cover ourselves with. It’s where women like me who are interested in fashion but who are also intellectuals do not feel ashamed of being both; one does not immediately negate the other. It’s a platform for good writing, good thinking, good clothing.

    Love, all the way from Lebanon.

  • Gail Leoniak

    I graduated college in 1985. I had been reared to be interested in fashion,culture, and intellectual pursuits. I suppose I have always been a “man repeller”, unafraid to wear lipstick and heels while dragging around an armload of books and a head full of ideas. It pleases me to see a community of young women who understand that interest in makeup and political/feminist discourse are not mutually exclusive. I enjoy dragging my ancient crone self over here to read and laugh every day!

  • Alyssa

    MR content feels like an open communication about being happy to be yourself via the internet. Even though we don’t get to directly talk to you, it feels as if you’re a friend whos also just hacking it along side us, working on being authentic every day in your own skin.

  • Sabine

    Dear Leandra,

    simply put, MAN REPELLER is everything to me.
    I share your articles with all of my girlfriends and your article “celebrate your girlfriends” was the first article I have ever shared on my facebookwall during my 8 years of using it, just in order to show it to all my acquaintances.

    The term “sisterhood” fulfilled me with delight as I red it here on Man Repeller. Although I had never heard it before, I knew instantly what it meant and sisterhood is one of the reasons why I am posting this.

    As you might have realized, I am not American or English but German.
    Even though it took me a huge step out of my comfort zone in order write despite this language barrier, and even though I had to register for Disquis and even though I have never posted or commented anything in the world wide web ever before (so now you know what this actually means to me) I am writing and posting this, because I love your work, Leandra.
    I love the work of you and your team and I do want to support you in every possible way.

    If you weren’t there, there would definitely be a huge “whole”, as you once put it.
    I have never before felt so connected to other women in the entire world.
    I have never felt so understood (of course I mean while reading and visiting a website, I am not comparing Man Repeller to talking to my mum or my best friends, no no) …but hah, this website also reminds me of how blessed I am to have my mum and all the people and girlfriends supporting me and of telling them that I love them.

    Do you remember the “Carrie Bradshaw almost ruined…” article?
    I got it.
    After reading it for the second time.
    After having broken up with my Mr Big Boyfriend.
    Your article confirmed my decision which had been so hard for me and comforted me and so again I shared it with a whole lot of my girlfriends who must have felt the same way in at least one of their relationships or “liaisons”….;)

    And you know what? I think sex and the city was somewhat freeing to women and with Man Repeller you are contributing another huge step towards the great goal of female equality.
    With equality I mean equal rights and possibilities for women while still allowing them to be themselves and helping them to become the best version of themselves.
    Besides, you are encouraging and enabling each of us to take further steps and you make these steps become easier as you show how each of us is sometimes struggling while trying to accomplish certain things… like getting dressed.

    Thank you, for offering this unique opportunity to women to connect to each other.
    Thank you for aissting women in taking courage, whether it concerns their careers, relationships, mental health and so on…et j’en passe ;).
    Keep it up! 🙂

    And Leandra, do not even think about giving up one for the other.
    Firstly, I would miss you so much.
    And secondly you are a great person and you will get there. I can already hear the sound of your voice in happy and I mean the real happy.
    And it is ok to cry too, I cried with you and it is sometimes so helpful and the only way to let shit go…
    I want to let you know that I believe in you and your goals and that you will get there.
    And I do not understand the “ugly as fuck” thing at all, I mean, you, hot as hell okay?!!

    By the way your “in order to feel better yourself you have to help others first” finally convinced me to realize my since such a long time planed post (although I am taking a law exam tomorrow).

    Speaking of it, if I wasn’t studying in my sixth semester and didn’t have 3 more semesters until my first degree and then another 2 years to go, I would have applied to your company at once, as I am really into fashion too.
    Your team does look like friendship and I think women are even greater in a team and so good at helping each other, which is why I am really excited to see what the bright future will bring up for us, all of us.

    Lots of good vibes, good mood, smiles and love from Munich to New York City


    PS: And I am so sorry for all the spelling and grammar mistakes that must be in there, I hope it doesn’t hinder you from understanding what I am trying to say.

    • Jasmin Aujla

      Sabine, we really appreciate this thoughtful comment and would love to put it under our Mission Statement page (scheduled to launch soon) – it would be the paragraph where you begin saying “Any you know what? I think Sex and the City was somewhat freeing…” – sound good?

      • Sabine

        Yes it does, thank you, I am looking forward to it! 🙂

        • Jasmin Aujla

          Thank you!

  • Jasmin Aujla

    Hi Kamille, we really appreciate this comment, especially the last paragraph! and we would like to feature it on our Mission Statement page (coming soon) – whaddya think?