The Rules of Style by Jaden and Willow Smith

Two space oddities with style that’s…should I do it? Should I write it? OUT OF THIS WORLD.


To say that someone’s not from this planet means that they are weird and far from normal. “I am not like you, I am a martian,” raps Lil’ Wayne in “Phone Home.” But who wants to be normal, anyway? I just watched a Tedx talk given by a woman named Debra Jenkins who said that normal is “a dryer setting.”

Besides, all the best people are extraterrestrials.

The late David Bowie used to sing of life on Mars. The Beatles had to be more than human to write “Across the Universe.” Carol’s titular character describes the woman she loves as “flung from outer space,” and if you Google-search Jaden and Willow Smith, you’ll find multiple hypotheses that they operate on higher planes of existence — or that they’re aliens.

When it comes to the latter two, who’s to say. I’ve never seen their DNA. But I can tell you one thing: their style is out of this world.

I DID IT. I said it.

I had to. It was the only way to segue into their collective rules of style, which are as follows:

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1) Think of wearing all-black not as a monochromatic cop-out but rather like you’re wearing the color of the galaxy.

2) Ban sibling rivalry and band together in the name of coordination instead.

3) Dress like Karl Lagerfeld if Karl Lagerfeld were to take up bob sledding. (That is: do do maximum-appendage bodysuits zipped up to your neck with ankle boots. Possibly leave out the fingerless gloves depending on your texting ability in their full-fingered iterations.)


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4) Wear Orion’s literal belt, per the above

5) Come to your own conclusions about whether or not the black 90s necklace is “over,” but do carry on embracing the choker.

6) Either bend sartorial gender rules or break them until they snap in half, because for the millionth time: skirts were made for everyone and anyone who wants to feel the breeze.

7) Clash prints, patterns and colors so hard together that they explode like best-dressed confetti. 

8) Consider Wednesday Addams your collar-based style icon.

9) On days when the top half of getting dressed is hard, let your tall boots say everything.

<Mademoiselle Gabrielle>

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10) Add a gold lamé trouser cape if your brown pants don’t feel formal enough.

11) To pair together immediately: gray turtleneck, gray suit jacket, gray pants, sparkle socks.

12) Let your tee shirt tell its story and free your sweatshirt to rep the Matrix.

I’m Finna Sneez

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13) Remember your manners no matter how famous you are, and when your friend sneezes, say, “God bless you.”

14) Bomber jackets over everything. Except Family.

15) To consider more deeply: a septum nose ring.


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16) Stripes. Always, always do stripes.

17) Think of camouflage as a wardrobe staple, a more interesting neutral.

18) Collect charms and string them from beads then remember for your jewelry: your neck is but a vehicle.

19) It also helps keep your head on straight, whatever that means.

20) Try the thing you think looks cool on others but doubt you could pull off. You can pull it off.

21) And remember: it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you are. You’re still part of that universal language called style.

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