Sun’s Out! Four Warm Weather Outfit Ideas

None of which include the color black


Is anyone else more jazzed up than a box of Zatarain’s because of the way the weather is panning out this month? I, for one, can’t keep my hands off the unofficial Pantone color books swirling around my mind and the prints that come with them. Tie dye top? Where the leopard print at! And it doesn’t stop there — tube socks, ballet flats, orange pants, raffia fringe! Give it to me and I will wear it. Maybe I’m still testing the maximalist waters, maybe I’m slowly but surely dancing off the deep end but either way, I have had it with the hormone talk. And the glum facial expressions and the clenched fists. I am taking back artificial happiness, one pair of sunglasses at a time. If you can sympathize with any of the above argot, thinly veiling the plague of uncontrollable mood-swings, do join me. We’ll start with a horse.


Baja East t-shirt, Topshop skirt, Safilo sunglasses

This one, to be exact, which really gets to live its best life when tucked into a satin, leopard print skirt.


& Other Stories socks, Porselli ballet flats — another ballet flat here

Of course what’s often difficult about such a simple pairing (a t-shirt and a mini skirt) punctuated by less-than-simple prints (tie dye, the fabric equivalent of Fran Drescher) is that you find yourself at a loss when it comes to footwear. I’d recommend playing the same game and attempting boring shoes (ballet flats) worn the not boring way, with tube socks.

If I were you, I’d wear this to hang out on a Sunday, or depending on the nature of the dress code at your job, to commemorate casual Fridays!

Cool? Moving on!


We11 Done robe — another robe here, Staud dress, Topshop socks, Prada sandals

Here I am dressed not like Hugh Hefner, not not like Hugh Hefner in a striped shirt dress and robe from a South Korean brand. I’d actually worn this to a dinner party in the West Village the night before without socks and shorter heel sandals and ultimately determined that socks might be the unsung hero of our wardrobes.

If I were you, I’d wear this to dinner on a Wednesday night. It says I’m still working hard, but we’re half way there (there = the weekend.)


Staud shirt, Stella Jean skirt, Trademark slippers, Rosie Assoulin bag, Garrett Leight x Clare V. sunglasses, Roxanne Assoulin choker

Meanwhile, here’s me wearing a tropical mushroom haircut dyed in shades of red and purple. I don’t think any single garment has made me feel as excited about getting dressed as this skirt has in spite of the fact that I have to take much smaller steps when I’m wearing it (is that the wrath of a pencil skirt?). I added a hand-knit jug just so that I could tell people I was holding my shit in a jug and a striped, cropped poplin blouse + blue sandal slides because I had a choice: add more color or no color, and I went with more.

If I were you, I’d wear this to do absolutely anything (including animal pick-ups from the vet, fish market shopping, troll hunting, etc.) that doesn’t involve mat Pilates or Soul Cycle, basically.


Walk of Shame silk camisole — another lace-trim cami here, Rosie Assoulin pants, Gucci sandals

And finally, here we have a somewhat formal take on Saturday night enforcing a strict zero black clothing policy, instead opting for a light pink tank top and orange pants. What can I say beyond, If you see us in da club we be doing the salmon salsa.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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  • SALMON SALSA???? Don’t u mean salmon DANCE?

    (Plz turn up the volume, this song is an experience.)

    • & GURL u killing the artificial happiness game in these lookzzz

  • Ellie

    It fucking snowed in London yesterday and I’m a huge winter-hater like you so feeling glum glum glum until I saw those Rosie Assoulin trousers and they are so beaaaautious and so are you gawsh. Thanks to the styling ballet pumps pieces you wrote..socks are no longer an unsung hero for me…I have been sticking my feet out at my friends and telling them to appreciate my glittery socks and kicking them until they acquiese (gently dont worry)

    • Ellie

      p.s. aren’t topshop socks amazing? I have those ones you’re wearing with the Prada sandals and they make me feel all fancy and slightly like my grandmother but that could be a cool thang

  • Allie Fasanella

    leandra, your socks w ballet flats remind me of eloise or junie b jones.

  • Natali

    1st outfit is the most unique and edgiest of them all while the third one is my ultimate inspiration one! 🙂

  • Andrea Raymer

    THOSE ORAGE PANTS MAKE YOU LOOK 10 FEET TALL!! Like seriously, I might be afraid that you could knock down a building and destroy the city in those, or at the very least be afraid that you would hit your head on a doorframe.

  • Sarah

    Those Rosie Assoulin pants!!!! They are EVERYTHING.

    Also speaking of everything– your eyebrows always look perfect. Any chance you can recommend a waxing place in NYC? My middle eastern eyebrows seem to confuse all the eyebrow waxers I’ve encountered since my trusted waxer moved away. THANKS!

    • Leandra Medine

      I don’t do anything to them! And mine are middle eastern tooooooo. All you need is a good brow gel

      • Sarah

        What! Crazy. Will have to look into brow gel then, I’ve been considering getting some Glossier boy brow for a while… will need to wait until my eyebrows grow back in after an overly-zealous waxing this month though.

        Thanks for your response!!

  • Leandra: you are too cool. Thanks for doing such great fashion math!

    • Leandra Medine


    • Pia Sophie

      kudos to all you fashion mathematicians.

  • Kelly

    Love this! I have always been anti-sock, but you have made a strong case for the sock-and-flat and even sock-and-sandal combo.

    • Sugar Bones

      I really love trouser socks as a relative novice! Sheer and a lil’ fancy-feeling. I have some black fishnet ones I’ve been rocking with red clogs and feeling yum about them.

      • Kelly

        Yes, I was just thinking that I want a fishnet pair to wear with my loafers!

  • BK

    ROXANNE ASSOULIN CHOKER SNAP! Mine arrived the other day and I despise the idea of ever removing it. Also it works as a bracelet! #multitasking!

  • Greer Clarke

    Holy GUAC best outfit post I’ve seen in ages, my eyes are literally glistening

  • Jessica Williams

    How can 5’0 sisters wear Rosie?

    • Leandra Medine

      Buy the culottes, wear em as trousers
      OR hem

  • Suzan Alberts

    You’re outfits are to die for! I am not a big fan of black so I love all the colours you put together! So original!! Love it! xxx Suzan from