How to Wear Capri Pants Like You’re Hillary Clinton in Nantucket

What? You’re not interested? Yes you are!


I know what you’re thinking: I am not Barbra Streisand playing the role of Ben Stiller’s mother in Meet the Fockers which, I suppose, also means you’re not a sex therapist with an interest in botany. Technically speaking, none of us are Hillary Clinton on vacation yet, either, but that doesn’t have to mean you can’t wear capris.

Okay! I know what you’re thinking now, too: why in the good name of cool-ottes and cut-offs would I wear capris, Leandra? (You’re using my name to add a tinge of infuriation to your point, which I understand, but also don’t believe works.)

Consider this, though: you have to make so many decisions in the course of a day so don’t you want an excuse to not have to decide between pants and shorts and thus wear both?

Fashion is great in that it compliments the vicissitudes of a woman’s mood swings and never, ever makes you pick just one thing. I know I keep saying that capris are trending but I also realize that’s not technically true. Sure, Isa Arfen showed them for Spring (available now) and Elin Kling’s Totême has a pair up its sleeve (or leg), but call this more of a crystal ball than anything else. A sort of prediction that in — I don’t know, it could be as short as three months, as long as a year or two — due time, you will be happy I styled a pair of fuchsia capris for your consuming pleasure. So here you have it! Three ways to wear capris broken down by…

A) The Fashion Way


Isa Arfen capris, Rosie Assoulin blouse, Gucci sandals, Illesteva sunglasses

In this iteration, you are trying to look like the eccentric Alessandro Michele wishes you to be in the world. Color is key, but so are bikini tops or at least blouses styled with bikini tops over them. Your shoes don’t have to be gold, but they should make you feel like the most important person in any of the rooms you choose to stand in.

B) The Youth at a Convention Center Way


Isa Arfen capris, Atea Oceanie x Man Repeller blazer, Rosie Assoulin tied one shoulder top, Paula Cademartori sandals, red bandana

True or false: too few women wear headbands with bunny ears in a corporate environment. (I’ll answer: true.) Now here’s a follow up given that data: youth is the engine of the world (I stole that line from a Matisyahu lyric) and if you’re going to wear cropped suit pants to cover just your thighs until your knees and a blazer with shoulder pads, you really ought to dress up your head to prove that you understand that kids are cooler than adults. It might get you hired at the White House, btw.

C) The “I Don’t Have Time for This, I’m Late for my 5 O’Clock Picnic” Way


Isa Arfen capris, Atea Oceanie x Man Repeller shirt dress, Annelise Michelson earrings, Il Sandalo sandals — another lace up here, Garrett Leight sunglasses, Shourouk bag — another straw option here

You’ve got a basket, you’ve got a shirt dress, your capris are intact so you might also want to plant flowers but before anyone can call you out for being so American, direct their attention to the leather straps crawling up your legs and the big-ass gold chains in your ears. Very Italian.

Case closed. So, are you in or are you out?

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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  • Sabrina O’Driscoll

    I went from ah fuck no way, to being on the fence, to hmm looks pretty cool with that shirt dress! I think I’m too short, maybe with very high heels. I won’t be able to walk but what harm I can sit and lean. I’m in!

    • EMS

      Agreed! Shirt dress look is my fave

      • Karen Frantz

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  • Hélène Doumenc

    In for you my dear with your very slim legs. Bit me no way! I have very muscled strong legs, would look like ham in those

    • Junglesiren

      A muscled ham though… sounds hot to me! Rock ’em, girl! Seriously, I’m in agreement with you. Capris are not for me but these outfits are so cute on her.

  • They actually look pretty cool but I’m not sure I could pull them off like you! x

  • Nicki

    Only Leandra could pull off mom capris! Damn girl!

  • Always so refreshing

  • Capris work only with flats…or on a relaxed beachy way… Though, on your pictures you style them pretty well. You are The MP start for something <3

    Discover my Farfetch Spring favorite outfits at

  • BK

    I thought I’d need considerable and elaborate talking down from the cutoff tree (metaphorical place, don’t look it up) but I’m surprisingly immediately on board with this trend! Which is fitting, because I assume that would be the same reaction as the older capri-wearing grandmother who knows her fashionable days are dwindling and accordingly grabs life by the TEETH

  • You had me at fuchsia.