18 Questions About ‘Girls’: Season 5, Episode 8 Recap

Everyone’s acting like a big baby


Everyone is coming and going this week. Except for Ray, who is evidently staying put for the next four to five hours. Caroline is gone and Shosh is back and the tragedies are real. It’s not school anymore or play pretend in Bushwick.

Suddenly, it’s life and death and realizing that you can’t just go on welfare because you don’t know what else to do.

No matter how hard you try to outrun it, your past catches up with you. Your decisions have consequences. And I hate to break it to our new friend in that ancient sedan: It’s pretty hard to start over when you have a gun in the backseat of your car.

1. Kicking it off with the truly existential: Shosh wants to know why she’s “here.” Don’t we all, don’t we all?

2. Have you ever spent an entire day in your pajamas? Listen, I have. I was six years old and on a houseboat trip and I reasoned that if I didn’t change out of my pajamas, I’d never have to change back into them. And guess what? I was 100 percent correct. It was really one of the best days of my life and I recommend it as an occasional practice to each and every one of you. In fact, why don’t we all decide we will spend a day this weekend in our PJs? Can we all do that? For each other? Pajamas are chic now! It’ll be painless.

3. Oh, look! It’s the Hannah I know and somewhat detest, acting like a nincompoop and rejecting all forms of human decency. Where have you been, bb girl?

4. You’ve been a trooper, Fran! Really, he has been. But now that he’s out of the picture and on his own in the house-car, can we all come to some kind of conclusion about whether or not he’s a good person? A wannabe woke feminist? A teacher you would have had a serious crush on in middle school?

5. Will Laird knit me a hat?

6. Will Ray gouge my eyes out with a coffee stirrer? Please? Because I cannot watch Hannah do this.

7. But, in all seriousness, has trying to repay someone for friendly kindness with sexual favors ever worked?

8. Did Ray deserve to have his truck crashed and his dreamed crushed? Yes, yes he did.

9. Do you say Rih-ahhhnna or do you say Ri-aaaana?

10. Don’t you think Shosh should get some some credit for picking up on Japanese so fast? Not easy!

11. Who’s worse: Hannah or Shosh? Please defend your choice in the comments.

12. How has a sketchy driver become the feminist of this show? Because Hannah is a grown woman and she can make whatever horrible decisions she chooses, FRAN/RAY/WORLD.

13. Lisa Bonet?!?!?!?!?!?!?

14. “Why do you need more help than a baby?”

15. Is that the most profound question that has ever been asked on this show?

16. When did Adam become my spiritual godfather?

17. Why is Jessa still wearing her cross?

18. Is New York still a good place to start over? Has it ever been for you?

Follow our Girls girl and author Mattie on Twitter @mattiekahn. Photographs by Craig Blankenhorm  for HBO; collaged by Emily Zirimis.


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  • Leandra Medine

    Guys, I hate Hannah so much. It’s like watching someone DIVE into quicksand.

    • RaquelT18

      Okay yeah I know BUT doesn’t she make you feel like a good person? No matter how many bad decisions I’ve made, they’ve never been as bad as Hannah’s. So. GO ME!

      • Kristi

        Hahaha oh my gosh I totally agree with this. I have the same thoughts! It’s definitely nice to know I’ve never been this awful even at my worst.

        Jessa was ridiculous last night and definitely out of character! I was so over her – and I have to say I was secretly happy there was trouble in paradise. The one way I can relate to Hannah is a best friend dating your ex – it’s awful and hurts big time.

        I still love Shosh. I think she was being absolutely ridiculous last night but her life is kind of in shambles and she’s totally overreacting – but when life gets tough can’t we all freak out for a minute? I feel like she’s just having a moment and she’ll pull herself back together.

        • Senka

          Agreed. We have to cut Shosh some slack. Girl just moved back from Japan. Has no job or clue what to do. It might take time. Hannah on the other hand. I watched her attacking poor Ray’s crotch through my fingers because it was just too much even for mis Horvath.

        • Estilistas

          Yes! I love Jessa but she is being a bit bitchy, just get over yourself and talk to your friend! Sosh is the best, just going through a tough time but she would be ok!

      • Estilistas

        Jajaja so true! I think that is the point, to make us all feel good about ourselves. Thanks Hannah.

    • HATE. I couldn’t believe her antics last night. I thought that literally running away from Fran in the middle of no where was rock bottom…until she got into the coffee truck with Ray. I was cringing during every scene of hers last night. I really hope that last scene is foreshadowing a fresh start for her. Also, totally agree re: Fran below. She deserved every bit of his frustration (at the least) last night!

    • Aggie

      I have been waiting all day for this article just so that I could express my frustration: I HATE HANNAH SO MUCH!

      • Ché Hot Chocolate

        Gosh! Me too. Hannah is so revolting sometimes ugh!!!!

    • Marie Johnson Lewin

      I feel like for some reason I really try with Hannah. This season might be seeing her at her worst however (jury is still out but I can’t be alone in thinking this season is the best to date.) Last night was unbearable. No comparison to Shosh, who at least tries and has scruples. Besides, that “Je ne sais blah” shirt was everything.

    • poppyoona

      She dives in, but doesn’t sink. Oh, Hannah, just sink already.

    • agreed! i’ve never wanted to punch someone in the face so bad, how is it she has any friends!?

    • Mila

      I think even worse than watching Hannah sexually assaulting Ray or leaving him to spend 4 hours in the middle of nowhere on his own (personally I would prefer that over spending 4 hours in the middle of nowhere with Hannah), was watching Hannah laughing at the start-over-guy when he told her his ex-girlfriend hit him! What Hannah?! Who is the true feminist here?

      • Hannah Finnigan-Walsh

        To be fair, I don’t think she was laughing at him. I think she was more baffled by it because, up till then, she thought she was going to be killed by the guy after seeing the gun in the car and maybe in that moment her view on him did a complete 180.

      • pamb

        I think it was a laugh out of relief that he wasn’t going to kill her; it was the ex gf’s gun.

    • Ciara H

      She literally drives me up the wall.

    • Estilistas

      Omg Hannah is so awful! How does she even have friends? She is gross, I totally agree with Fran, no cool to treat a woman like that but come on Hannah just grow up already! Adam is just the best, so glad he is with Jessa, but then come on Jessa is just baby puke, give me a break argh!

    • LG

      I agree. I’ve hated Hannah from the beginning. I think it’s because she’s a constant drama of her own making and just watching her is exhausting. I’m pro Shosh and I know someone exactly like her in real life – they even sound the same – which endears me to her even more.

  • YouandWhoseArmy

    HANNAH is SO much worse than Shosh. Who calls her friend to rescue her, aids in the incapacitation (word? not a word?) of his truck, then bails on him to catch a ride back to the city while he’s stuck waiting ALONE for 4-5 hours?!? WHO?!

    Also – I love Jessa, and her reaction to Sample/Sample’s spit-up was SO out of character for her. We’re talking about a woman who last season threw her hair in a bun and stuck her head underwater in a bathtub to look at a baby emerging from Caroline’s vag, and we’re supposed to buy that SHE’D be grossed out by baby spittle on her t-shirt? Nope.

    • Amelia Diamond

      thaatttt is a great point.

    • Hanne

      was thinking the same about jessa.
      maybe she is less self-centered and more hands-on now, but feels like adam’s attention and affection is now being shared with the baby and some old insecurity and selfishness shined through??
      kind of as if her behavior was to seek a reaction from adam, either to drop everything and run over to her, or to reaffirm her feeling that he has another priority now.

    • Thank you for mentioning about Jessa in last year’s season finale. I really doubt she would have been that horrified. Also i forget the baby’s real name, it’s not “Sample”, it is named after Jessa in some way…weird continunity error there!

      • YouandWhoseArmy

        Yes! It was like Jessa Hannah Poet something weird…

      • Lillian

        Jessa Hannah Bluebell Poem Schlesinger-Sackler

    • NeuroNerd

      Right there with you. Also, wasn’t Jessa a nanny in the first season? How was she unaware of what a baby needs?

    • ashley mac

      Everything, Agreed. I feel like they were trying to show a disconnect between Adam and Jessa and that was the best that they could do it. They’ve been connecting the two characters on their whole whimsical but bitter way about the world and now we are seeing a part of Adam where he is like wait, who is this girl? Maybe showing Adam wanting to start a family, but Jessa not ready? I don’t even know anymore.

      • Lilia Dobbs

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    • Good point. Plus, wasn’t she a nanny in the first season? Surely she’s seen and smelled spit up before. Didn’t comprehend.

    • Senka

      She was believable, though. Jemmime Kirke I eman. Woman has kids of her own, and she held Sample like she never held an infant in her life, as my bf pointed out.

    • aconstellation

      SAME! Also, she was a babysitter for a while too right? I mean… the kids she took care of were older, but still.

  • Amelia Diamond

    I sincerely do not mind Fran. I don’t think he’s a bad person at all — I think I’d act like him if I dated someone like Hannah? In the after part of the episode where Lena talks about the characters and what they’re going through, she says he has anger issues. I don’t agree! It seems like he’s just ANGRY, and I would be too! I would probably also drive off in a house-car and yell “fuck you” if my suddenly-ex-boyfriend jumped out of our house-car in his pajamas to get away from me.

    It also drove me insane insane insane that Hannah left without grabbing a sweatshirt. I know it’s summer but didn’t she at least consider the possibility that in Upstate NY it can get chilly at night?!?!?!

    • Katia Luyo Angeles

      More and more I think she’s one of those people that are so selfish that they just go about their way no matter how much in danger they get themselves into, just so someone will notice them and be all “oh poor you, let me take care of you” until they see them for who they really are and go away. It just makes me think… why did Fran put up with her for so long… there were so many red flags about her behaviour this season.

    • Emily

      I still haven’t forgiven Fran for the way he handled Hannah finding the pictures of the other girls on his phone. Whether or not Hannah should have been looking at his phone, personally I feel like he should have deleted the pictures straight away. As someone who struggles with their body image, I know how awful it would be to know that my boyfriend was “enjoying” pictures of his exes (even though Hannah seems to love her body she did say that she has had issues in the past) and I think Fran should have been more sensitive.

      However I am not defending the way she treated Fran in this episode, and the rest of Hannah’s appalling behaviour. Honestly Hannah, how can anyone be that selfish?

    • pamb

      I kept thinking “what about all the clothes and stuff she brought along for the three month trip? And her purse, with her id and money and keys?”

  • Daniela Díaz Eyssautier

    More than a Laird’s hat I would prefer those “boho” wovens on the wall, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who noticed them! <3

  • Brenna Landis

    In response to question number 11: Hannah is by far worse than Shosh. Hannah basically sexually assaulted Ray because, in her typical narcissistic fashion, she assumed that Ray wanted a car blowjob when in fact it was just her twisted sexual self who projected this want onto Ray. Shosh is having a hard time. Yes, she needs to be more self aware and understand that she has to carry more of the load herself and be a decent human being, i.e. letting someone know that she’s not going to show up at the airport. But in all seriousness, being stood up, even in such epic fashion, is still not as bad as having sexual favors pushed onto you when you clearly, even physically, do not want them.

    • poppyoona

      i totally agree. I hate Hannah, and in every episode she does something, or many things to reaffirm my feelings for her. But I think its the after the show bit, where Lena talks about the characters that makes me cringe. She seems to think Hannah is funny, and silly, and has a unique perspective. Hannah acts like a child, she’s never there for her “friends”, I mean have any of them filmed a scene together all season? And she sexually assaulted Ray this week, her principal last week. is this the last season?

      • caroleann2

        This is season 5. They announced that season 6 will be the final season.

  • EJS

    This episode was NOT easy to watch. Except for every shot of Adam cooing the baby. I could see that everyday of my life tbh. I agree that Jessa’s reactions seemed out of character. Or maybe they’re in character? Which Jessa is the real Jessa? The selfish, irrational island or the fearless one who rolls up her sleeves and does shit? I hated watching Hannah’s behavior because it totally negated her pretty mature reaction to seeing Jessa and Adam walk away after the play. She closed last week’s episode on such a high note, then this. Classic Girls move.

  • This episode really irked me because I feel like none of the writers fact checked the characters at all. I don’t think Ray is that hard-up or not hard that he would take road head from Hannah especially when he’s trying to be the voice of reason for Everyone on the show. I don’t think Shosh is that stupid that she would think she would go on welfare. Last season wasn’t she on several interviews?? Has she lost her drive… I understand that Adam’s sister is going through post-partum and she was always nuts on the show but I don’t think she would have left the baby. I think she would have left laird first and dropped the baby with Adam. I did like Adam’s reaction to Jessa even though a few ladies below have noted it is out of character for her to be disgusted by spit-up especially after many episodes of her doing very dirty things like sneezing into a tub too. She doesn’t have an ick factor that would be repulsed by a baby.

    And Hannah…I can’t even…Yes she is having a level 5 manic panic episode but damnn…why would she do that to Ray? Maybe to Elijah but not ray. I can’t believe she got in a car wit that guy. Even tho who turned out to be normal I don’t think she would have gotten in that car. She doesn’t seem ever have had stranger danger but still…

    Hmm..sorry i ranted…I’m having serious issues with this episode! =P

    • poppyoona

      i agree, everyone was out of character, except Hannah, who is always awful, although not typically this awful.

  • saundra

    “Why do you need more help than a baby?” such a great moment… cold blooded.

    • Monalisa

      I don’t see it as cold blooded. Maybe Jessa would at that moment but Adam’s statement was necessary. Her selfishness and need for affection in the episode was childish and Adam made it perfectly clear in one sentence. Bravo.

  • Ché Hot Chocolate

    This episode was rather stressful. I kind of feel bad for Fran. Somehow things have just been going downhill for him. I’d be pretty angry too if I dated Hannah and she pulled that crap. Plus, Marni and Desi… *eyeroll*
    I agree with the people who said a lot of the characters acted out of character. Jessa, Shosh and Ray namely. I expected Ray to stop the truck and ask her to stop. Hannah is a gross mess. I almost wish that guy had turned out crazy

    After the last two excellent episodes, this one kind of tanked for me. I’m interested to see where this Caroline/Laird/Sample thing goes though I don’t think Caroline would actually leave her baby

  • Martina

    All the Girls were so overwhelming and annoying. props to Adam and Ray for being normal human beings there.

  • poppyoona

    i hate Hannah. Loathe. My husband and his friend brought up a great point about the fatal attraction bit from last weeks episode… how, in Hannah/Lena’s world of being a feminist is it ok to essentially sexual assault someone? And this week she was no less awful. A coffee truck costs $600, really? What a brat. Maybe because I hate Hannah so much is why I don’t think Fran is a bad guy, Fran is normal Hannah isn’t funny or cute, or kind. And, this may just be me, but Hannah has no right to cry bc of Jessa and Adam. Hannah has been with Fran for a year, Adam already moved in with another girl while Hannah was gone, so no surprise there, and Jessa is right, you meet people through people, and I think the grace period between Hannah and Adam has expired.

    • YouandWhoseArmy

      And furthermore, at the end of last season, Adam tried to get back together w/ Hannah and SHE declined. What I don’t get is how she keeps getting guys to fall for her self-centered, entitled, all-about-me as*.

      • poppyoona

        RIGHT?!? There is nothing to like about her.

    • Mben

      I would agree with you if Jenna wasn’t one of her best friends. If my best friend slept with my ex (a serious ex), that friendship would be over. And if you’re going to sleep with your best friend’s ex… you better be pretty sure this is a move you need to make and be willing to forgo the friendship. That’s a heavy decision that you can’t bounce back from. The problem with pretty much all of these characters is that they are unbelievably selfish people with a complete lack of boundaries or scruples.

    • EMS

      I’m curious what you mean by “Hannah/Lena’s world…”? Lena is acting when she is playing the role of Hannah. Their views do not necessarily coalesce. I think that’s an important distinction to make when viewing fiction. What do you all think?

  • Ashley Riddle

    The thing I kept thinking: WHY did she not go and get her stuff back from Fran??..I mean they were going away for the entire summer..she must have had a few bags,her wallet etc with her..and you KNOW she wasn’t getting it back after that epic F.U. send off,he gave her..and I know she’s an indescribable train wreck but COME ON..Grab your shit,girl!
    P.s. and I think this every time I hear her full name
    …does it not drive you crazy that her name is Shoshanna ShaPYRO instead of ShaPEERO?

    • Mben

      That bothered me too and completely triggered my OCD. Like I want to go back and grab her stuff for her and get her out of those PJs.

      • Niki

        Me too it annoyed me so much! I also started thinking about her house keys etc…

  • Stephanie

    I am wondering when did Marnie pick up smoking? Also where can I find the fountain of youth that Lisa Bonet is drinking from because I want some too!

    • Seriously. I wasn’t sure if it was Lisa or Zoe until she walked up to Marnie

  • Eleonora Rossi

    As many others here, I really hate Hannah too. I like this show a lot, and still I hate the main character. She’s so selfish, and gross, and disrespectful, and full of herself, I could go on forever. And what she did to Ray doesn’t make any sense, it’s sexual harassment! He wasn’t at all interested – and why would he be? I had to skip that part because it pissing me off too much.
    Shosh is basically oblivious to social norms and self-absorbed. Although she’s been an ass with her boyfriend, she is going through a sort of existential crisis lately! And I still believe she can learn how to pay more attention to other people’s feelings and also how to be more humble, she can grow up to become more mature.
    I also agree on Jessa being out of character – she’s been babysitting before and she even helped Caroline give birth, I can’t believe that she’s being so fussy now.
    Finally, Fran. First of all, I cannot like nor respect someone who voluntarily decides to be Hannah’s boyfriend and yet has completely irrealistic expectations about her and their relationship. How can he act all surprised and angry now? How could he not see that coming?! Secondly, I don’t think he has any “anger issue” at all – maybe the opposite: I think he continuously restrains himself to the point where it’s annoying to watch.

    • Andrea M

      I agree with everything you’re saying, but especially with the sexual harassment bit. If a guy did that to a girl, everyone would say it was wrong. And while clearly Ray was incredibly uncomfortable and said no a couple of times, it seems that because he’s a guy and/or eventually just gave in, it was okay. It wasn’t.
      And Jessa’s part on the episode was, to me, badly written. It makes no sense whatsoever and if one has watched her over the seasons you know she would never act like that. It’s like the writers are forcing her to be something she isn’t. For what?
      Also, if Hannah drives you crazy, and you get angry, that’s not having anger issues. It’s just getting angry for OBVIOUS reasons.

      • Mben

        I think it’s written for you to see her as if through Adam’s eyes. It’s exaggerated but you see something jump out at you. It’s noticeable. It’s a disconnect. I think it needs to seem out of character so that you get that startling surprise in character that he clearly does… which I think will ultimately lead to him questioning the connection. (That maybe despite the chemistry they aren’t looking for the same thing or in the same place in life)

  • Quinn Halman

    I think this episode and the previous one is Lena testing how much we’re going to support Hannah when she attempts to start over for the umpteenth time

    • Quinn Halman

      And, in terms of Hannah v Shosh, Shosh is having a moment where she’s coming down from such a high whereas Hannah has continued to be obnoxious and crass

  • sadie d. love

    just when you think you’ve seen everything from Hannah.. all that running through the woods in her pj’s and getting into strangers car was somehow bearable. but that getting down on Ray stuff was really too much. so was the Jessa baby thing. Shosh not growing even a tiny bit mature after all that Japan experience? even the fabulous Lisa Bonnet character was too much for me.
    starting with the first one, I looooved every episode of this season so far, but for a hard core fan this one was really difficult to watch.
    and yes, why is Jessa still wearing her cross?

  • Katia Luyo Angeles

    I also don’t buy Jessa’s behaviour about the baby. She’s never been the type to be grossed out by that kind of thing (fluids: remember when she had sex at a bar when she was supposed to be having an abortion and her period happened? …sorry to remind you of that). But she’s probably scared about seeing Adam acting like a somewhat responsible adult. That’s might be freaking her out.

  • ashley mac

    Seriously, Hannah is by far the worst compared to Shosh. You can respect that Shosh is having a in-your-twenties-type identity crisis where as Hannah is just never getting anything right and reminds me of a version of my 5 year old self I would never want the world to see.

  • Micha

    Hannah is so much worse than Shosh, because she literally sexually harassed/assualted two people within two episodes. Come on. Do better.

  • talkwithjane

    GUYS WAIT! Before we tie Hannah to a stake, wait for the credits. The writer of the episode was MR. Murray Miller (da da DAH!). Peen intrusion! In 29 minutes, he morphs the Girls to piles o’ quivering bitch-jelly. And now for the kicker?! Male protagonists become heroes and get free BJ’s? So subtle Murray Miller, if that’s even your real name!

    Remember the killer Marnie/Chris episode? LENA! The epic season premier wedding with the hilar make-up artist? LENA! This isn’t a case of our Girls being babies. This is Lena outsourcing because she’s our Great Feminist Leader YAS QUEEN YAS QUEEN!

    • nataliepop

      thank you for sharing this insight. Everyone is so quick to tear Lena a new asshole but imo she has a much larger insight on the plot line, and outsourcing for new content from a dude does really give the show a different perspective. But before we persecute and peen influence, we should also mention the very interesting twist that at the end when the drivier of the car that hannah thought was a murderer was dealing with physical and emotional abuse from his relationship that he was fleeing from. Every man in the show was dealing with their own emotional pain from their tumultuous relationships. Like Desi felt with Marni, like Fran felt Hannah, Shosh’s ex (dont remember his name- dont care); and Ray with Hannah. But TBH hated Hannah the whole episode. Plus….. tucked in cowboy boots. Slash where is your purse woman!? Also when you hang in your pajams too long…. dont you just feel like a pile of filth?!!? Just me?!?!

  • Hilla Katz

    First of all, Hannah is so much worse than Shosh. Shosh is just going through a rough time right now and she’s acting out. Hannah is just outright inappropriate and impulsive and every time you think she’s grown up, she just regresses back into being horrible.

    But I think what bothered me the most this episode? MARNIE!!! WHEN YOUR FRIEND CALLS YOU STRANDED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FOREST YOU DONT
    A. Do absolutely NOTHING to help them
    B. Start venting about your own pathetic problems. But then again thats just typical Marnie at this point. Oh well.

  • answer to 11. I think shosh is just an average girl that just realizing the world is not all about her but can eventually learn and you know calm down on her ego. On the other hand hannah has been bothering me for a while now and i believe she is just really egotistical, she has hit rock bottom how many times already and still won’t learn the lesson!

    P.S: also when did adam became such and adult? i feel The Force did some good to him if you know whatamean.

  • elpug

    Hannah drives me nuts and this episode just tipped me over the edge. I loved Fran. But they weren’t right for each other because I don’t think hannah will change. All their characters have become so exaggerated lately, I’m curious what its leading up to.

  • Andrea M

    I just want to add one more question to the list. WHO KNEW RAY SPOKE RUSSIAN?

    • Nikki

      Alex K is Russian irl!

  • A shocking episode but not really in a good way. I LOVED the episode prior. I thought it was amazing! I’ve been critical of the show this season in general and wrote about episode 5 on my blog b/c it irked me so. Thanks for the discussion here and the great questions!

  • Jenjen

    The problem with the question ‘who is worse Hannah or Shosh’ is I don’t believe Hannah as a character anymore. I hated this ep and have been losing faith since Lena stopped writing the episodes. The last ep she wrote (when Marnie had that crazy adventure and broke up with Desi) stood out so much from the other eps, even before I knew she was the writer. I believe Hannah is real when Lena writes her actions, and is not merely acting out the actions some other person wrote for her (a guy incidentally). There is no authenticity anymore.

  • Senka

    Even though, as Amelia pointed out, there is nothing really that bad about Fran, I am glad he’s gone. He was so bland, and he seemed more like a prop to bring out Hannah’s own issues, than a real character. Shosh had made some mistakes (not showing up at the airport as agreed) but to her defence, one(me) can feel a bit all over the place even when all is seemingly well (job, relationships, life in general, age over 30) let alone when you’re clueless, jobless twenty-something just back from Japan. Hannah on the other hand was insuferable. Running from Fran in circles in the middle of nowhere could actually be funny, if what she did next didn’t happen. Sexually assaulting a friend who came to your rescue, ruining his coffee truck, and then abandoning him at the same middle of nowhere place? Plus I have a special soft spot for Mr. Plochansky, so that sorta pissed me off. Also I can’t really tell if flashing her teacher and assaulting ray was a blatant display of narcissism or a cry for help, or both. Jessa was a bit ot of the character, true, but this entire Jessa-Adam thing still needs getting used to. They are both beautiful messes.

  • CarlotaLMorais

    Hannah makes me sick, Marnie is UNBEARABLE, the only two I enjoy watching now is Adam and Jessa! Adam is sooo grown-up now, and I feel Jessa is a much better match for him than Hannah ever was! “Why would you need more help than a baby?” just blew my mind! Grow up Jessa! I mean, all of them need to grow!
    I also love Ray, but I don’t understand how he manages to deal with Hannah…running away braless in your Pjs from your ex and then having a friend pick you up, make them crash their van and then leave them on the side of the road alone? UNBELIEVABLE. Truth is, I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  • MG

    Do you with think Hannah and Adam are destined to get back together? Is Adam too good for Hannah? I honestly can’t decide. I feel like he gets away with seeming less shitty than her but actually he is not. Is Hannah about to have a breakdown?

  • Ericka del Valle

    I don’t know if I hate them or I hate myself, sometimes they act like grown ups and keep their shit together and then they lose it like there’s no tomorrow..
    We all have does moments (or at least i do) and it’s terrifying when you realize that you have friends but no one it’s here to save you and that you’re responsible for every decision you make. So, when i see them acting like Shoss i see myself in and specific moment and realize how stupid i was.

  • pamb

    Fran is the typical good guy, meant sincerely. He needs to be with a typical good girl, not Hannah, who has WAYYYYYY more issues than the average bear. I’ve read that Lena is saying that Fran isn’t as nice as we think he is, but I think that’s Hannah talking.

    I thought it was out of character for Hannah to offer Ray a bj. She hasn’t thrown herself around sexually; why is she blowing a good friend? And why is he accepting (most guys would, I suppose, but still).

    Heartbreaking about Caroline, but I do think a New Age hippie would realize while writing that letter that she had PPD and get herself some New Age help. And what had the baby been drinking for the last few days, as I assume Caroline breastfed exclusively and attachment parented as well?

    Others have said this is leading up to a Hannah-Adam reunion, with his realization that Jessa is too self involved and Hannah’s realization of how hurt she was about them being together. IMO, that’s moving backwards.

  • caroleann2

    Best laugh of this episode was when Hannah said she got kicked off the Uber app due to low ratings. Ha ha ha!!

  • Mcolette

    I feel as if Jessa was being whiny on purpose, so she would feel loved and cared for by Adam. It seemed as if she was pulling the “damsel in distress” routine. It didn’t seem very authentic, or maybe it was just sloppy writing. Somebody here commented that they think her insecurities might be coming to the surface because of this relationship, and I would agree.

  • Inkygrl

    Why do any of you watch this show? Surely you have better things to complain about. I love Girls. I think you all take it waaaay too seriously. It is fucking hilarious. From the wardrobe to the dialogue to the ridiculous plot? Perfection. It’s a half hour of escapism that I can appreciate precisely on the level it’s intended…comedy!