13 Questions About ‘Girls’: Season 5, Episode 7

Alternatively titled, “How to Get out of Trouble as an Adult”


It keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it? Truer, zanier, Marnier — this season of Girls makes me feel like I’m in on a secret. This show is so weird and good. And somehow, it works, too. This week, the humor and the anguish are in synchronized step, executing a boogie-woogie bop of an episode. What that means exactly is just one of many debates we’re going to have to hash out here. Grab a baby tee and a rosemary cocktail and let’s get into it.

1. How many people read the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books and believe that she is at least in some sense a guardian angel? Perhaps goodness incarnate?

2. Where can I go in New York to see cloud formations that look like Blake Lively?

3. Okay, okay fine! Let’s deal with it: Can vaginas really save the world? Ourselves, from dismissal?

4. Doesn’t it really say a lot about how far Fran has fallen in our esteem that when he voices all the complaints we’ve all had about Hannah for over four seasons, we still kinda want him to shut the hell up?

5. “Are we praying?”

6. When is Ray going to settle down with a nice, substantive girl who doesn’t mistake a creative use of barrettes for personal expression?

7. If anything were ever to convince you to pick up smoking (calm down, Dad), would it not be the picture of Jessa on that fire escape?

8. Who’s gonna murder Dill?

9. Do you think the towels in Dill’s bathroom look more like saggy elephants or drunk Dementors?

10. Given that Hannah is wearing ruby red slippers and comes dangerously close to tapping them together, do you think she just really wants to go home? If so, where would that even be anymore?

11. How is it that falling asleep during sex can sometimes spell the absolute death of a relationship and can sometimes make it seem like maybe, really, it has a shot?

12. Ballpark estimate: How many short-sleeved polo shirts does Ray own?

13. Have you ever been where Hannah is in the final moments of this episode? You can tell us the story, if you want to. But if you don’t, would you mind telling us how you recovered? Picked yourself up? Healed? How did you survive it?

Follow our Girls girl and author Mattie on Twitter @mattiekahn. Photographs by Craig Blankenhorm  for HBO; collaged by Emily Zirimis.


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  • Aydan

    oh god, hannah’s freeze at the end is all too real. I don’t even mean that happening to me in a relationship sense, but I just have def had that level of omg hold me I need to go home, kind of feeling! And omg I wanted to punch hannah in the face (aggressive I know) when she told the girl performing she’s a really good dancer…HANNAH!!!!! And yes Jessa on the fire escape, her in that tiny striped tshirt, with her perfect hair is all I aspire to be!

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      I’ve never been near-to-tears from feeling bad for Hannah, but it was too intense! I NEARLY teared (but not quite). Her anxiety basically went through my computer screen.

    • Amanda Brooks

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    • Natalia

      Holy shit I laughed so hard at hannah’s “you’re an amazing dancer” comment. it was so true to character and idk I was kinda thinking it too.

      Also remember how amazing Gaby Hoffman’s dance scene was way back in season 2

      • Lillian

        YES. Gaby Hoffmann should be in every episode.

  • Kate N.

    I live for these articles.

  • doctor Zoidberg

    Yup. When I was with my ex, he developed a friendship with Jen while working as a waiter/bartender. A couple of times I saw her text him and stalked her on fb, but there was nothing to find. When we broke up, it took months to move out. He decided to move out of state, but I did not press for details. The day before he left, we said goodbye and I dropped him off at his mother’s house. I briefly said hi to his sister who was there and mentioned in passing that it was nice that he had a friend to leave the state with. I asked what friend and she said Jen.

  • Lillian

    Marnie’s self-centeredness in this episode was way less tolerable (than it was when juxtaposed against much-needed growth). I was seriously stunned she didn’t mention Charlie to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if only to process it. Why was she not still reeling??? I get that her asking Ray to talk was leading up to the are-you-kidding-me let down of her telling him about herSELF and not Charlie. But the episode felt a little shallow coming off the weight of the last one. I don’t know. 24 minutes is just not enough time for this show. As for the Jessa and Adam mess, I hope Hannah gives them what for. Actually, I hope Ray does. Like when he called them animals and said that we live in a civil society that’s buttressed by decency and respect. They could use that speech again. And Hannah. God do I feeeeeeeeeeeel for her. But Fran is officially a consolation prize. I do get why she swatted him away. In that moment it’s just too much to handle and he has no clue.

    • Lillian

      Gotta say though, I don’t get her flashing the principal. In a funny way, a making-a-statement way or any other way. I thought it was strange. Not because it’s vulgar but because it just didn’t make sense. Why would that ever be a reaction? Even Hannah’s?

      • Beatrice

        I thought it felt so unlikely too! Like, I don’t wanna police anyone’s vagina but I was legitimately confused about vagina as a solution to work related conflict

      • Senka

        Weird I’d find it rude or sexual from anyone else, but from Hannah Horvath it’s like normal. In a not offensive way. It’s just Hannah.

      • pamb

        And that she was so proud of herself about it. And was all “Feminist!” about it. Like she was fighting the patriarchy by flashing her boss.

    • Harling Ross

      Wow so true I didn’t even think about the fact that she didn’t tell anyone about Charlie. You’d think that would totally be something Marnie would brag about like. But, then again, she probably doesn’t want to broadcast that she cheated on Desi.

    • Harling Ross

      Wow so true I didn’t even think about the fact that she didn’t tell anyone about Charlie. You’d think that would totally be something Marnie would brag about–that she had the “wisdom” to leave him in the end. But, then again, she probably doesn’t want to broadcast that she cheated on Desi.

      • Lillian

        Haha I have to admit I didn’t even consider the Desi breakup and was focused solely on Charlie. I dislike him that much.

        • Lillian

          Oh! the wisdom to leave Charlie. Yes, totally.

      • Lillian

        Oh! The wisdom to leave Charlie. Yes, totally.

    • Libby

      i bet she’s pregnant and it’ll come back up at the end of this season or beginning of next.

  • Beatrice

    This season is consistently reminding me why I fell in love with Girls in the first place. Jessa can be so cruel, and cold, and no one deserves to be on the receiving end of that. Yes, she and Adam make sense together. She needs to own up to the fact that she’s doing a shitty thing to her friend.

    Marnie sucks but I love Allison Williams’ deadpan, pop culture vampire acting, and Ray remains the sole character on the show who I actually would like to befriend.

    “But it’s about to be summer!”

    • Harling Ross

      HOW GOOD WAS ALLISON WILLIAMS’ DEADPAN DELIVERY OF: “Pick up a newspaper, Hannah.”

      • Beatrice

        SO GOOD! I also liked her “second tier friends” comment. Marnie, you a mean bitch but it’s working for me.

      • Senka

        Marnie is insuferable.

  • l:ly

    I was crying at the end. Fran is just YELLING AT HER! LIKE A MONSTER!!!! (true exaggeration but I was so mad at Fran? When did he stop being a hot farm boy and start being nit picky and aggressive??) As Hannah is falling apart. I don’t get why he couldn’t figure out what was happening??? IT WAS IN FRONT OF HIS DUMB FACE!!!!! I felt like her heartbreak was tangible. I understand that Adam and Jessa needed to come out to her in some way and that they are allowed to date and do whatever but it wasn’t Hannah being cold in that last part, it was them. Seeing your ex with someone new is a punch in the gut. But seeing your ex with your (now ex) best friend???????????????? Also I laughed out loud at Marnie calling them “second tier friendships” or whatever.

    • pamb

      Has Fran even met Jessa or Adam? I don’t think so, otherwise he would have said hi to them when he saw them leaving the play. Fran was picking up where they left off after the vagina fight, how was he supposed to know that Hannah saw Jessa mooning over Adam?

      Fran is out of his depths with Hannah, but that’s on Hannah, not him.

      • Fran and Adam had a small exchange at Marnie’s wedding! And it .was. awkward. :/

  • Jolie

    Oh god…being “friends” with the guy I’d had the most intense, passionate relationship with even after the most heartbreaking breakup in the world, and then having to sit through a party of his a couple months after said breakup. That was my Hannah moment. He had a new girl with him, and the girl was the total opposite of me, and I had to pretend the whole time that I wasn’t fazed by it. I had to talk to her and answer her questions and hold back the judgment and superiority complex thing when she didn’t understand my jokes or when she displayed her total lack of personality. I just had to sit there and be okay with it and realize that he chose her over me. It was this simultaneous feeling of wanting to laugh and cry that I will never forget, and that made me empathize with Hannah a lot at the end of this episode.

  • Jessica Eikenberry Paullus

    Hannah is just about the most self-involved person I have ever seen portrayed on television. Sorry I just don’t like her character. Can’t stand her. Please get some real problems to worry about in life besides the fact that your exboyfiend is now involved with your exfriend. Move on!

  • Aggie

    Say hello to the hater over heeere! (i’m so sorry) I really think that this series should be renamed ‘Hannah’ and not ‘Girls’ because let’s be real, it only revolves around her. I disagree with #4, I truly wish that for once Hannah would apologize for how disrespectful she can be to other people and that’s why I can sympathize with her at the end of this episode.

  • Mariana

    College, sophomore year. The guy I had a big crush on (but no one knew because God forbid being that vulnerable lol) had an one-night stand with one of my friends. In my bed. Precious, right?! My ego went to under-the-earth-level that day.

  • Senka

    I don’t like that Fran person. I just don’t. That said, yeah Jessa and Adam make sense, but Hannah’s frustration is real.

  • Emma

    Definitely been where Hannah is at the end of this episode. Being alerted to the fact that your current (soon to be past) attachment just walked in to an event with your “mutual friend” and then having her come over to you and say “you better watch your man – he’s clearly looking for something he’s not finding with you…” I so feel Hannah in this scene. Knowing that they are better for each other and probably deserve each other in the end helps the recovery process… and a few rosemary cocktails wouldn’t hurt either.

    • pterridactyl

      Jesus that is brutal!

  • I feel like I’m sooo behind the world for skipping this season, I feel like a loser WHAT’S HAPPENINGGGGG!!!!!


  • MG

    I think I am at the point where I both understand Hannah and find her way more entertaining than annoying- I used to loathe her. When she rolled on the bed with Marnie, I was laughing so hard because that physical response to everything I have felt about Marnie.
    When Adam tried to get back with Hannah at the end of last season, I was so invested in her and Adam never getting back together. It was strangely personal for me. But the pain of seeing someone you loved/love? move on with someone so familiar, or really just being confronted with the fact that someone moved on secret is so intimately painful. That dizzying, warm/cold stomach ache that can only be described as the opposite of an orgasm was so well portrayed by Lena.

  • Katherine Sargeant

    Hannah needing so desperately to be alone at the end of the episode to process Adam and Jessa but begging for Fran’s company is somewhere we’ve all been. The difference between all of us and Hannah is that we don’t have the balls to say what we want, which will never change about her: it’s classic Hannah to have the last word, and that is mutually her best and worst characteristic. This episode was great. This season is peak Girls: now that the series has a concrete ending, I think we all need (would it be too far-fetched to say deserve?) this 2 season, 20-episode love letter to the show and characters we all couldn’t explain why we watched at the start, but now could never articulate how much we love. Sidebar: How insane is it that the day after airing Kitty Genovese’s murderer died in prison????

  • Ché Hot Chocolate

    Oh gosh! Just watched this episode! I didn’t think they could top last week’s but this was all the feeels! When Hannah put 2 and 2 together and then when she saw them together at the end… my heart broke seeing her face. I think I need to watch the episode again. Oh and if you need someone to punch Dill…

  • starryhye

    Perhaps I’m feeling extra curmudgeonly bc of my birthday next week but…Hannah needs to grow the eff up. Showing your vagina to your boss? Really? She’s inappropriate and lacks boundaries-with her students and her boss. This just really bugged the shit outta me. Fran acts as the voice of reason that no one wants to hear, but desperately need to. This is when I have to repeatedly tell myself that it’s just a show…I was hoping that we’d have some Hannah/Marnie pow-wow on the whole Charlie run in. Unfortunately Dill proved my suspicions right. I knew the Dill/Elijah relationship was too good to be true 🙁

  • Gabe

    Lena Dunham’s performance and most of this episode was great. But the opening scene annoyed me: the audience has to be given more credit than to believe that even Hannah would think it’s okay to do something so outrageous.

  • Steph Sam

    I had never cried during any Girls episode until this week…this one really hit me in the feels

  • FP

    That last scene…way too close for comfort! God I could feel Hannah’s heartbreak+anxiety, every girl has been in those shoes…ugh

  • Katy

    College, summer after my junior year, one of my best friends and roommates started seeing my ex, who I was still friends with…and still madly in love with. I tried to be cool about it, but her room was directly under mine and one night I woke up in the middle of the night to hear them having sex. I moved out that week and my relationships with both of them ended forever. How did I deal? With a lot of self medicating. Senior year wasn’t pretty.

  • pamb

    Yes, Jessa looked glorious on that balcony. And Hannah’s looking back and forth was heartbreaking.

    The Kitty Genovese play thing was amazing, IMO. It had the based on real life thing (although discredited), the walking around to ‘live’ the play thing and I loved that Hannah and Marnie just didn’t get it, that they thought the actors were background to thm. Ray, as always, told them to be quiet, but they were too self involved.

    I laughed and laughed at Hannah’s Sharon Stone moment. But she would have been fired immediately IRL. And thought it was sad that Hannah would do that to shut up her boss, and then be all ‘Feminism!’. It’s not Feminist to show your vag to get out of trouble.