How Awkward Are You? A Quiz

Print this out and pass it around to everyone you know — we’re grading on a curve


Say “sorry” to that door you just bumped into after you waved back to the stranger who wasn’t actually waving at you (after, of course, you spend a good five minutes getting your lateral exercise in by playing chicken with another stranger on the street) and pull out a pen that’s exploded in your bag to follow along, BECAUSE, we’re going to play a game called How Awkward Are You? Ready? Set, begin:


Tell me how you scored and remember that at our core, we all check every awkward box.

Infographic by Emily Zirimis.


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  • Well darn…I’m normal awkward!! I always thought it was worse! =P

  • I got normal awkward. That’s funny, I’ve never been called ‘normal’ in regards to anything before :p

  • I got normal awkward? I ‘ll take it. Except I do this definitely mega-awkward thing where I excitedly interject a convo with the opening sentence of a joke and then just stand there in silence because I don’t know anything else about the joke and then people stare at me for a sec and politely continue talking as if nothing happened for my sake and theirs.

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Zyanya Cruz

    not awkward but i knew that

    • Amelia Diamond


  • woof

    Super mega for the sneeze and butter fingers.

  • Shevaun

    oh good I got super mega. That seems about right.


    but sidenote, I have ear issues that make things ALL KINDS of awkward on the reg

  • Kelly

    Apparently I’m not awkward.. I know a few people that would disagree, but I’ll take it.

  • I ended up with “normal awkward,” which seems about right. 🙂

  • Raquel Luís

    Extremely awkward. Is it ok to be happy about it? Maybe that can explain a lot

  • Katrina Lee

    Extremely awkward. Yeah.

    • Tunet Jordaan

      We could start an “extremely awkward club”.

  • animal lover

    I did not understand this quiz..


  • Super mega awkward!!! Do i get a gold star for reaching this level of embarrassment!? I’m kidding, I don’t even get embarrassed! That’s what happens when you get to this level.

  • Andy

    normal awkward (but forever the awkward turtle right!)

    • I’m so glad someone else saw that and thought “awkward turtle!” (quite possibly with the hand motions as well….).

  • Romina C

    Ahah still not sure about my result.

    Romina |

  • Beauty Follower

    I am a super mega awkward… because I said good bless you ??!!! lol 🙂

  • Engels_Beard

    Damn, there isn’t even an option for how awkward I am. Seriously, why do we need to acknowledge each other’s sneezes?

  • Some people sneeze very violently and it’s startling!

  • LOL I got to super awkward faster than expected. “It’s uhhh…”

  • Ché Hot Chocolate

    Extremely awkward

    • Caryn Malcolm

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  • Beth

    Super mega awkward – oh dear! I have a couple of anxiety disorders and terrible hand-eye coordination though, so I was kind of expecting that. 🙂

  • Hannah Hampton

    I got normal awkward.. honestly I was hoping I was less but I’m not gonna lie I’m not too shocked by my result. Everyone has their awkward moments.

  • l:ly


  • Emmie

    super mega awkward. i got back to work after a holiday, a guy threw his arms wide for a hug and i just stood there and asked ‘what do i do now?’

    i can catch a ball and / or keys though ..

  • Kaitlin

    You forgot the most important question… Did you carry a watermelon?

    • Amelia Diamond

      omg. yes.

  • The other day at work, while I was steaming a rail:

    *funny colleague a few feet away* “Are you living your best life?”

    Thinking he was being sarcastic (because I’ve been steaming clothes for 3 hours), I turn with a flourish and loudly reply: “My absolute best!”

    5 seconds later as he continues to leave the building with his friend, it slowly dawns on me that the phrase was meant for their conversation.
    With style and sass, I had replied someone who was not actually talking to me.

    I spent what was left of the day curled over in permanent cringe-face-palm mode.

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Engels_Beard

    I don’t say “bless you” when someone sneezes–not even the first time. I don’t understand why I should and I hate it when other people acknowledge mine.

  • Senka

    Extremely awkward. I sorta knew it.

  • Lyla

    This is not an accurate quiz. I am definitely super mega awkward and this say’s I’m not awkward.

  • Lol how is ignoring the first sneeze not an option here?!

  • serena

    super mega ankward…never doubt it!

  • Alexandra

    extremely awkward….I always knew it…

  • Shay Ishola

    Super mega awkward and oh so accurate too.

  • Srathore

    lol I got normal awkward

  • Melodie

    I knew it! Super mega awkward! XD

  • Tunet Jordaan

    I am extremely awkward.
    Now that’s awkward!

  • DEEVE2468

    Lame. So I think high fives are corny as shit, I find people that give them should be more embarrassed than the person not wanting to partake in a “high-five”. Why do people get uncomfortable if you don’t say anything when they sneeze? Im not religious and we don’t have the plague, so why say anything. If I sneeze I don’t expect anything to be said to me, if anything I say excuse me, because its gross and the noise coming out of my face is embarrassing.

  • Vickee

    “You’re not awkward, which is awkward.” LOL

  • Diana

    Super Mega Awkawrd. Falling on my face in a newsroom full of people, whilst attempting to convince my boss of my ability to multitask (to tell jokes and carry coffee simultaneously) followed by him saying he “didn’t really get that one” perhaps due to me being “too excited to finally attempt comedy in the workplace”…. I’d say super mega awkward sounds about right.

  • Summer Mosher.

    ok im late to this but im also super mega awkard which is fabbity fab with knobs on love u all

  • Lianne Rose

    My roommate was talking about playing hooky from work the other day, and I asked “Do you ever call your boss to say ‘I’m so sick’ and then hang up and sing ‘…of love songs, so tired of tears'”. Needless to say he didn’t laugh. And my boyfriend turned to me and asked “Do you feel bad?” I shed a single tear.

  • Joseph1ne

    shit i got super mega

  • Kimberly Szekely

    So I’m apparently super mega awkward. Yeah, no shit.

    • Kimberly Szekely

      well darn. it seems the most recent replies are from like April….. this is what I mean.

  • Im awkward!

  • Sophie

    I have a horrible habit of, everytime someone opens a door that I’m also trying to open (from the other side, as in they’re coming into a room that I’m leaving), saying something to the effect of ‘I was waiting here for someone to scare’
    I don’t know why. But very few females on my floor talk to me and I can’t help but think it’s because they think that I hide in the loo’s waiting to scare someone…

  • Lucy

    Took it twice, just to be sure. Twice I got Super Mega Awkward. Yeah, its probably true…

  • Rose Keen

    When someone knocks on the door to the loo my reaction is to freeze and go absolutely silent until I hear them move away. Even when I am at someone’s (or indeed my own) house and they must know it’s me!