If Your Ultimate Style Icon is Annie Hall…

Join the club, get the facts then stick them in your cool felt hat


Integrity-wise, I can’t actually write that “everyone” cites Annie Hall as his or her style icon. I’d have to poll every person in the world and possibly outer space in order to confirm that it’s true. But I can be hyperbolic! I can say that it seems like everyone cites Annie Hall as a style icon.

And why shouldn’t they? Annie Hall is cool. But rather than give you yet another article that touts the cinematic magic of Hall’s man pants and vests, I thought it would be more helpful to arm you with information-accessories. Real conversation pieces. The kind that provide just a bit more weight and context when you go to answer the question, “When it comes to personal style, what or who inspires you?”

The Annie Hall Craze Started Right Away

“The lead costume designer for the film [Annie Hall] was Ruth Morley (1925-1991). She was interviewed for Vogue magazine in 1978 and expressed her shock at the widespread imitation of the film’s look. ‘Now people tell me that all the girls in London and Paris are turned out like Annie Hall,’ Morley said. ‘It’s crazy; it’s practically become a household word!’ (Anderson 1978, 168)” — Excerpt from “Clothing and Fashion: American Fashion from Head to Toe

Annie Hall is Rumored to be Inspired by Diane Keaton

Keaton neither conforms nor denies this in her memoir, “Then Again,” but she does speak to her hand in styling her Annie Hall character:

“I stole what I wanted to wear from the cool-looking women on the streets of SoHo. Annie’s khaki pants, vest, and tie came from them. I stole the hat from Aurore Clément, Dean Tavoularis’s future wife, who showed up on the set of The Godfather: Part II one day wearing a man’s slouchy bolero pulled down low over her forehead. Aurore’s hat put the finishing touch on the so-called Annie Hall look.” — Excerpt via Vogue.com

Ralph Lauren Co-Signed Keaton’s Hand in Styling

Ralph Lauren, who supplied clothing for Annie Hall’s leads, was quoted in the book, Vogue on Ralph Lauren”:

“Annie’s style was Diane’s style — very eclectic. Oversized jackets and vests, floppy men’s hats and cowboy boots. We shared a sensibility, but she had a style that was all her own. Annie Hall was pure Diane Keaton.”

Fun fact: the titular character’s last name, Hall, is actually Diane’s, too.

A Short List of Publications Who Have Celebrated the Style of Annie Hall*

The Cut, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle.com (who also called her a “Stoner Babe”), i-DFashionista, Vogue Paris, BlackBook, PopSugar, Oyster, HalcyonStylist UK, BostonGlobe.com

(*Among so many others, but do you really want all those tabs open?)

And, You Knew This Word Was Coming… What About Influencers Who Were Annie Hall-Influenced?

Alexa Chung: “The first film character I truly fell in love with because of the way she dressed was Annie Hall […] Her femininity, mixed with tomboyish silhouettes and scruffy thrown-together looks, is something I still reference heavily now. I love the seventies dork glasses, the striped men’s shirts, the great tweed jackets and frilly Victorian tops she mixes together so well.” – An excerpt from her book, “It”

Elizabeth Olsen: She told Elle.com she used to be “strictly Annie Hall in high school.” How else are you supposed to escape Mary-Kate and Ashley’s fashion shadows?

Fashion editor Pandora Sykes called Annie Hall’s style “faultless” in The Debrief.

And this is more about the actual movie Annie Hall than the main character’s style, but according to Just Jared, Emma Stone named her dog Alvy Singer after Hall’s love interest.

It’s a Trend If Bill Cunningham Says It Is:

In 2013, Bill Cunningham captured a new generation of Annie Hall “and her felt hat that looked as if the cat had slept in it” for The New York Times

What About Designers Who Were Inspired by the Fictional Character?

Annie Hall’s wardrobe could be argued as the inspiration source for any collection featuring floppy hats (like Hedi Slimane’s first collection for Saint Laurent per Bill Cunningham’s reference), or masculine suiting (Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors), but we are sticking to the facts! So here:

“Even demure and sporty Cacharel cited Annie Hall by Woody Allen, the comic queen of cross-dressing, as inspiration for its new collection.” — The Globe and MailMarch 2003

“I have some cinematic memories that spurred me. One is the sex scene from Annie Hall when Diane Keaton smokes pot and leaves her body. I always remembered the underwear she wore in that scene and wanted to make those!” — Daphne Javitch to T Magazine’s blog on why she started her underwear line, Ten Undies.

At Least a Few of Carrie Bradshaw’s Outfits Had to Be Inspired by Annie Hall, Right?

Purely speculation, but…in 2008, Variety quoted Sex and the City’s Candace Bushnell on Annie Hall: 

“This is a movie where the lover is not a person, but a place, New York City, in which the relationship is not with another, but with the self. Annie Hall does beautifully what so many romantic comedies can’t: It captures love as it really is, as opposed to how we wish it would be. And makes it OK.”


Come on. Give Me Something Juicy.

Fine. It is rumored that a short-lived fondness for Annie Hall’s iconic vest is exactly what got Karen Smith banished from the Plastic’s lunch table that one time.

Happy Birthday, Annie Hall. I actually think I feel comfortable now saying that in some way, you inspired us all.

Collage by Emily Zirimis.


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  • Dr Rastafarian

    Love is too weak a word for what I feel – I luuurve this! Annie Hall is the ultimate style icon. For what is’s worth… I don’t think it is at all hyperbolic to cite that everyone in the universe(s) cites Annie Hall as a style icon!

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  • yuu

    the style is cool but i cant stand watching any woody allen movie knowing how disgusting and creepy he is. can someone please create a new iconic character with good taste in menswear?